Relying on lies and fabricated story

PKR MP admitted to foreign journalist in Hong Kong that the Opposition Leaders rely on reports and lies which have been proven to be concoction of lies, fabricated and distorted information of Sarawak Report trying to sustain their relevance as elected representatives in Parliament.

London based online publication Sarawak Report, which is a creature created Global Witness and Open Society Forum are NGOs funded by Neo Con Jews such as George Soros, for an agenda.

It is very dangerous for the country if an Opposition MP openly admit that the elected representatives who are supposed to be the ‘check and balance’ rely on lies, more so fabricated from abroad and translate them into political currency to confuse and stir the controversial storm in Malaysia continuously.

The Opposition in their quest to come to power when they failed at general elections so many times over and their own parties are now facing a trouble from implosion and fragmentation caused by internal fighting, are clearly getting indirect assistance from abroad.

Hence, when an entity with an agenda like Sarawak Report is systematic with the undoing the political, social, economic, cultural and judicial system of this country, the Opposition is an accessory if nor a tool to the agenda.

In short, by admitting to associating themselves to the work of rogue elements from abroad, the Opposition is a threat to the national security.

Wong Chen who is also MP for Kelana Jaya also admitted that the Chinese are racist.

Speaking to Foreign Correspondence Club in Hong Kong, former Wong continues to play the rhetorics of the Opposition. Majority of Malaysians reject Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership and administration because BN did not get popular votes despite obtaining 60% of Parliament.

The first past post system Westminster-styled democracy is such, David Cameron led the Tories to win 330 of the 650 House of Commons seats in the recently concluded May 2015 UK general election despite only obtaining 36% of the popular votes.

Inadvertently, Wong also admitted that the Oppositions’ plan to manage Malaysia is a derivative plan of Prime Minister Najib’s transformation plan and the extension but slightly tweaked New Economic Policy, to ensure the Malays are being brought into a bigger middle income society.

There are lessons to learn from MPs like Wong Chen, especially when they are abroad speaking to journos. They would quietly admit of their position and plans.

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  1. Yes ……blame it on the opposition for taking advantages of the mudah lupa attitude of Umno leaders

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  3. That the Opposition is a threat to national security may be a moot point but the authorities have the power in determining it although the courts have the power in deciding it. .

    That the popular votes is anything to go by in determining election wins is utter nonsense.

    That the Opposition MP for Kelana Jaya admitted that the Chinese are racist is not as important as the fact that very many of them are “ultra kiasus” – defined as not wanting to be left out, always wanting to win.
    Nobody wins all the time, not anywhere in the world.

    “Ultra” kiasus denotes extremism. When the “ungrateful ingrate pendatang” got citizenship right agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka yet do not honour the “Social Contract” and respect the quid pro quo i.e the Special Position of the Malays (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia) being enshrined in the Constitution of the country, that’s extremism.

    So, when DAP hogged on the slogan “Malaysian Malaysia” wanting equality without acknowledging that Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras, they were and are extremists. They degenerated into being anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969. They must always be told and reminded no to.

  4. Now the PKR Chinese MP admitted his kind are racist, presumably also meaning ultra kiasus. Therein lies the problem of integration, national unity and harmony in this country. Compounded by so many other problems and anxieties faced by the people in this country.

    Propaganda-izing against your own country abroad is the most degrading kind of behaviour and is a reflection of a total lack of responsibility among MPs. At one time the DAP boss was reported to be leading an investment mission to Hong Kong but bad-mouthed his country there, making a mockery of the stated purpose of his entire mission.

    Now a PKR MP bloke with an undeclared purpose of being in Hong Kong talking at the foreign correspondents club there. He might have learnt from his boss, the now imprisoned Anwarul Al Juburi who had the purpose of arranging funds from NeoCons, Jews and Zionists in US for NGOs supporting him. The “racist” son of a so and so may have got the invitation to speak through his “racist” network.

    Yes, this kind of blokes need to be hit back. When his motive is purely to weaken the government in the country and to pave the way for the Opposition to take over, he should be made to appear unwitting and stupid trying to run down his own country abroad.

    • Is he expecting votes from Hong Kong people? If want to tell foreign correspondents, in KL also have a club like that.

      Not clever, innit?

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