Compounding the battering ram

Western media is very consistent and systematic about their propaganda and projection to instil doubt and crafting the perception and conditioning the mind of Malaysians that Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is the culprit of the 1MDB scandal and his administration days are numbered. story:

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Can Najib Razak Survive 1MDB Scandal?

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Najib Razak, Malaysia’s Prime Minister since 2009, is facing the greatest challenge of his leadership – and even the risk of criminal charges.

As we reported last week, Najib has been embroiled in the scandal surrounding the state investment fund 1MDB. The fund was already an embarrassment to him – not only has it run up $US11.6 billion in debts and attracted inquiries by four different institutions, from the auditor-general to the police, but Najib himself chairs the fund’s advisory board. But on top of that, last week he was alleged by the Wall Street Journal to have received almost $700 million of transfers from the fund into his personal bank accounts, much of it during an election campaign.

If it is proven that the funds did indeed go into an account bearing his name, it is difficult to see how Najib can survive. But even if it isn’t proven, the allegations have come at a very difficult time for Malaysia’s leader. The UMNO party, which he represents, is in a period of internal turmoil as it recognises that it no longer has an automatic right to expect to win every election, and wonders whether Najib is the right person to lead it in this newly competitive political environment. Malaysia’s economy is struggling, particularly in an era of falling commodity prices; the country is one of the few in Asia to be a net exporter of commodities.


And Malaysia’s elder statesman, Mahathir Mohamad, who led the country for 22 years and was something of a mentor to Najib, has turned against him. He has called for Najib to step down over the fund’s behaviour, and even beforehand was angry with Najib’s leadership. Later this week I will print an interview I conducted with Tun Dr Mahathir earlier this year which talks at length about his thoughts on Najib – which have not been positive for some time.
Worse, on Saturday the attorney general of Malaysia, Abdul Gani Patail, confirmed that he had received documents linking Najib to the investment fund, and is reported to feel there is the potential for them to lead to criminal charges if they turn out to be accurate. Najib himself has referred to the allegations as political sabotage, and has blamed Mahathir for orchestrating them.

Malaysia is a place where reputation matters enormously and where bad press sticks. Even if the attorney general does not feel the evidence is strong enough to prosecute, there is a very strong sense that Najib has been weakened regardless.

Chris Wright is the author of No More Worlds to Conquer, published by HarperCollins


This very apparent concerted effort is very intriguing and it is being intensified similar to the combination in blitzkrieg raid on Hitler’s Wermacht post 1 September 1939 and Allied Forces carpet bombing as a precursor to the 6 June 1944 D-Day landings.

Like in our previous posting, the intended objective is rather quite clear.

Prime Minister Najib is up and rising into the world geo-political arena, moreover in his call for ‘moderation of interpretation and practice of Islam’ against the flavour of extremism by very minority pockets of Muslims who are causing detrimental global perception towards Islam and Muslims.

This extremism by these pockets of terrorists using very skewed interoperation of ultraconservative Islam has taken centre stage in many countries and compounded further with their sophisticated use of social media networks to grow support from common people.

Prime Minister Najib’s ‘Wasatiyyah’ agenda earned recognition by world leaders such as President Barack H. Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron.

This is the current global bogey man, in the current geo-political turmoil such as in Ukraine, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and the on going tug-of-war game in South China Sea.

The fact that the Darling-of-the-West Anwar Ibrahim whose hopes of the Neo Con Jews to take the reign of the nation is exhausted as he is incarcerated and they don’t actually have a substitute nor a succession plan, the political assassination of Prime Minister Najib is paramount.

Prime Minister Najib administration now chairs the Association of South East Asian Nation (ASEAN) and sits as a non permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

It is quite clear that it is imperative for the New Con Jews act to ensure that an upcoming global leader like Prime Minister Najib could be subdued to their agenda or otherwise, politically eliminate him.

It is intriguing that Prime Minister Najib and his administration were never allowed any opportunity and/or room to clear all the doubts created and conditioned in the mind of Malaysians, especially through Sarawak Report and all supporting media.

The Agenda, is very much working like swiss made time pieces regardless the attacks and unsubstantiated allegations are based on distorted and fabricated information and lies.

In time, the truth would prevail and the righteous would be exonerated. Then again, the intensity of the battering ram could break down the fort gates or even walls.


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  1. Arrg. Am I dreaming. My PM is world figure.

  2. So ..Dr Mahathir the anti-Semitic anti-Jew (as branded by the west) ..the only world leader who dared to openly declare .. ‘The Jews rule th world’ is now siding with the Neo Con Jews..?

  3. Najib’s ‘Wasatiyyah’ reminds me of Paklah’s Islam Hadhari. Zilch.

    “Najib and his administration were never allowed any opportunity and/or room to clear all the doubts created …”


    That #Nothing2Hide was the golden opportunity but Najib went MIA. Husni had a TV1 session with Sayed Munawar and Shuhaimi.
    Arul had given numerous statements.

    End result?? More suspicions arose.

    • Even now he can say there is no such bank account. But he did not. World leader.

  4. what are you talking about? Najib is a world leader? Calm down ok.

    Najib, please defend yourself. You, yourself, not based on advise from advisors or through proxies. If you have not done anything wrong, it should not be hard.

    This guy is not PM material. Step down, please.

  5. >>The fact that the Darling-of-the-West Anwar Ibrahim whose hopes of the Neo Con Jews to take the reign of the nation is exhausted as he is incarcerated and they don’t actually have a substitute nor a succession plan, the political assassination of Prime Minister Najib is paramount…<<<

    Ohhh is that right?

    Why is APCO the PR machine of UMN0 jewish owned??

    Why are all the major advisors of !MDB and Khasanah all jewish – Goldman Sach !!!

    Why is KLCC Mall management outsourced to Westfield Australia???

    wHY why whY???

    • Exactly. Many of Najib’s inner circle people are from the libertarian capitalist USA and the west. He thinks locals cannot help achieved his Transformation agenda. Funny eh ? When a hubris got whacked by ‘ divine sort of retribution,’ he blames everyone else except himself.

  6. Najib is now globally known ,alright ! , but I am not sure of global leader status .

    • Errr … global leecher status kot??

  7. The Forbes story merely summarises events that have unfolded in recent days and weeks about 1MDB and Najib’s links to it that led to the money trail leading to a private bank account. I for one would not imagine the western media would specifically target Najib considering how much Najib loves the USA, the west, liberalism and capitalism. Too bad that the devil is in the detail, and the report published by WSJ laid out specific details concerning the names of the companies used to transfer funds to a private account , when they were transferred and how much were transferred. If all these are not true, just print out the relevant account statements to show those monies never went into the account. He shohld not drag the govt and the nation jnto a quagmire. Go and disprove it quickly if there is nothing to hide.

    • TQVM

      We are not too clear at this but isn’t the accuser who needs to prove the allegations with evidence instead of the accused?

      Just because Murdoch & Co. is the largest and most powerful media group, they are free to print anything they like even without substantiating it and quote “unnamed sources”?

      • BD, as you have said in your opening sentence of this posting, this is all …’propaganda and projection to instil doubt and crafting the perception’…so there is no need for evidences here.
        If they are all truly damaging lies, then PM Najib MUST sue and bring the parties to court. Only in the courts will we get judgement based only on concrete evidences, nothing else.
        Failing this,then the court of public opinion will take over, the psy war will continue and whoever can do the better crafting (permission to borrow your word) will win.
        Guess who is going to lose.

  8. a good and capable leader must be quick and swift in his actions.
    Najib has no such qualities……. Sorry he has failed.

  9. najib fail big time and Big Dog is such a loser.

  10. pepatah melayu ada berkata – kerana kerbau seekor, habis se kandang terpalit lumpur. kerana masalah Najib seorang, semua rakyat terpaksa menanggung bahana.

    jika tidak mampu mengurangkan beban rakyat, elok lah berundur sahaja.

  11. The 2 front page reports in today’s Singapore Straits Times:

    – “Six bank accounts frozen in 1MDB probe”

    – “2 major MRT lines down for over 2 hours”

    And on page A8 of the same paper:

    – “Calls for caretaker government and fresh elections”

    – “MAS in contact with S’pore Branch of bank”

    – “WSJ releases nine documents on alleged money trail”

  12. […] The Opposition in their quest to come to power when they failed at general elections so many times over and their own parties are now facing a trouble from implosion and fragmentation caused by internal fighting, are clearly getting indirect assistance from abroad. […]

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