Muhyiddin: I accepted the decision and my post not under threat

UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin said that he would continue to serve the party business as usual and his position is not being threatened, despite he was dropped by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in a Cabinet reshuffle announced less than 24 hours ago.

The Star story:

Published: Wednesday July 29, 2015 MYT 12:45:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday July 29, 2015 MYT 1:55:00 PM

Position as Umno deputy president not under threat, says Muhyiddin



KUALA LUMPUR: Despite his removal as deputy prime minister on Tuesday, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin sees no threat to his position as Umno deputy president.

He said he did not expect anything “unusual” to happen during the party’s supreme council meeting scheduled for Friday.

By convention, the deputy prime minister’s post has been held by Umno’s deputy president, with the party’s president as prime minister.

“I have been here for a long time and I have always fulfilled my duties in the party.

“No, I don’t think my position is under threat,” he told reporters at press conference in his house in Bukit Damansara here, Wednesday.

Muhyiddin, who was also dropped as Education Minister, said he did not regret his actions leading up to his removal from the Cabinet.

“I did what I had to do as I have been trusted by the people. If I did not do my duties, that means I have breached that trust.

“It was the right thing to do even if what I said was spicy for some,” he said.

Muhyiddin also reiterated that he accepted his dropping from the Cabinet with an open heart.


This is far different compared the two notable former Deputy Prime Ministers who left prematurely in the Malaysian history.

One was sacked for “Very reasons” as he was found involved in ‘unnatural sexual activities’  and immediately launched a mobstreet movement ‘Reformasi’ to instigate the rakyat to rise against then Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

The other left and circulated a personal letter to the same Prime Minister and UMNO President to all UMNO State Liaisons Chiefs and MT UMNO members, citing that he was unable to carry on working as suspicion has been raised against him and his “Musa’s boys of being very ambitious”.

Both attempted to ‘revolt’ against creating traction. One was just within UMNO where Musa Hitam managed to convince Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to team up together and challenge Dr. Mahathir-Ghaffar Baba in the April 1987 party elections.

The other was getting the masses to be riled up against Dr. Mahathir led administration with the cry of “Cronysim victimised Anwar who fights for the people”.

However, both of them failed and the UMNO President came out triumphant and even stronger then before the challenges.

It is unsure how UMNO President Prime Minister Najib could manage the current issues and the outcome of this challenge.

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  1. I like this analysis written in FMT, parts of which are given below:

    What he said thus far in fact constitute “a strong statement, not only of defiance, but of intent. He is happy to take the fall for standing up for principles and he intends to “strengthen the party” so that it will regain the confidence of the public in it, meaning that Umno has, for some time now, lost the public’s confidence under Najib’s leadership.

    All of this can be read as his motivation for standing up to Najib in the first place. Well, at least those who want to see Najib ousted would like to read that meaning in Muhyiddin’s words.

    Indeed, if he is willing to maintain the stand he apparently took on Sunday regarding Najib and 1MDB, he will be a very effective champion for the anti-Najib forces.

    Already, the opposition has reached out to him in the hope of establishing a unified front against Najib, but more important is the reaction of Mahathir’s faction to this news. Will Mahathir’s men rally around Muhyiddin as the Prime Minister to be? After all, Muhyiddin is now seen as a sacrificial lamb to the altar of Najib’s recalcitrance, removed in an act of desperation by a man who will not loosen his grip on power.

    By projecting Muhyiddin as a martyr, Mahathir’s faction will gain a strong champion to challenge Najib with. And we must recognise that it is only through an alliance with Mahathir that any candidate can gain ground on Najib, given the likelihood that Umno supporters will reject an alliance between Muhyiddin and the opposition, especially because it includes the DAP.

    Of course, all parties in this conflict will need some time to assess their next moves, and we may see another period of inaction as all sides plan around the cabinet reshuffle and the added strength it gives Najib’s position at the head of government. And, of course, Muhyiddin himself must give an indication of his next move before anyone can rally behind him. When that happens, we’ll be in for what may be one of the most exciting – or excruciating – Malaysian political struggles of all time.

  2. Yes, it’s unsure how Najib could manage the current issues and the outcome of challenges arising from his sacking.of Muhyiddin.

    First, to be sure, even one Opposition so-called news portal recorded:

    “Cars with tinted windows have been parked bumper-to-bumper along the road to former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s house in Bukit Damansara since this afternoon.

    “Visitors are streaming quietly into his house, with little fanfare. One woman even came bearing flowers.”

    Here are other indications of support for him –

    STRONG SUPPORT FOR MUHYIDDIN: 30000 turn up for DPM’s …
    MUAR – About 30,000 people attended the Aidilfitri open house

    Netizen marah Muhyiddin digugurkan – Sinarharian
    Di laman sosial Facebook, rata-rata netizen mula melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati dan berpendapat bahawa Muhyiddin patut dikekalkan untuk terus mendukung barisan kepimpinan kerajaan.

    ‘I will never support a person who is CORRUPT’ – TMJ tells Johoreans … of Johor-born deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Tuesday, …
    Johor Crown prince posts cryptic message on Facebook
    The Rakyat Post-3 hours ago
    The posting was believed to be an apparent show of support for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the country’s former Deputy Prime Minister.

    You are not alone: TMJ
    Sin Chew Jit Poh-37 minutes ago

    Muhyiddin’s supporters set up FB site
    “Kami Sokong Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin” Facebook site has attracted more than 7,300 likes as at 1.00 pm Wednesday.

  3. Leak Najib video

  4. Saya sokong yang ini bagi mendapat penyelesaian isu 1MDB dan keadaan sekarang:

    1MDB: Malaysia anti-corruption agency panels call for transparent probe
    Channel News Asia – ‎21 minutes ago‎

    The five independent panels overseeing the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) also called for the Special Task Force investigating 1MDB to be given the “widest possible latitude to conduct the investigations without fear or favour.

  5. Yang ini saya simpati:

    Najwa Mahyiddin’s Instagram page was flooded with supportive remarks and sympathy over the termination of her father.

    Most of her followers commented ”YNWA” which meant ”You Never Walk Alone” and ”We love TSMY”.

    It received 1,200 likes within an hour after it was posted.

    One of her followers, @natredzuan commented by saying “The rest of the nation is with you,”

  6. pssst…encik boleh bagi comment sikit about that leaked video conversation between Muhyiddin, Mukriz and Kadir Sheikh Fadzir?

  7. re, Mahyudin , I accept the decision and my post is not under threat .

    What more can he say , unlike Anuar and their supporters who played with sentiment ,and scream conspiracy-conspiracy-conspiracy days and night with no ending.

    A true leader would just take it cool and prepare himself for the worst ,this could be the true towering Malay like always being propagated by the opposition especially DAP when a known Malays are with them .

    Mahyudin has been a (Malay first) leader then Malaysian , I wounder if there is ‘any’ left in UMNO after he had been exit .

    Will ,UMNO general assembly be the same ,they had do away with the traditional “keris” kissing , what else ?, only God knows .

  8. Muhyiddin saying those does not help Malaysians who want answers within reasonably time.

    It may be the gentlemanly thing to do but politics has never been a gentlemanly game. Pages can be written of examples since ancient times until now. The worst in Malaysia was an UMNO man shooting dead his rival in Gemas decades ago.

    Removing Gani Patail as the AG three months before his compulsory retirement is not gentlemanly. It does not enable him to retire gracefully without controversy.

    We are now deprived of two sources of hope for a full and complete investigation on the 1MDB case and on the personal bank accounts with AmBank shown to have received RM2.6 billion. We need to keep on raising the issues to get a satisfactory closure reasonably early. And speak up so that we don’t get unreasonably told to shut up. Otherwise it’ll be a mockery of democracy.

    Speculations continue as to the real reasons for the latest actions by the powers that be. The delay it might cause the investigations by the Special Task Force and the PAC. Whether there will be changes in the direction of the investigations and so forth. Curtailment of public discussions, threat of arrests and prosecutions will not stop such discussions being done in private and in the minds of the individuals.

    All those inevitably means further loss of votes to UMNO/BN at PRU14. Many have expressed the intention to give their votes to the Opposition, here and elsewhere in blogosphere. I detest the prospect of the Opposition ruling this country. But can only wonder what else can be done to prevent that.

    • Looks like no shutting up of UMNO members. Umno can no longer stop its members from questioning the Government’s handling of 1MDB, Umno Cheras Division Chief Syed Ali said.

      Could Syed Ali be the replacement of Muhyiddin in terms of getting answers to 1MDB issues early?

      Syed Ali said although there was a directive by the PMO not to make any comments until the investigation into 1MDB’s financial dealings was completed, party leaders still had the responsibility to explain the issue to the people.

      He said, as proof, at the Cheras Umno division AGM last Sunday, members went ahead to question 1MDB in their debate, although division deputy permanent chairman Ridzuan Abdul Ghani had told them not to talk about the issue.

      “When the first speaker went on the stage, he criticised Ridzuan for not allowing him to speak on 1MDB,” Syed Ali said. Then he began questioning 1MDB.

    • The Cheras Div Chief Syed Ali said such a directive from the Government resulted in pressure to division leaders like him when asked to explain by the people on the ground.

      “All we could give was a standard answer, which is to wait for the investigation to be completed.

      “But you still can’t stop the people from talking about it. You can’t close their mouth shut,” he said.

      He added that the speech by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin during the Cheras division annual meeting was off-the-cuff and not planned.

      But a more important reason is that no one is saying when the answers could be furnished, when the investigations by the Special Task Force, by the PAC will be completed and tabled to Parliament.

      Now the UMNO Supreme Council meeting scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. No reason given. Leads to speculations on the reason(s). Including on autocracy in the party. Despite the proclamations, directly or otherwise, on liberalism in the country in the past.

  9. Many people now watching Tu Dr Mahathir’s blog Chedet cc.No new post, nothing since the action on Muhyiddin’s and Gani Pattail. But the comments to the past post made by readers there have gone to several hundreds, including on the latest developments.

    People have not really looked at the new cabinet so much as on what developments pertaining to the action on Muhyiddin and Gani. Such people assume those newly appointed to Cabinet are the ones who have shown loyalty to Najib and those removed were otherwise.

    That Najib has got UMNO to agree to the postponement of the party elections by 18 months and has cancelled the Supreme Council meeting scheduled this Friday for “heart-to-heart chats” on 1MDB may mean he is sitting pretty as PM until at least PRU14.

    But people like Tun Dr Mahathir and “his friends” may not just keep quiet for long. Many are anxious to know his next blog posting and/or statements to the media. There are many, many among us who want UMNO/BN to stay in power after PRU14. We will support all lawful moves towards that and oppose those destroying the prospect of that.

    • Yes, this is democracy – Bersih can proceed with rally but must follow all laws, KL police chief says.

      There is no question about it. The Peaceful Assembly Act says so. Only that rally organizers must ensure that that Act is followed in all respects.

      Rally at places agreed by the Police, for goodness sake. Places that don’t hamper traffic flows, don’t deprive food and clothe vendors and hawkers their opportunity to earn a living. Don’t go for numbers of attendance. Go for the substance – the message of the rally.

      Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin Abdullah says the Bersih 4 rally will be held on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu from August 29, 2pm to August 30. They may raise the issue of the action on Muhyiddin and Gani Pattail.

      • Part of the explanation they give in on why Bersih 4:

        There has been little focus on the real call behind the rally and why people must go to the streets to demand reform to our institutions.

        Najib must resign because he has made clear his intention to disrupt independent investigations into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and his failure to be transparent about the allegations levelled against him.

  10. The ST reported a video showing TS Muhyiddin saying that DS Najib admitting that he received US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) in his accounts. This was on news websites yesterday.

    The clip showed Muhyiddin just hours after his sacking on Tuesday talking to several guests at his home in Damansara Heights. He was seated beside Kedah MB Mukhriz Mahathir and former minister Kadir Sheikh Fadzir was present as well.

    Muhyiddin said: “This is what he (PM Najib) said. He admitted. So I said: Why did you put into your personal account?” The video ended there.

    Kadir, contacted by Malaysiakini, confirmed the conversation took place but declined to comment further. “I don’t want to comment on it. It was a private conversation. It wasn’t supposed to be recorded. Mukhriz had asked people not to record it,” he was quoted as saying yesterday.

  11. UMNO already devided and weak. With the sacking of TS Mahayuddin . I am not sure weather UMNO can stay united and remain stronger .
    It’s a pity BN/ UMNO can’t take advantage of weakness in opposition to their advantage.

  12. Clearly desperadoes Najib and Rosmah are BUYING time instructing others to shut up and not ask questions until audit is complete, then asking to wait till investigations are thoroughly processed.

    Meanwhile signs abound that they are both guilty – pending concrete evidence. Perhaps together with accomplices, they are secretly plotting EXIT plans.

    These clear signs include MIA Jho Low and others, as well as the sacking of TPM and AG.

  13. One of the oldest, well-established and well-respected British news organizations, Reuters, has joined the bandwagon critical of Malaysia, saying

    “Malaysia has suspended two business newspapers by The Edge Media Group, blocked access to whistleblower site Sarawak Report (SR), and imposed travel bans on opposition lawmakers critical of state-owned 1Malaysia Development Berhad.”

    Exploited by the Opposition Malay Mail which ran a news heading

    “With 1MDB crackdown, Malaysia joining regional club of oppressors, say observers.”

  14. With Gani Patail removed from the AG post, and until I see proof otherwise from the words and deeds of the new AG, I’m inclined to believe what Transparency International says –

    1MDB probe as good as dead, says Transparency International

    Transparency-International Malaysia believes the investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad lacks governance, integrity, and submission to the rule of law.

  15. Now comes what should be earth-shaking kind of announcement – 1MDB probe must not be hindered, says Umno Youth. Especially after the removal of Gani Patail from the Attorney General’s post.

    In days gone by, UMNO Youth played the role of check and balance. Much respected and even feared by other components of UMNO. But with guilty-of-politik-wang Khairi Jamaluddin as it’s head, and UMNO- Youth-man Chairman of Tabung Haji jumping in excitement on being “advised” to sell the land bought from 1MDB when questioned by the public recently, not sure how well UMNO Youth is being regarded now.

    But it is damn good that UMNO Youth said the investigations into 1MDB must go on and should not be hindered in any way.

    And saying that even after TS Muhyiddin was dropped from the Cabinet for speaking up on 1MDB, asking questions on what the rakyat have been wanting to know.

    The people still needed to learn the truth about the scandals surrounding 1MDB, added the UMNO Youth statement.

    Yes, scandals they were.

  16. “Umno Youth hopes that the issues eroding the people’s faith, like 1MDB, continue to be investigated,” they said in their statement. Indeed it’s eroding the people’s faith. It’s pushing away votes from UMNO/BN, in fact.

    “The people need to know the truth about these issues, through the investigation carried out by the special task force, the National Audit Department and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).”

    Umno Youth said the authorities should be given time and freedom to carry out their probe, without any restrictions or provocation from any quarters. Yes, especially the Special Task Force investigating Najib’s Ambank personal accounts into which were remitted RM2.6 billion. That Muhyiddin said in a private conversation Najib admitted receiving.

    UMNO Youth added that it still respected Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal as the deputy president and vice-president of the party respectively, even though Najib had stripped them of their Cabinet posts.

    Meanwhile, Nur Jazlan said PAC’s hearing must be frozen until new members are appointed when Parliament reconvenes in October. PAC deputy chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw has insisted the hearing will go on. The Speaker will decide. Likely to be frozen to October. Just as Gani Patail was removed from his post – Najib could not wait until his compulsory retirement, also in October. Anybody knows if there is anything significant in the month of October?

  17. The pattern of Najib and his advisers’ strategy are becoming more apparent. The strstegy is ruthless and reckless and shows how far a 62 year old politician would go to hold on to power. The sacking of AG was Najib’s undoing and put him in tne same corridor as the most ruthless dictators who used State power to get out of a deep cesspool. Next he dangled carrots on 4 BN Pac members with cabinet posts and the BN members fell into the trap and happily left tbeir incomplete tasks at Pac. So the task of derailing Pac was achieved..Then the Task Force people were crippled by sudden emergence of wrongdoings of MACC officers. What happened to Zeti? The iron.hammer inflicted on.the men and women deemed to have obstructed tbe free path of Najib can be described as so Yahudi and kafirun in its planning and execution. And the plan and executions were successful because the systems facilitated it and the rakyat just watched it. The moral decay in.Msia’s politics is unprecedented. The moral of the story is choose leaders wisely and UMNO money and patronage politics have become pervasive and the only way to cleanse it is to expel it from power in a GE and let it reform.and cleanse itself before it is worthy of the trusts of its supporters and members.

    • Yes.

      When the top leader subscribe to “Cash is King”, the whole country, not just UMNO/BN – will slide into decadence.

      No more for “Agama, Bangsa dan Negara”. Today it is simply “What’s in it for me?”

      Integrity is no longer in UMNO’s vocabulary. Everything is for sale. Tragic.

  18. Many people must have been excited by the news of the charge papers and were disappointed that they were declared false.

    Recent statements by various parties may give the impression that those disagreeing with what Najib did can only hope and pray for better things to happen. That is not correct, too.

    The Peaceful Assembly Act is still in force and even the Bersih people have been advised they could assemble so long as they comply with the requirements of the Act fully.

    Yes, don’t attend the TangkapNajib Rally to morrow, Saturday, as the Police have warned it’s illegal in intent etc.

    Support for the Bersih Rally may be given subject to no declaration of intent by the organizers that may be construed as illegal.

    But the rakyat must be allowed freedom of expression – verbally, in writing and in assemblies with the authorities making a fair and reasonable interpretation of what constitutes conspiracy, criminal intent, etc.

  19. The Singapore-based said the Malaysian government is facing public pressure to respond to Muhyiddin’s allegation that Najib had admitted to him that US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) was deposited into the Premier’s account.

    The allegation was made in a 53- second clip that has gone viral. The fallout from the video clip containing comments was much discussed in social media circles, they said.

    It also reported that IGP Khalid yesterday declined to comment on the video and said he did not have the power to investigate the clip as it was related to 1MDB. He said matters related to the state investment fund came under the purview of the Special Task Force.

    Note that the Statement by the new Attorney General includes

    “3. The Special Task Force investigation has not been completed. So it is not legally possible for charge sheets to be drafted in advance.”

    That implies the Special Task Force will continue its work. And the public will be very interested in and will be keenly observing the direction from now on.

    • Come on, the Task Force has lost the momentum and the moral question to be asked of Najib is why change AG? Whether the draft charge paper is false or not only the former AG can answer. The Pac is also in chaos and the Speaker of Dewan Rakyat talked about technicalities instead of quickly addressing the appointment of 4 new BN Pac members. All these are delaying tactics. Time for all and sundry to realise that 1MDB investigations is of national interest. It is no child’s play to be treated with such flippancy. There is no longer trust in the govt of the day. The people are demanding for answers and the nation cannot afford to be ‘ pissed’ by a small group of people desperate to cling to power and abusing State apparatus to map things according to tbeir whim. This beloved nation.doesnt belong to this small group of people.

      • True, at least has lost momentum. The worry is if stops, veers off or changes direction.

        Let’s wait until the new AG has settled down in his new job (the wording of his latest statement denying the arrest document draft is not impressive – whoever drafted it) and see how far different from what we saw during Gani Patail’s time.

        How long we wait? Up to the individual’s tolerance limit. IGP has said people are allowed to vent their frustration to join illegal assemblies so long as organized according to the Peaceful Assembly Act and agreed by the Police.

      • Sacked AG urged to verify ‘Najib’s charge sheet’

        PKR legal bureau chief Latheefa Koya has urged sacked attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to verify the authenticity of a charge sheet against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

        I wonder if he would. Agree with the view that he is a good civil servant and will not react until he has formulated a good stand and a thorough plan of action. Like suing Najib or the Government.

        Sad that we now have to quote even what the Opposition say.

  20. Malaysia’s new Attorney-General, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali, 65, chaired the Court of Appeal which OVERTURNED a High Court’s decision to convict former police commandos, Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar, of the murder of Ms Altantuya.

    In October 2014, he chaired a three-member Court of Appeal which allowed the Government’s appeal to OVERTURN a 2009 High Court ruling that the Home Ministry’s decision in prohibiting the Herald from using the word “Allah” in its Bahasa Malaysia section was illegal, null and void.

  21. This is interesting – Dr Tan Seng Giaw, who is DAP MP and acting PAC chief, said PAC will proceed with next week’s hearings on 1MDB despite the Speaker saying it must wait for a new chairman.

    He added that there was no official notice informing the committee that its proceedings were suspended. He insisted that the committee only needed three members for a quorum. Then added that the five opposition MPs alone would adequately meet the quorum.

    If no official notice, the Speaker will be removed, too?

  22. This statement by Minister in PM’s Dept Paul Low must be repeated here and elsewhere to reassure citizens and to ensure commitment by Najib and all concerned in the proper continuation and completion of the 1MDB investigations.

    Low expressed concern with regard to comments made in relation to the probe on 1MDB by the Special Task Force. He issued a statement saying numerous comments “seem to indicate that there are certain parties attempting to hamper the efforts of the Task Force to carry out its investigation”.

    “Uncovering the truth with regards to the various allegations directed at 1MDB is of utmost importance both in the interest of the government and the nation as a whole.

    “The institutions involved in the ongoing investigations are duty bound to carry out their responsibilities independently, transparently and without fear or favour to uncover the truth; and to ensure that charges will duly be brought against anyone involved where sufficient evidence of wrongdoing is found in accordance with the law,” he said.

  23. Paul Low also assured the public that he will continue to stand firm in protecting these institutions and their respective officers, and will see to it that they are allowed to conduct the investigations until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

    “The challenges that we are currently facing as a nation are unprecedented, and it is of prime importance for all of us – especially the rakyat – to support these key institutions and to ensure that their independence and professionalism continue to be safeguarded at all cost,” he added.

    With the changes taking place, he should have said there shall be no change of direction, advice and guidance on those investigations.

    And hopefully they will heed his views and wishes fully. That part saying ” to ensure that charges will duly be brought against anyone involved where sufficient evidence of wrongdoing is found in accordance with the law,” is very pertinent.

    There must be a judicious interpretation of the words “sufficient evidence”. Otherwise the “numerous comments” he referred to will continue endlessly.

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