Anifah: WSJ gave Anwar platform to do more lies

Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Anifah Aman written a very strong open letter meant for the world to understand more lies by sodomy convict Anwar Ibrahim for the latter’s letter published in WSJ very recently.

By the Minister of Foreign Affairs‎

26 July 2015

The Wall Street Journal takes aim at Malaysia, but once again displays a woeful lack of knowledge and understanding of our country and its history.

Malaysia has been a democracy since independence in 1957. Elections are fiercely contested, and the opposition won five out of the country’s 13 states in 2008. Political discourse is vibrant and noisy. The “voices of dissent” that the opposition’s former leader, Anwar Ibrahim, claims not to be able to hear are dominant in Malaysia’s online news media, which has far more readers here than the print press. If anyone doubts Malaysians’ “fundamental liberties”, they can easily see for themselves how free anyone is to criticise the government on these news sites.

Anwar mentions the recent Prevention of Terrorism Act as “encroaching” on those liberties. But he fails to mention that it explicitly states that “No person shall be arrested and detained solely for his political belief or political activity”. POTA in fact further secures the liberties of Malaysians: both their freedom to speak out, and their freedom from extremists who pose a real threat to the country. Anwar may not take this threat seriously, but the Malaysian government does.

The WSJ gives Anwar the platform to raise false and politically motivated allegations of corruption against our Prime Minister. Perhaps it might have been relevant for the WSJ to mention that anwar himself was convicted of corruption in 1999. The verdict was not overturned.

He is currently in jail after a legal process that lasted years. He was first acquitted, then convicted, allowed to appeal, and only when that failed did he go to prison. If he truly believed in his innocence, he could have submitted his own DNA to the court. If the charge had been “trumped up”, as the WSJ falsely says, that would have proven it. But he did not – hardly the action of an innocent man.

Far from “sowing communal and religious animosity”, the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak early on launched the 1Malaysia policy. This is the greatest attempt in Malaysia’s history to forge a national identity that includes all races and religions, and the Prime Minister regularly attends the festivals of non-Muslims, going to churches and temples to share the celebrations of fellow Malaysians. Anwar and the opposition, however, never supported 1Malaysia. Why not? Was it because Anwar himself had a well-documented history of rabble-rousing and extremism, as well as of spouting anti-Semitic remarks – as the WSJ well knows but again fails to mention.

The suggestion that Malaysia is in danger of becoming a “failed state” would be laughable – if it were not for the fact that some people take Anwar seriously and will believe what he says, no matter how wild or imaginary.

Here is what some other people have said about Malaysia recently:
·         Bloomberg rated Malaysia as the world’s 5th most promising emerging market in 2015.
·         The IMF’s latest report on our country was titled: “Favorable Prospects for Malaysia’s Diversified Economy”
·         A Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations wrote: “Malaysian political discourse is becoming far more open than it was even a decade ago.”
·         And the ratings agency Fitch recently upgraded the outlook for Malaysia.

This is the truth about Malaysia today. It is a pity that the WSJ has fallen for desperate, unfounded allegations by a politician and presented them as facts – thereby taking sides in internal Malaysian politics.



Biasness of WSJ providing an avenue for Anwar Ibrahim to continue his lies as part of the effort to demonise Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak for the global readership especially those in corporate, commerce and capital and debt markets is very glaring.

Inadvertently, WSJ is which part of a New Con Jew Rupert Murdoch’s powerful media empire is perpetuating the lies that the Opposition have the tendency to do for their strategic plan to get into power.

This very much proven the fact that the Neo Con Jews’ agenda to help the blue-eyed boy former Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is still very much alive and strong.

Despite being incarcerated for a hedious sexual crime is exhaustively unforgivable, the New Con Jews still provide him the avenues to project his views about the sinister agenda to topple Prime Minister Najib.

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  1. Well, the path is always open to sue the WSJ in open court for lies, defamation and slander.

    If the cause is right and justified, it shouldn’t matter if the suit is filed in the US and tried under American laws.

    It would send a stronger message than a whole bunch of open letters.

    The American media will comment as and where they will.

  2. I’m not sure if an open letter to a newspaper by a Foreign Minister is the thing to do. Can’t remember of a past precedent.

    But suing them is the thing to do. But it may open up cans of worms. And the plaintiff has to have a strong case to win. If not, the cost, including damages claimed, would be extremely high.

    Meanwhile, is a planned August 8 rally in support of The Edge (Astro Awani) an undeclared Tong Kong event? Remember, he even cheated Justo of US$2 mill. If so, is he asking to be arrested and charged in court? Deliberately trying to have another platform to propagate the Anwarul Al Juburi line?

    Btw, do prison rules allow Al Juburi to continue being active in politics issuing statements through his lawyers etc?

  3. What Anifah is trying to proof ,or who he trying to convince anyway .

  4. Allow me to put in these breaking-news kind of headlines that makes Google News have a field day, that are put out by the prime media outlets, over which the so-called news portals that Najib refused to license like Singapore did are having a great time propagating, and by which Anifah’s Open Letter becomes off balance:

    Muhyiddin breaks silence on 1MDB, says PM ignored advice: Reports, SE Asia …
    The Straits Times – ‎5 hours ago‎

    Muhyiddin: I asked Najib to step down as 1MDB chairman, SE Asia News & Top …
    The Straits Times – ‎2 hours ago‎

    Najib must answer WSJ’s allegations on fund transfers, says Muhyiddin
    The Malaysian Insider – ‎6 hours ago‎

    DPM: No one knows 1MDB except Najib | Free Malaysia Today
    Free Malaysia Today – ‎7 minutes ago

    DPM: Najib should explain issue to the people – Nation | The Star Online
    The Star Online – ‎57 seconds ago‎

    ‘They say our leaders are corrupt. It might be true’: Muhyiddin warns if GE held now, Umno will lose
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎2 minutes ago‎

    MUHYIDDIN SPEAKS UP: Najib must answer RM2.6 bil allegations, wants AG report …
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎42 minutes ago‎

    UP TO HIS NECK, NAJIB REFUSED TO LISTEN: PM refused my advice on 1MDB – Muhyiddin
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎5 minutes ago‎

    MUHYIDDIN FIGHTS NAJIB IN THE OPEN: For how long more will Umno members remain silent
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎7 minutes ago‎

    CLIMATE OF FEAR EVEN IN CABINET: Muhyiddin scolded for reading The Edge, Husni & Rahman confusing M’sians …
    Malaysia Chronicle – ‎45 minutes ago‎

    Settle 1MDB issues quickly before they become a burden to Umno, says Muhyiddin …
    The Rakyat Post – ‎5 hours ago‎

    Muhyiddin advises Umno members to face reality
    New Straits Times Online – ‎7 hours ago‎

    • What is your point?

      Are you claiming that these reports are false and that the relevant persons or parties have been “misquoted”?

      That should be easy enough to prove.

      If politicians and others have a penchant for shooting their mouths off, why blame the media and news portals (local and foreign) for reporting what they say?

      If the reporting is “biased” or “twisted” or just plain wrong – there are ways in which that can be addressed, including legal action if the situation warrants.

      • And what’s yours, mate?

        What “should be easy enough to prove”? How, pray tell.

        You have not even said which reports? If referring to SR, WSJ or the Edge reports, which one? So many of them, ain’t it?

        If referring to the news reports mentioned in the comment above, you have not specified whether those in the mainstream media or in the so-called news portals. Do you even know which are mainstream, which are sometimes also called news scrotals?

        And “the relevant persons or parties have been “misquoted” – who?

        Please say them so we can have a debate to the extent allowed under existing laws.

      • Yes, the cans of worms. So how to sue?

        So, the lawyers sent a somewhat polite letter to WSJ. And got replied in rather plain and blunt terms. They would appoint lawyers in KL if sued. No further development so far.

        But the bombshell is in Muhyiddin’s statements shown above. He appears prepared to burn his bridge with Najib. He presumably has bridges elsewhere. At UMNO Vice President, Supreme Council, Ketua Bahagian, Wanita UMNO and Ketua Bahagian levels.

        What I am most concerned about is

        BN will lose elections if nothing is done: Muhyiddin
        The Sun Daily – ‎49 minutes ago‎

        I can’t bear to see UMNO/BN lose the general elections.

  5. Is it true Zeti just had a heart attack?

    How many more victims are required before Najib takes responsibility for 1MDB scandal?

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