Smallish scuffle, bigger exageration

The scuffle of Saturday evening at the Oppo store in Low Yatt Plaza in the Bukit Bintang area has been investigated by KL Police CID for theft and assault and battery.

Apparently the stories about this scuffle even in the connotation of ‘something racial about to clash’ spreading in viral speed on social media is related or being distorted to be a racial issue.

The Star story:

Published: Sunday July 12, 2015 MYT 10:31:00 PM
Updated: Monday July 13, 2015 MYT 12:20:53 AM

Crowd gathers ‘to protest’ outside Low Yat Plaza


Police maintaining a presence outside Low Yat Plaza Sunday night. – photo courtesy of YEOH CHONG EE
Police maintaining a presence outside Low Yat Plaza Sunday night. – photo courtesy of YEOH CHONG EE

KUALA LUMPUR: Another disturbance broke out in Low Yat Plaza following Saturday’s melee between customers and sales clerks in a smartphone shop, but police managed to contain the situation in the nick of time.

On Sunday night, a group gathered at the plaza in an apparent continuation of Saturday’s fiasco.

The group numbering over 100, is believed to have been led by Malay-Muslim group Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Se-Malaysia (Pekida), gathered near the mall by around 6.30pm.
Dang Wangi CID Chief DSP M. Gunalan said about 20 to 30 police officers, including plain-clothes policemen, were deployed to the scene to monitor the situation.

“We held negotiations with the group, but there were a few people who did not heed our instructions,” he explained.

DSP Gunalan said police had to apprehend a man, believed to be working in the shopping complex, from charging towards the group.

The man was carrying a wooden stick.

“We arrested him and took him to the station. He was only one man going against a group of many. He could have been hurt,” he added.

At around 8.35pm, the group entered the mall but police managed to bring them out again.

“We want to get proper justice,” said a member of the group who identified himself as an “Ayahanda”.

“We will provide a lawyer to uphold justice,” he said, adding that they were there “only to protest”.

At around 8.35pm, the group entered the mall but police managed to bring them out again.

The mall was cordoned off by police at about 9pm.

The group had gathered to protest what they claimed was “biased investigations” by the police.

At about 10pm, the situation had subsided and the crowd had dispersed.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said police arrested had arrested four individuals aged between 22 and 25 to facilitate investigations.

“Three were arrested in connection with theft,” he said.

Meanwhile, one individual was arrested for provocative behaviour at the protest Sunday. Another four individuals will be picked up to assist in investigations.

SAC Tajuddin assured that police will conduct fair investigation towards all those involved.

On Saturday, a fight erupted between the thugs and sales clerks after a group of youth returned to take revenge against the retailers who allegedly caught one of them shoplifting earlier on Saturday.

Some commenters on social media claimed that the brawl was due to one of the youths being sold a fake phone, but the claim has not been verified.

Police are also hunting the remaining youths who caused around RM70,000 worth of damage to the shop.


IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed the arrest and admitted the investigation is ongoing.


On the other hand, Bukit Bintang UMNO Division was quick to ask everyone to remain calm and allow the Police and Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumerism enforcement officers to complete their investigations.


Susulan dari insiden pergaduhan di PLAZA LOW YAT semalam, UMNO Bukit Bintang menyeru semua pihak untuk BERTENANG, mengawal perasaan dan TIDAK bertindak mengikut emosi. Serahkan kepada pihak berkuasa iaitu PDRM untuk mengawal keadaan dan keselamatan di persekitaran kawasan Bukit Bintang.

UMNO Bukit Bintang mengingatkan semua pihak yang kawasan Bukit Bintang adalah pusat perniagaan dan kunjungan pelancong-pelancong utama di dalam Kuala Lumpur justeru kesejahteraan dan keamanan adalah
prioriti utama.

Dalam pada itu, UMNO Bukit Bintang juga menggesa KPDNKK menyiasat dakwaan yang berlakunya penjualan barang-barang tiruan secara berleluasa dengan segera agar nama Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur dan Malaysia dijaga dengan baik.

Datuk Zainal Rafique
UMNO Bukit Bintang
13hb Julai 2015


Its not the ideal time start something to could lead to ugly. The tensions are already tightening as is. Not even for fun based on unconfirmed reports

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  1. Leave it to the Police. Arrest those who want to create trouble.

  2. Police arrest unconfirmed smarfon theft suspect but let biliion ringgit theft suspect control their investigation.

    • It’s easy way out , theft that resulted to the troubled .
      One question to be asked ,would a thief come back to demand justification ?.

  3. There are many versions to the story. The police report eventually confirmed it was theft. The guy and his friends insisted it began with the guy got cheated. He bought a smartphone deemed as clone. He went back to Low Yatt Plaza to get an original phone. When the salesman refused the guy grabbed an original phone and fled. A video that went viral showed the guy was surrounded and beaten by salesmen wearing blue Samsung t-shirts. Another video shows the guy being dragged out of the Plaza and there were 2 white cars waiting. The third video shows a group of youths smashed an Oppo retail outlet. It was later mentioned the group that smashed Oppo outlet were friends of the guy, as a form of revenge.

    There are so many facets to the incident that require a govt competent enough to tackle such issues before they become cancerous and incurable. 1) It shows violence amongst youths as a way to settle score; 2) The widespread existence of clone smartphones that should be confiscated and destroyed like what was done to pirated VCDs and DVDs.3) The existence of racial harmony that is fragile and susceptible to being exploited when incident such as this happened.

    Malaysia needs a competent and attentive govt , able to ensure appropriate policies are in place and enforced without fear or favour..

    • Well said, Sir!

      Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the report that Greece and it’s creditors have finally reached agreement on a bailout and economic reforms.

      Hopefully the next report will be about the clinching of a landmark deal to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the lifting of crippling sanctions on the country.

      • No, my dear Singapore-promoting and Malaysia-denigrating chap, Greece is so far away. The Europeans won’t allow it to go down the drain, doubtless that whatever happens there can be felt even to a minute extent in Papua New Guinea, but the bigger worry is Singapore elections, innit?

        Not only the young in Singapore but even the Commies brought in by Maha Chauvinist and Maha Racist Lee Kuan Yew have been making all sorts of demands that (was it old man LKY himself was complaining?) those blokes who never knew about freedom in China want to talk about it when living in Singapore.

        A simple Google click produces such headlines as

        – Singapore PAP dictatorship’s greatest worry. Losing the elections

        – Would investors flee Singapore if the PAP loses more than …

        – Singapore’s success was never due to PAP or Mr Lee Kuan …

        – Why we should be worried about Singapore’s productivity …

        – The PAP have also led in undermining the value of Singaporean’s

        – Singapore has so many unemployed qualified investment talents

        – Surviving a post-PAP mess | Yawning Bread

        – PAP has brought an unfamiliar whiff of uncertainty to Singapore

        – the vote down to 60 percent from 67 percent in elections four years ago.

        So, what will happen if PAP degenerates and instability prevails in the Little Red Dot? No more LKY silencing newspapermen by threatening to send them to prison, no more LKY suing the Opposition MPs to bankruptcy – increasing restlessness in Singapore will make those Malaysian abscondees return to Malaysia? We don’t want them, you know. You, a Singaporean bugger, better address those instead of looking at Greece, clapping at Malaysia having some problems at the Low Yat place and such.

  4. The incident by itself is trivial, perhaps the IGP was correct it is a clear cut case of theft that led to a melee.

    The bigger question is what does this incident proved?

  5. Asmathist cannot breathe easy now – dah nampak tembelang.

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