Muhyiddin: Do systems and reality check

UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin to do a systems and reality check whether or not the nationalist party still remain relevant and wake up quickly sort everything out. Otherwise, risk losing in the 14GE

Muhyiddin: If GE14 held soon, Umno will lose

Radzi Razak

Published Jul 26, 2015 10:49pm
Updated Jul 27, 2015 8:14

Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin has warned that the party is suffering a perception crisis due to the 1MDB controversy.

Speaking at the Cheras Umno division annual general meeting this evening, Muhyiddin said that should the general elections be held soon, Umno will lose.

However, Muhyiddin qualified his prediction by stating that it is not a form of criticism against party president Najib Abdul Razak.

“I speak the truth. If the Parliament is dissolved tomorrow we won’t win the general election.

“There has been research that say it is hard for us to win the next general election.

“But the consolation is that there is still time before the next general election. But the (negative) sentiment is there.

“I’m just stating how we are being perceived on the ground” said Muhyiddin.

‘Are people sick of Umno?’

He said the party members must be sensitive towards grassroots sentiment and never lose touch with the public.

He warned against being trapped with a denial syndrome and urged party members to check the what was being said on social media in order to have a “real time” overview of public sentiment.

“Adakah orang ‘meluat’ (Are people sick of Umno)? That has been said many times. But now it’s more than ‘meluat’. You now have access to social media which can gauge the people’s sentiment regardless of race in real time.

“This is one of the thing we should look at. I’m not looking to blame (anyone) because I’m part of the system. I am inside the government. But I am worried and afraid if things are not managed properly,” he said.

Muhyiddin said Umno has to counter the idea this malady by giving Umno a “Wow factor” to convince the people to support them.

The former Johor Menteri Besar also reminded that Umno should increase their profile by making friends and not enemies with the public.

“If you call 10 person outside and ask them if they supported Umno? Do you think they will say they do?” he ask the crowd and was met with an emphatic “No” from the floor.

GST implementation poor

He then offered any Cheras Umno members RM1,000 if they could suggest ideas that gave the party some sort of “Wow factor”.

“I don’t think people forgot the great things Umno and BN did. But they are evaluating us based on our (current) actions.

“They say our leaders are corrupt. It might be true. Ignoring sentiments and thinking we are always right is the wrong thing to do.

“That is important, including solving the 1MDB problem. But the main issue for peoples grouses are important. If needed, we must review our policy on ‘wow factor’ which made people say: ‘Yes. This is what I want’.

“We have yet to find it,” he said.

He said that many people are facing economic hardship, especially since the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST).

“Surveys shown that most Malaysians are affected by economic issues. GST, cost of living and others. Last year it was safety and security.

“Is GST-related problems serious? I supported GST as a cabinet member but when I went to the ground and witnessed the implementation, the price of some goods went up by 100 percent.

“Some items that was not taxed under GST but had gone up as well,” he said.


The challenges that the leadership, party and government facing at the moment unparalleled to anything previous administration have faced and needed to sort out before.

The Opposition is working closely with parties outside the country mainly in the corridors of power in Washington D.C. and London and with the help of global media, they work in concert to attack Federal Government policies and initiatives.

Even to a point of fabricating and distorting information, in the series of very systematic and convincing well concocted lies.

All with the strategic purpose of demonising Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and his leadership. At the same time, attack and destroy the legacy of previous UMNO leaderships which have proven to propel this country from a British colony to an upcoming newly developed nation.

The current vicious attacks on 1MDB and the demonisation of Prime Minister Najib mostly through online media which include Neo Con Jews’s controlled globally powerful media even manage to create doubts among middle and grassroots UMNO leaders. Some are taken in by it and want to see Prime Minister Najib go.

It does not help when the party and government strategic communications apparatus is facing systemic failure.

It is a necessary call by Muhyiddin as Prime Minister Najib’s deputy in the Federal Government and party to stand up and voice this discern. UMNO has to wake up to reality and quickly overcome all its weakness and the same time wade through these challenges.

There are too many rumblings in the interior. This is not about within UMNO members and supporters only. UMNO needs none members and supporters to remain relevant in power.

Hence UMNO leaders and members must be aware of the issues that the people talk about, especially when they are scandalous. It could be politically damning for UMNO.

*Updated 1730hrs

Prime Minister’s Office issued a short statement as a response to DPM Muhyiddin’s call at UMNO Cheras Division last night

Blurb by

Everyone especially members of administration including DPM Muhyiddin should wait for the outcome of probe into 1MDB issue – PM’s Office statement


Probably as edgy as many are, including UMNO leaders and members, the due process is already being executed and in time, it would be completed.

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  1. “It does not help when the party and government strategic communications apparatus is facing systemic failure.” I agree. More than that, the Justo-released emails – original, edited or tampered – indicate a failure in showing honesty and sincerity by the leader of Government.

    A simple yes or no to the transfer of funds to the Ambank Accounts would show honesty. Saying never taking money for personal gains does not help either as it tends to confirm taking the money but not honestly saying what the purpose was. True, if for GE13, owning it up may cause irreparable damage to the ruling coalition. Not doing so leads to endless haranguing and harassment, including the calls to resign or be replaced.

    The systemic failure on Najib’s GE13 caused the loss of the 2/3 Parliamentary majority and the worst election results for the first time in UMNO’s history. Muhyiddin has strong and justifiable reasons for saying those during the UMNO Cheras AGM.

    Indeed “UMNO has to wake up to reality and quickly overcome all its weakness and the same time wade through these challenges.” But I seriously doubt if it can be done with Najib still at the helm. Members and supporters must now speak up more than ever. And, in the name of democracy and the interest of the party, they must not be penalised for doing so. I, too, shudder at the thought of UMNO/BN losing the general elections.

    • Bukan untuk kepentingan parti UMNO saja, juga untuk kepentingan Melayu seluruh nya. PKR cakap ketuanan rakyat masa orang cakap ketuanan Melayu, PKR sanggup jual hak Melayu. PAS boleh kerjasama dgn UMNO.

  2. Umno Supreme Council member Reezal Merican said Muhyiddin’s scathing speech last night does not indicate that the party is in turmoil. Well, he has to be seen to defend the party.

    He said he was disappointed with the interpretation of Muhyiddin’s comments by some news portals and new media platforms. But good that he said Muhyiddin is entitled to his opinion. Meaning it’s ok for UMNO members at whatever level to speak up.

    And Reezal agreed with Muhyiddin on the release of the Auditor General’s interim report to the public. “We can’t wait too long to fulfil the hopes and wishes of the people. They want to be informed and it should be done through the interim report,” Reezal said.

    He said by releasing the report, it would be difficult for detractors to “spin” the issue.

    But I wonder if the report answers all the questions that the public want answered. Najib/ 1MDB can answer many of the important questions asked. More UMNO people should ask Najib to do so, like Muhyiddin had asked.

  3. Sometimes I have been wondering that if only the estimated 3.5 million UMNO members and their supporters vote for BN, can BN win the next general election? My answer is no, unless the other millions of Malays who are non UMNO members, including PAS will continue to support BN. I also agree that the Malay majority will gain back the support of the other millions of Malays,if PAS and UMNO decides to merge and solve their leadership problem. Now is the opportunity open for negotiation as both UMNO and PAS are heading towards leadership problem. The moderate PAS members who have lost support in the recent party election, has formed a new NGO with the hope that they will be registered as a new political party…Gerakan Harapan Baru or GHB. Will this new splintered party survived? Let’s wait and see!

  4. TS Muhyiddin is absolutely right about the negative sentiments towards UMNO from even among its most loyal supporters. There are already views expressed by UMNO supporters that UMNO and BN should be defeated and sit in the opposition benches for 2 or 3 terms during which it should do a soul searching, purged all the corrupt leaders at all levels and do a total reform before it can be in the good books of its supporters , grassroots and begin to get votes again. Just like the LDP in Japan and Congress Party in India. UMNO leaders who got amanah from rakyat Melayu to fulfil the Malay socio economic aspirations have become too self centres and too greedy for power and wealth.

  5. Agreed, this is not about “within UMNO members and supporters only”. But while UMNO seeks support from non-members and the public at large to remain in power after PRU14, the Opposition continue exploiting each and every aspect of 1MDB.

    Some may be to Muhyiddin’s advantage as they speak of ousting Najib. Others asked for Muhyiddin to be dropped at a cabinet reshuffle expected soon. But the Opposition plainly talk about bringing down the UMNO/BN Government.

    University of Tasmania Asia Institute director James Chin said it would not be easy to remove Muhyiddin who has been a cabinet minister for two decades, saying when Tun Dr Mahathir sacked Anwar Ibrahim, he nearly lost control of Umno.

    IDEAS boss Wan Saiful noted how the three-month suspension of two publications under the The Edge appeared to be an “unintended sabotage” of Najib’s reputation. Something like PAS Mahfuz saying the law suit by The Edge would provide a platform for further knocking of Najib.

    But former Minister Zaid Ibrahim is a big joker saying all Malaysians must support the leaders of GHB. “Because they are Malay-Muslims, they will be strong enough to counter Malay-Muslim extremists in PAS and Umno,” he said. But who is gong to believe this former UMNO and PKR reject? Not only those, even the party he formed, KITA, rejected him.

    So, the question is: would the voters reject UMNO/BN should Najib continue to lead until PRU14?

    • If Najib “berundur” or is replaced, the logical sequence is for Muhyiddin to take over. Placing anybody else in Najib’s place will rock the boat so much that it would sink at PRU14.

  6. “It would be wise not to make statements that could cloud the people’s perception of the country’s leaders, the Government and Umno,” PMO said in the press statement.

    Considering the perception that “the party and government strategic communications apparatus is facing systemic failure”, I wonder how much regard the public has on the statement.

    No doubt it was aimed at TS Muhyiddin and TD Mahathir, as it also says, “The people’s support for the Government and the party will be eroded if we fight among ourselves.”

    “In this regard, the actions of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in making unsubstantiated accusations, including the loss of 1MDB’s RM42bil despite clarification provided by the Government, have contributed to the erosion of confidence in the Government and the party,” it added.

    The problem is the “clarification provided by the Government” has not been satisfactory and DS Najib has not answered the questions on the bank accounts. If PMO realizes “the erosion of confidence in the Government and the party”, surely PMO’s response is not just issuing such a statement and DS Najib continuing to keep mum on those questions.

    • The statement failed to distinguish between party and govt. TS Muhyiddin made the statement in the context of an Umno branch meeting. The PMO should have not interfered in what
      a dictator i.e blocking SR website, suspending The Edge publication licence, banning some people from travelling. Yo! to use its own cliche ‘ let the investigation be completed’ before taking actions using draconian measures. Come on lah. The cardinal rule, dont turn everyone into your enemies when faced with criticisms and rakyat’s demand for answers. The power of the State is derived from the people, so dont abuse it against tbr people and the nation.

      • Correction : * The PMO should not have interfered in an UMNO matter and should be more circumspect in its statement more so following govt action akin to that of a dictator i.e blocking SR website…*

  7. Only now, after Muhyiddin has come out publicly with his strong views at the Cheras UMNO AGM, there is talk about the UMNO Supreme Council discussing 1MDB at a meeting.

    Council member Irmohizam said the Umno supreme council is expected to have a “heart-to-heart” discussion on the 1MDB issue at its meeting on Friday. And he used the words “to ensure that Umno remained relevant among the people.”

    But Najib would be preparing their minds for it – he is scheduled to give a closed-door briefing to division leaders, deputy chiefs, heads of the women, youth and puteri wings before that. The Division Chefs include Supreme Council members, don’t they?

    “It is now up to the (party) president to explain (the issue),” Irmohizam said. Hopefully it will not be like the Ismail Sabri-organized Division Heads meeting at PWTC 1-2 months ago where he claimed they all agreed with Najib’s explanations. They now have clearly seen that Najib has not satisfactorily answered questions on the AmBank accounts under his name.

    Irmohizam said what was most important for Umno and BN now was managing the public perception. If Najib in closed doors say the RM2.6 billion was for GE13 and most of those holding positions in UMNO agree and keep quiet, it will be utter nonsense to speak about managing public perception.

    It’s not imaginable that all of them will agree. The only question is how many of them will speak out and ask Najib to berundur.

  8. Asking the public to wait for completion of investigations with no one giving reliable estimates on it is beating a dead horse. The only estimate so far given is on the Final Report by the Auditor General – end of the year. Then it has to be presented to Parliament.

    Yet the PAC has not even got word whether they can get Jho Lo and others to appear before them. And the Deputy Speaker of Parliament the other day said the Auditor General’s Interim Report will not be released for public knowledge.

    Managing public perception it certainly is not. The public has been clamouring for answers and explanations to the whole gamut of issues surrounding 1MDB. Basically, they just want to know what are the truths. Right now there are three categories of PetroSaudi emails – the “original” of Justo’s stolen ones, the “edited and tampered” ones, and the ones that are in PetroSaudi files.

    The PAC Chairman, a Chartered Accountant, after calling 1MDB past auditors, announced that two of them were terminated before completion of their audit work. Again, no satisfactory explanations have been given.

    And here we are, supporters of UMNO/BN, hoping against hope, that public perception will still be ok for UMNO/BN at PRU14. As said by Muhyiddin, the public perception now is certainly not favourable. It will remain so until PRU14 unless there is a change in leadership.

    • Where is Jho Low, PAC asks Finance Ministry, according to FMT. And PAC saying Low should appear before the committee on his own volition rather than wait to be summoned officially.

      Saying “We don’t know where he is,” and that it was the Finance Ministry’s obligation to track him down and adding “If they don’t know where he is, how are they going to (summon him)?” again does not help allay the public negative perception.

      Yet Nur Jazlan said that Low should be aware by now that he is needed to testify before the bipartisan committee on matters relating to 1MDB. But saying Jho Low should appear before the committee on his own volition lends him to accusations of being naive and whatever else.

    • FMT said Good Star Limited, a company said to be linked to Jho Low, received US$700 million from the joint venture, which payment was effected after 1MDB had invested US$1 billion into the project. Speculation on collusion abounds. All negative to Najib because the amount that entered his Ambank accounts totalled precisely the US$700 million.

      A substantial portion of those payments are alleged to have been remitted by Good Star to the Singapore accounts of other entities said to be connected to him.

      It’s utterly ridiculous for anyone to say that the Finance Ministry headed by the Prime Minister Najib Razak himself is unable to contact him. Najib and his family, in particular stepson Riza Aziz, are known to be close to Low, with several photographs emerging showing them together.

      Should anyone be thinking of a citizen’s arrest of some sort (if it’s appplicable in this case), suggestions have come out that Jho Low be contacted, lued or conned (Tong Kooi Ong conned Justo of US$2 mill), via a Facebook page which he is believed to maintain, or tweeting him at @jho_low

  9. Having been mostly on the sidelines, I now feel compelled to say things in here.

    This is the first time I am taken up by what the DAP/ Gobind Singh Deo say. The removal of Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail as Attorney-General may be unconstitutional, said he.

    It did not follow certain provisions in the Constitution, he explained. The Federal Constitution provided for a tribunal to determine if an A-G can be removed.

    Article 145 (6) states that an A-G shall not be removed except on “like grounds and in the like manner as a judge of the Federal Court”.
    Article 125 (3) regulates the manner in which a federal court judge may be removed.

    If the prime minister recommends the removal of a judge to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for “breach of any code of ethics or on grounds or inability of body or mind, or any other cause” – the Agong shall appoint a tribunal and remove the judge on the recommendation of the tribunal.

    “It appears from a reading of this provision that a tribunal would be required to determine if an Attorney-General should be removed.

    “His services cannot simply be terminated because of health reasons,” Gobind said in a statement.

    Not being a lawyer, I am unable to counter those arguments. I hope some others can. If not, the public’s perception of Najib and UMNO/BN will go further down the drain.

  10. That Ghani’s compulsory retirement is in October, 2-3 months away, and that they could not allow him grace to retire without controversy suggests desperation on the part of Najib and his cronies.

    That Gani said he was unaware of it (Malay Mail Online quoted him saying, “I don’t know, OK? I don’t want to say a word right now”), it is possible that the Chief Secretary to the Government could not have consulted constitutional lawyers in Ghani’s office before issuing the announcement replacing Ghani. If wrongful replacement, Ghani may sue and the public may raise a hue and cry.

    But Ghani may be in a spot. Because his service is not terminated. Only that he has been transferred and his post changed to one of an ordinary Officer in the AG Chambers. Yes, he may sue for defamation and the facts are there showing his image suddenly goes down from having heavy responsibilities advising the Task Force and having the final say in criminal prosecutions in the country to being an Officer presumably with no job specification or meaningful duties.

    Whatever it is, in the light of his apparently satisfactory role in advising the 1MDB Task Force, the public certainly can make an issue out of it.

    • Article 145 (6) states that an A-G shall not be removed except on “like grounds and in the like manner as a judge of the Federal Court”.

      The above says of his post as AG, not his person.

      So the removal must be in accordance with Article 125 (3) which regulates the manner in which a federal court judge may be removed.

  11. Muhyiddin has been dropped, too. Cabinet reshuffle makes Ahmad Zahid DPM and Home Minister.

    UMNO Vice President Shafie Apdal, also critical of 1MDB affairs, also dropped. PAC Chairman Nur Jazlan made Deputy Minister.

    So now who’s going to do Do the systems and reality check? Maybe I wait for new post on the cabinet reshuffle to comment more.

  12. thestar says Opposition MPs will move a vote of no-confidence against PM Najib.

    Rafizi said MPs from BN “who loved the country” should support the motion, together with MPs from PKR, DAP and GHB.

    “We have not set any time frame to table the motion which can be done in the next Parliament sitting or outside.

    “Of course, we need the numbers and that is why we are making an open invitation to all MPs, including those from Barisan Nasional.”

    A total of 17 MPs from the three parties signed a joint statement, read out by GHB leader Mohamad Sabu. PAS not included. Why? Ask PAS, the guy said.

    DAP Tony Pua said “The Opposition MPs will not take it lying down if there are attempts to put us behind bars and suppress press freedom.” The MPs also issued a warning to the Government of people taking to the streets should it happen.

    The Government has 123 MPs. Even if many don’t like Najib, they won’t cause it to fall by a no confidence motion. The Opposition has less than 100 and that includes PAS.

    UMNO would not want to oust the Government. Ousting Najib from UMNO Presidency? Well, see what happens in the coming days and weeks. UMNO’s image is certainly diving.

    • The country’s image is also on the dive overseas. TIME Magazine says

      recently, all the news coming out of Malaysia is negative. After becoming embroiled in a corruption scandal, Najib on Tuesday sacked his deputy and Malaysia’s attorney general in an apparent purge of critics. British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing a domestic backlash for pushing forward with a visit to Kuala Lumpur this week despite the snowballing controversy. Here are five reasons why Obama might want to break from Cameron by giving Najib a wide berth.

      Among the 5 reasons: 1MDB, Hudud, Altantuya, POTA

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