Unfamiliar reflections


The ongoing political conundrum which was mostly based on the so-called ‘series of 1MDB scandals’ inadvertently has taken a toll on everyone.

The advancement of ICT technology and rampant use of social media which emancipated many into this new age near absolute democracy, unsolicited and more important unqualified opinions flung indiscriminately.

The recent WSJ story about the exhorbitant sum of USD700 million being credited into Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s personal Ambank account is the very talk of the town.

It drowns the previous contentious issues and rhetorics raised by Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on 1MDB and all the reciprocated statements by Arul Kanda.

Even the dissastrous “Nowhere 2 Hide” by Sukaguam a few weeks ago has now been forgotten.

What is more glaring than these back-and-forth banters is the effect of it, on personal basis. The division is getting severe and it is probably evolved into ‘If you are not with us, then you are against us’.

It’s been exactly three months since we as a small band of brothers heard it from the horses mouth that “Najib must go!” and some of the justification for it.

That fateful Friday afternoon engagement was considerably awkward because ‘irregular faces’ turned up though it was thought it would be amongst ‘The usual suspects’. Surprisingly, it was at the expense of our usual near-casual engagements despite our intention was solely trying to understand a phrase that was kept being repeated at the end of every previous engagements the past three years or so, “I cannot be seen as disagreeing with everyone”.

Some of us finds it amiss because from the previous such engagements and the constant reminder of those parting words, the swords were suddenly drawn and the battle drums beatened. The longbow brigade started to shoot missiles towards across the field. Suddenly, the civil war started and it escalated upwards in head-spinning speed.

This is rather different because a handful of us were veterans alongside the Master from the last total-political challenge which saw the other chap had to bow away in near humiliation.

Nevermind the adverse multidimensional opinion and perception, which could be firmly rationalised or based on mere movement of tide.

The cost and effect of this round is very much like the one we did exactly nine years before that. The division gets clearer and friendships and bonds get wedged apart.

What we weren’t ready was how this round’s division gets even drawn clearer. Like the first time in seventeen years we have been discluded from an annual bukapuasa do which apparently has grown bigger.

Or the first time no bukapuasa with the good doctor since the year 2000, then at the Banquet Hall of Seri Perdana. Or the generous rememberance of a small box of dates since the past seven or eight Ramadhans ago.

Our prayer for this Syawal 1436H is that all these would be over soon and all these feelings of ‘betrayal’, ‘abandoning the struggle’ and ‘venturing to the dark side’ fizzles away.

Its been a long while since we had Uncle Don Taib’s steak sandwiches.

Unequivocally, we have to redeem our identity and friends are an integral part of that.

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