Liar calling the bluff

The irony of reacting against her own medicine, the most prolific and consistent international blogger-liar Clare Rewcastle-Brown has now called one time accomplice through Free Sarawak Radio to attack then Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud as a liar.

The Star story:

Published: Monday July 20, 2015 MYT 7:03:00 PM
Updated: Monday July 20, 2015 MYT 8:44:57 PM


Clare: Lester peddling a pack of lies



KUALA LUMPUR: Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown has accused former Sarawak Tribune editor Lester Melanyi of peddling a pack of lies in his latest confession video made public Monday.

She denied Lester’s claim that she met Petrosaudi International “blackmail” suspect Xavier Andre Justo in London.

“No, I did not meet Justo in London,” she firmly said, in questioning Lester’s character.

In an email response to The Star after Lester’s part two of the video was released, she said: “Lester is making it all up.”

Rewcastle-Brown, however, confirmed that she funded air tickets for Lester’s travels to London and had engaged him to work in Radio Free Sarawak on a semi-voluntary basis, “despite being widely warned in Kuching” against the move.

She also denied that the whistleblower website was bankrolled by non-profit conservation group Bruno Manser Fund (BMF), as Lester claimed.

“He is clutching at straws because some friends from BMF came over and visited the radio station while he was there.

“We had a party. I have an independent donor for the radio site and I use that to fund my travel and my website manager manages that side of what I do and he works pro bono on SR’s needs,” Rewcastle-Brown said.

She said that the website designer whom Lester named as the one who fabricated the fake emails and agreements to fuel Sarawak Report’s apparent mission to criminalise 1MDB and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, was a “figment of his troubled imagination”.

“If you Google him (which I did), it turns out that it is the real name of a Hollywood film star of yesteryear. My website is run by a nice gentleman by the name of Christian,” she added.

Rewcastle Brown said she pitied Lester and his “very nice family” and that he was being used as a diversionary tactic to distract people from the real issues of 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

“He is plainly unwell in many ways and he should not be paraded for money like a circus animal.

“It is most shameful that this is being done by a political party that is in a position of responsibility,” she claimed.


Rewcastle-Brown is renown for her work to manipulate and distort information and fabricate some more in a carefully presented form of lies disguised brilliantly like a well researched work, for a sinister agenda.

As the pot calls the kettle black, bit by bit her lies through Sarawak Report have been debunked and proven otherwise. In actual fact, there is very little truth in the articles.

The revelation of Thai Police Lt. Gen. Prawuth and Lester Melanyi’s testimony of the authenticity and accuracy of facts peddled by former Petro Saudi International executive Xavier Justo points that Rewcastle-Brown manipulated and distorted information she obtained.

Now is to connect the dots with the Opposition Leaders.

It is obvious that media tycoon and Anwarista-Supremo Tong Kooi Ong already provided the platform of the demonisation of the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership, by using all the manipulation and distortion of facts and well infused lies through his highly sought after business paper.

The credibility of Rewscatle-Brown and Tong Kooi Ong has started to approach zero if not already negative.

All these attacks on Federal Government strategic investment corporation 1MDB is with the sinister agenda to demonise Prime Minister Najib and arouse the rakyat to topple the BN government when the Opposition failed to do it via the ballot box twice.

As the Opposition pack of (un)holy-marriage-of-(in)convenience-between-backstabbing-strange-bedfellows was heading towards cracking and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case conviction was sealed with Federal Court decision and rejection for petition with the Royal Pardons Board, the lies were intensified.

It would be interesting when Opposition Leaders such as Petaling Jaya MP Tony Pua and Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli begin to call their bluff.

One is reminded of a bastardised line from Bono’s mid-eigtnies “With or Without You”, “On a bed on lies she made me wait”. It would be a interesting but expected to the rewarding wait, for those who have faith is this sinister game of trying to put Prime Minister Najib on the Piñata.

*Updated Tuesday 21 July 0900hours

In minutes after this posting came live on air, Petaling Jaya Utara MP and DAP Director of Propaganda Tony Pua called Melanyi’s bluff to retract or risk getting sued.

Pro-Anwarista noews portal story:

Retract your words or get sued, Pua tells Melanyi

Published: 21 July 2015 12:36 AM

DAP’s national publicity secretary Tony Pua will sue former Sarawak journalist Lester Melanyi if the latter does not retract and apologise for allegations made in two “confessional” videos released in the past week.
Pua, who has been a firm critic of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), said he has ordered his lawyers to issue a letter of demand to Melanyi, giving him seven days to reply.

“Lester Melanyi will receive a letter of demand from my lawyers this week and he will have seven days to retract and apologise for his widely publicised video statement.

“Melanyi has via his two videos to date, accused me of conspiring with other parties, foreign and local, to fabricate and falsify information about 1MDB in order to ‘cheat and lie’ to achieve whatever alleged objectives,” the Petaling Jaya Utara MP said in a statement today.
Pua added he was especially shocked to see how Melanyi had “confessed” that there was prior communication between the two of them earlier this year.

“What stunned me was Lester’s ‘confession’ that I had ‘communicated once’ with him in January. Allegedly, I had asked him whether he was ‘on this 1MDB mission’ and he had responded to me that he wasn’t. Instead, he had allegedly told me ‘to communicate with Clare (Rewcastle-Brown) directly.

“I have never known or even heard of a ‘Lester Melanyi’ in my entire life before the first video, much less ‘communicated’ with him!” he said.

Admitting that such a confession took him by surprise so much that it even caused him to doubt his own memory, Pua said he searched through all his emails and contact list just to make sure such an allegation was “completely fabricated”.

“In the latest video, he even alleged that 90% of what is published by the Sarawak Report on 1MDB was fabricated and only 10% was truthful,” Pua said refering to a second “confession” video by Melanyi which was released today.

Calling it “filled with incredulous tall tales which even the most hardcore of Barisan Nasional supporters would find hard to believe”, the DAP national publicity secretary explained that with “90% lies” in the allegations, 1MDB would have been able to easily debunk and humiliate the offending party a long time ago.

“Instead, 1MDB had over the past six months steadfastly refused to rebut the specific allegations which were backed with attached documents.”

Pua believes Melanyi’s videos are not merely a work of fiction but a malicious attempt designed to destroy the reputation and credibility of the most ardent critics of 1MDB.

“Melanyi’s accusations meant that I had cheated and lied in my criticisms against the scandal-ridden company and that I had also conspired with other individuals to do the same via the Sarawak Report.

“It is shocking how low Barisan Nasional will go, relying on the fictitious confession of someone who has no credibility, in order to taint the critics of the government,” Pua said, calling them desperate for wanting to distract the people’s attention from the debt-ridden state-owned investment arm and embattled Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. – July 20, 2015.

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  1. Up to now, nobody has said that ALL in Sarawak Report are lies or fabricated. PetroSaudi is in a position to verify that but may not be expected to do so.

    Justo may be imprisoned in Thailand and Malaysia may not be able to extradite him to this country for a thorough interrogation based on Malaysian needs until after his prison term in Thailand – 5, 10 years, nobody knows.

    Meanwhile, Clare Rewcastle-Brown has gone personal on the Lester guy, per the above news report – “If you Google him (which I did), it turns out that it is the real name of a Hollywood film star of yesteryear. My website is run by a nice gentleman by the name of Christian …He is plainly unwell in many ways and he should not be paraded for money like a circus animal.”

    That allows others to go personal on her in return. I have Googled her and found her personal particulars etc not attractive ether.

  2. Born and brought up in Sarawak during British colonial times, presumably of British colonial Officer parentage until the age of 8, she must have got the air of colonial majesty until now – reflected in her words of the local Sarawakian Lester being “paraded for money like a circus animal.”

    Her husband, the brother of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, was involved in the Prime Minister’s expenses scandal in May 2009. Was there a strain of her guilt conscience that went into her bashing of Taib Mahmud regarding logging concessions?

    She was refused entry into Sarawak in 2013 to meet lawyers over a civil suit filed against her there and she accused Malaysian authorities of barring her so that she could not defend herself against “a transnational corporation that is on the British and European stock exchanges”. Yes, she had been a menace to others as well – and a huge corporation at that.

    Yet “she refused to give further details about the case,” according to the British newspaper, Independent. Double standard, eh? Went all over the world on Taib Mahmud and now on Najib, yet won’t divulge her own wrongdoings. Wonder if she still works for BBC (I refuse to Google more) with that sort of background.

    • Che Isa

      While UMNO tries to character assassinate these personalities, the MESSAGE they exposed should be seriously investigated.

      Whistle-blowers must be appreciated for their information regardless of their character flaws.

      Otherwise wrongdoings by people in power will go undetected which is detrimental to the country and its citizens,

      • Agreed. But character defects do indicate the reliability of what they write. So much being said of editing and tampering by Justo. But nobody has said that EVERYTHING written in SR and WSJ are lies.
        Meanwhile no harm in a tit for tit on Claire.

        I’m as interested in knowing the truths as any one else, I assure you. Ideally PetroSaudi are the ones who should verify the lies, the fabrications and the truths in the Sarawak Report and WSJ. Do you think they ever would?

        And do you think we can ever get Justo extradited to Malaysia and interrogated to the satisfaction of our PDRM within a reasonable time before PRU14? I worry UMNO/BN might lose at PRU14.

      • Agree with Ray. In fact the roping in of some Ministers from BN and MCMC into the fray of Najib’s predicament have raised eyebrows. Sarawak Report has not written anything on BN govt per se. It has no doubt written about 1MDB and Najib. So the dragging in of BN govt and UMNO into the fray is unethical. Najib must fight his battles alone and not drag in the BN govt and UMNO. This has tarnished the image of UMNO and BN govt and imperil the fate of Malays who rely on UMNO to be the voice of their political aspirations. And I still don’t understand why until now Najib hasn’t sued Clare Rewcastle- Brown and her Sarawak Report entity and till now hasn’t sued WSJ if he and his team are dead sure SR and WSJ have published lies and fabrications. Malaysians are fed up of the whole quagmire.

  3. Quote: “The credibility of Rewscatle-Brown and Tong Kooi Ong has started to approach zero if not already negative.”

    These personalities including Lester Melanyi, Rafizi and Tony Pua are irrelevant.

    Questions by Tun Dr Mahathir whose credibility is rock solid went UNANSWERED. Najib has NOT denied the RM2.6 Billion transfer into his AmBank account.

    Blocking SR also points to the desperate attempts at cover-ups over 1MDB scandal. This latest move confirms that there are some TRUTHS in SR exposure with ragards to Rosmah’s RM2 million deposit.

    Conclusion: The credibility of Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor has reached zero if not already negative.

  4. Berita terakhir dan hangat –

    A construction and property development company director, sought by the special task force investigating 1MDB funds, has been remanded for four days by a Putrajaya magistrate’s court.

    It is believed that the 39-year-old director was arrested on Monday at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by the 1MDB task force. He was produced before a magistrate Tuesday – thestar.

    Kot boleh dapat tahu lebih pasal ekaun prebet di AmBank tuh.

    • SRC = 4 billion from KWAP never accounted for fully.

      Good start.

  5. The crux of the matter is: what are the truths?

    Accusations have been levelled and no satisfactory answers thus far. The intentions of those making the accusations are quite clear but the reasons for not providing satisfactory answers are not so clear.

    The usual stand is to posture: if I don’t do it, why should I answer. Well, this is politics and perceptions count very much indeed. And PRU14, though up to 3 years away, may under these circumstances, appear in a jiffy. Overtaken by events and that sort of things … and the prospect of a dismal loss at GE14.

    Meanwhile, it must be made clear that there is a sound distinction between those seeking to oust Najib AND overthrow the Government, and those wanting Najib to resign or be replaced by UMNO.

    Council of Former Elected Representatives (Mubarak) used the word “traitors” but they also referred to the Arab Spring – which in Malaysia it is not – and an international conspiracy to topple the government by destabilising the country” – which the 2nd group above is also not.

    • Correct.

      I would add a 3rd category of the rakyat who simply want to know what happened to the money, assuming that RM2.6 billion is not a family inheritance or for floral decorations.

  6. As two former IGPs have said, don’t do anything against the law, against the Constitution.

    Those wanting to overthrow “the Government” other than through elections and Parliament sure are against the law. It is however, noted that no action was taken against even the “katak lompat coup d’ etat” attempt by Anwarul Al Juburi which failed. No doubt it was during Pak Lah’s time.

    Now, Tun Dr Mahathir and others have been asking DS Najib to resign or be replaced by UMNO over the 1MDB scandals. Surely that is not against the law or the Constitution. That is within the democratic rights of all citizens. The kind of clamour, expression of anti-PM views and activities that led to Pak Lah to resign were tolerable. Surely the same applies this time around.

    And, has has been voiced, the contents of the Sarawak Report have not been proven as totally unreliable – no one has pointed out which are false, which are not. Everyone is also free to whack Claire Brown and the Sarawak Report. But I only wish to goodness that the truths would come out soon.

    • Nothing has been done that is against the law by Tun.

      This “wanting to overthrow “the Government” other than through elections and Parliament” is pure hysteria generated by the last remaining Najib lickers.

      Even meeting a source of information is not a crime. Justo’s story is completely unverified thus far, but there is no law (in Singapore, if the story is true) against using data or even paying for it.


      Prove it, lah.

      The public is far more concerned about misuse of funds, not how it was exposed.

  7. The Singapore Straits Times ran 2 full pages of news related to 1MDB in it’s edition today.

    It highlighted the key players in the 1MDB saga:

    1. Sarawak Report (“Blocking of critical website a warning to other sites”)

    2. Clare Rewcastle Brown (“Website founder motivated ‘only by concern, not malice'”)

    3. The Edge (“Paper to give investigators documents linked to 1MDB”)

    4. Najib Razak (“PM’s backers try to turn the tables on his accusers”)

    5. Mahathir Mohamad (“Not a conspiracy, but an open call for Najib to step down”)

    Of the above, reports 1 and 2 are by Shannon Teoh (the paper’s Malaysia Correspondent in KL), report 3 is by Reme Ahmad (the paper’s Assistant Foreign Editor) and reports 4 and 5 are from The Star/Asia News Network.

    Of most interest is report 5, which highlighted what Tun Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog yesterday.

    So, amidst the criss-crossing of accusations and counter-accusations, Tun Dr Mahathir’s comments are starkly clear. He is standing behind what he has written in his blog.

    As for other four reports, the matters therein can only be resolved properly in the law courts.

    If the WSJ doesn’t back down and retract it’s reports, that could be the trigger for a slew of legal suits in different legal jurisdictions.

    How those would turn out is anybody’s guess at this point in time.

    • Correction: report 4, referred to above, is by Reme Ahmad. Reports 3 and 5 are from The Star/Asia News Network.

  8. My my my,

    Is this another clever wordplay here

    “No, I did not meet Justo in London,” she firmly said, in questioning Lester’s character

    Did they meet elsewhere..?

    • Under the tree, up the hill, overlooking the river. In the jungles of Borneo. He clad in local wear, she ……….

      Her motive in hitting Taib Mahmud was (I read somewhere) the “deforestation”/ over-logging in Sarawak. Did she know about timber re-generation periods and re-afforestation programmes?

      Her motive in banging Najib is money? She did say of receiving funds for her activities during the Taib-banging period, though not revealed who exactly.

      Did she meet Anwar AL Juburi in London? Or Tong Kong in Spore?

  9. Deadline for WSJ has expired yesterday. Berita Harian quoted Najib’s lawyer saying they have not obtained any response from the WSJ.

    “.. Dow Jones’ refusal to give any reply or explanation can be construed as an admission of guilt,” said Najib’s lawyer and Najib can now issue a letter of demand. Meaning a law suit.

    Anybody thinks he would? Both the WSJ and Dow Jones were reported to have stood by the story.

    He blocked SR but has not sued.

    • Won’t suing be a better alternative to blocking access to the website?

      May even get an interim injunction to stop Claire from continuing to blare blare blare …

      • Yet, why was that not done more than six months ago?

    • ““.. Dow Jones’ refusal to give any reply or explanation can be construed as an admission of guilt,” said Najib’s lawyer”

      This is incorrect.

      They stated within 12 hours that they stood by their story.

      It is up to the plaintiff to prove what was defamatory.

      “…can be construed as an admission of guilt”???

      A first year law student would not make such a stupid statement.

      I think DSN needs to look beyond his usual incompetent cronies (the letter to WSJ was truly awful) and get better advice.

  10. The alleged ‘ web designer’ good at tampering with emails as mentioned by Lester and whose photo appeared in Lester’s confession video is actually a man named James Steward, a station manager at a transport company in Norwich. That guy after being informed about his photo in Lester’s video is reported to be not amused at all with what Lester did. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

  11. I’m one of those who have been calling for DS Najib and the Government to control the so-called news portals like Malaysia Kini, Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Chronicle by licensing them, like Singapore did. It was not done and they have been free to publish almost any which way they like, including on Sarawak Report and Claire Brown matters, to the detriment of Najib, of course.

    I refrained from reading them after trying to submit comments there but were not published. Yet occasionally I get attracted to news headlines that got me to reading 1-2 articles. Like this one on The Edge printing a scathing four-page report yesterday on how “PetroSaudi International and business tycoon Jho Low had allegedly committed fraud by siphoning US$1.83 billion from 1MDB.”

    Despite the Show-Cause letter issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, The Edge Media Group Publisher & Group chief executive officer explained its stand and said: “We could not walk away on finding out about the scheme to cheat Malaysia of billions of Ringgit.”

    He also revealed that “an IT forensic expert had confirmed that there was no reason to be concerned that the documents and email attachments provided were not fake.”

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