Deformis intentiones hubris

The Low Yatt incident over the weekend is a demonstration how ICT democracy is abused and distorted, and within seconds social media was misused to viralise lies and hatred with the intent to instigate.

Highly plausible, the city could be drawn into something really ugly so close to Hari Raya into something very ugly. Now, Police looking for several notable social media personalities for questioning.

The Malay Mail Online:


Cops to detain Papagomo, several others for spreading false news on Low Yat fracas


Monday July 13, 2015
05:22 PM GMT+8
KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 — Blogger Papagomo is in the soup again for his controversial online posts, this time for allegedly spreading unverified information about the bloody brawl last night at popular tech mall Low Yat Plaza.

According to Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, Papagomo, whose real name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, will be hauled up along several others identified by the police for spreading malicious talk online.

“These stories are all made up and some social media users have been making it worse by spreading it and speculating further.

“One of them is Papagomo and few others.

“I have ordered that they be hauled up and we will take immediate action,” Khalid told reporters after visit to Low Yat Plaza here.

Khalid did not, however, specify what were the contents shared by Papagomo on the Low Yat fracas that had landed him in trouble.

A riot broke out last night at Low Yat Plaza that left five people injured, including several journalists. Police have since detained 18 people believed involved in the melee.

The riot reportedly started after a 22-year-old man was handed over on Friday to the police for allegedly stealing a phone from a store at the popular tech mall. Disgruntled by the incident, the man then allegedly contacted his friends who later returned to the mobile phone store, assaulted its workers and caused some RM70,000 worth of damages.

Rumours swirled on social media after the alleged theft that the Chinese trader had sold the Malay man a counterfeit phone, leading to calls for boycotts of “cheating” Chinese traders and the complex.

The incident then led to a mob descending on the mall last night.

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It is unfair to judge how significant of what social media operators such as Papagomo did to stir up the Low Yat story as it unfolds and escalated with his participation, without proper investigation.

However, the reach of Papagomo’s social media network must have some negative effects.

The reasons are simple. Papagomo used footage of a person being traumatised to create the necessary visual effects which should easily draw emotion and anguish of the followers or audience of his social media account.

Papagomo in casual interesting chat with UMNO VP Hishamuddin Hussein, believed to be at latter's home

Papagomo in casual interesting chat with UMNO VP Hishamuddin Hussein, believed to be at latter’s home

Papagomo is a social media personality which has the privilege of being chummy-chummy with some very high up leaders within UMNO and Government. Infact, his name was even lauded as an example of a social media hero during one of the UMNO General Assemblies.

The fact is that Papagomo whose name is Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris was a convicted ex-traffic policemen for extorting bribe from a youth which he caught possessing a needle of illicit narcotics.

What happened in Low Yat was thuggery and Papagomo, who is seen as a social media warrior for UMNO, is a contributor for escalating the ill intent of manipulated racial clashes which was actually started on a simple theft.

Probably UMNO leaders especially at very high level should be very selective with people they consort with, especially in the eyes of public where the advancement of technology and communication allows information to be transmitted in speed of light.

Patronage of very high up UMNO leaders provide former convicts like Papagomo to have a place within the UMNO cyberwarfare operations and fame and reach of followers could bring about adverse and very unproductive effect for the nation.

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  1. Thus this, gave a picture ,that UMNO has a hands in the Low Yat incidence ,or someone in UMNO is or are responsible ?.

    The Star , labelled them as thug’s ,and I would say UMNO is a party of thugs .
    Malays are just, quick to accept labelled .

    • Mana logik camtu nak kata UMNO party of thugs?

      Tapi awat UMNO higher ups dok layan Papagomo? Dia bawak undi ka?

  2. Pak Mudin layan Papagomo sorang sorang di rumah dia?

    Tapi Pak Mudin pun tak le gitu handal sangat dlm UMNO kan? Orang kata dia nyris lagi kalah kpd Mukhriz masa tanding Naib Presiden. Sepupu dia Najib tolong.

    Setuju Pak Sharir JB kata bukan saja kabinet tapi parti juga perlu rombak. Dah banyak ngarut sekarang.

  3. Misdirection….the air that the consultant needed.”as in the wag the dog movies….you need a war”

  4. Aaaaa, now we may be heading somewhere –

    PM hints of social media curbs
    Daily Express – ‎44 minutes ago‎

    Kuala Lumpur: Datuk Seri Najib Razak has suggested stricter Internet controls following the brawl at Low Yat Plaza Sunday night, claiming the incident was made into a racial issue because the social media was “too free”.

    License the so-called news portals. Like Singapore does. Those that have a complement of reporters and editors. With Deformis intentiones hubris – whatever those words mean exactly.

    One of them had five of their Editors arrested and charged for sedition some time back. Yet not much change in their posture. Licensing them will make them shiver and be more responsible.

    • In a multi-cultural society, in a developing country, with the level of education among the masses far from satisfactory, you cannot have the kind of freedom like in the US.

      Even in the US. racism is pervasive – read the media or watch the TV news in recent times, of racial profiling, of arrests and improper treatment of coloured people by the Whites – even by the Blacks – in the Police Forces, leading to demonstrations and many deaths.

      And freedom in gun ownership has literally caused thousands of deaths every month for so long there.

      And the usual arguments against claims of US being the most liberal country in the world – they still have ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay and their Patriot Act introduced fairly recently curb a lot of freedom of movement there.

      So, no reason at all for not licensing the so-called news portals.

  5. When DAP and RBA and sometimes even the star abused freedom of expression you did not write about it. How come?

  6. With reasonable control of the social media and the licensing of “news portals”, the bad-intentioned blokes will be less damaging to the well being of the country. But sure, the Red Bean buggers will continue menacing in cybersphere, especially in Chinese language blogs etc.

    Perhaps it’s ok for people like Papagomo to carry on speaking for UMNO and against the Red Beans and the like, so long as he doesn’t break the law. And when he does, he can be pulled up. Like is being done now, per the news report. But it’s not politic for any UMNO high up to be seen consorting with such fellows.

    PRU14 is only 3 years away. So many scandals have surfaced on the Malaysian scene and with increasing severity of influence on the voters. Many people already feeling UMNO/BN might lose PRU14 if no drastic measures are taken to change and improve the situation.

    The Papagomos who attract readership will help in hitting back the Red Beans and their kind. Control them, guide them, furnish them with the facts to use to hit the Opposition. At the same time keep warning them not to spread false news that would affect racial harmony and national stability. And we are only talking about planned propaganda, not even Machiavellian politics.

    • “stricter Internet controls” should not have waited until the brawl at Low Yat Plaza that might turn racially ugly. Right now, it must be done pronto.

      Until and unless we have Single-stream education, everybody learning and knowing the history of this country, honour the Social Contract, respect and live by the Constitution fully, unsatisfactory racial feelings always exist one way or another.

      Heck, even in the US racism is becoming big issue now. So, yes, do enforce stricter internet controls to ensure no racially inflammatory statements, no instigation of undesirable reaction to what the Police have said was a theft case.

  7. This nation is already kelam kabut in many respects. A lot due to irresponsible Opposition behaviour. The biadap and kurang ajar lot that DAP Vice President Tengku Aziz himself spoke about as he stormed out of the party 1-2 years ago.

    Remember, they caused the race riots of 1969. Generally known as anti-Malay and anti-Islam. Their Red Beans respected no law, knew no decorum and decency and observed no limits and boundaries during the election campaign of 2013. The weakening UMNO/BN Government was trashed with endless “wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations”, rude and venomous words like never before. For the first time in history, UMNO/BN lost its 2/3 majority in Parliament.

    There must be concerted effort, overt and covert, by UMNO/BN to harness all resources and be ready to counter and trash those Red Beans and their kind come PRU14. Who and what kind of resources may be arguable. But there are such expressions as “Use a Thief To Catch A Thief”. Nevertheless, such activities must not be against the law.

    • Have just read that Papagomo has been arrested for sedition. So be it. If he broke the law, he must face the music.

      Police “also seeking out a member of “a political party” from Penang for spreading racial remarks online. He said other netizens who did the same on social media will also be detained.”

      Agree with IGP that no matter the race, “You try to fan racial tensions we will take stern action.” That’s solid policing.

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