Damnation towards self destruction

In the advancement of communication technology and availability of content, the abuse of misleading, distorted, manipulated and pure deceived information is so rampant that it is driving even the learned, educated, more matured and once level headed segments of the society into chronic oblivion.

NST story:

Allegations of charge sheets are false, says AG

31 JULY 2015 @ 3:40 AM KUALA LUMPUR: Attorney General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali has issued the following statement regarding a recent posting by the Sarawak Report blog.


1. These allegations by foreign national Clare Rewcastle Brown in political blog Sarawak Report are false.

2. T‎he alleged charge sheets are not in and never reached the Attorney General’s Chambers. Furthermore, the format of the sheets is not correct or written by our Chambers. ‎ ‎

3. The Special Task Force investigation has not been completed. So it is not legally possible for charge sheets to be drafted in advance.

4. These alleged charge papers therefore indicate that there is a conspiracy to topple a serving Prime Minister by criminalising him, and that the methods include doctoring and criminal leakage.

5. This plot represents a threat to Malaysia’s democracy and I will direct for all action possible to be taken to investigate. The full force of the law will be applied without exception to any that are found guilty.

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It is overwhelmingly mind boggling on why even learned, educated and professional Malaysians which include practicing members of legal and judicial fraternity actually bought into the fake charge sheet presented by Sarawak Report.

Then there are these other very viralised rumours about Bank Negara Malaysian Governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz either resigned from the illustrious job which she has been serving the nation or had a heart attack.

NST story:

Zeti in good health, says BNM

30 JULY 2015 @ 5:35 PM KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Governor, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz is in good health and did not suffer a heart attack as has been circulated on social media.

“She is fine and well, in the office,” said the central bank’s corporate communication department when contacted by Bernama here, today.

It added that Zeti was working at the office as usual and was not hospitalised as claimed. Based on BNM’s calendar of events on its website, the central bank will announce the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) performance for the second quarter on Aug 13.

The briefing on GDP performance normally will be chaired by BNM Governor. Meanwhile, according to a report by an online news portal, Zeti was said to be absent from work on Monday morning, but nevertheless began her work in the afternoon.

In the last two days, Zeti also attended various in-house meetings at BNM, hence refuting rumours that she is having health problems.–BERNAMA

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/node/93977


It is obliviously damning clear with proofs that time and again, London-based blog-newsportal Sarawak Report have continuously lied and spin stories based on fabricated materials.

Yet, many of the educated, learned and professional Malaysians who have been following the chronic habitual liar had to second guess every time Clare Rewcastle-Brown publish an article which is designed to demonise the Malaysian system.

This is very consistent with the backers of Sarawak Report. The Neo Con Jews such as George Soros, who is funding Open Society Forum and Global Witness, have the agenda to destabilise many of world’s community via intellectual discourse, though provoking ideas etc.

The promote the concept of challenging every idea and anything attached to it; philosophical, political, economic, cultural, administrative, authoritative, norms and values, faith and beliefs, tradition and so forth.

Instead, they wanted all of these to be opened for continuous and escalating debate and thought provoking challenges and the idealism of individualism takes centre stage over community.

It would lead into serious discontent between different segments of the society and the more minority but loud ones would cry out for international help when the authorities go after them, even based on the provisions of the law of the land.

That would be continuously manipulated as ‘The evil draconian impeding on the voice of dissent and democracy’ and with external media propaganda especially the advancement of communication technology and availability of social media, the masses could be riled out to start ground swell movements.

That is how ‘Arab Spring’ started in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The use of social media was also how the Neo Con Jews of the the West riled up young Iranians to demonstrate against the election tough-anti-West Ahmedinajad more than five years ago.

The alternative of having free flow of information in the maxim of democracy is to have censorship on which information should be controlled. Even the leader who brought and championed the ‘multimedia super corridor’ eventually agreed for censorship of the internet.

Chedet.cc on 1 August 2014:


1 Aug 2014 | Uncategorized
1. Not knowing the power of the Internet, I promised that we (speaking as the Prime Minister of Malaysia) would not censor it. But today I have changed my mind.

2. I have done so because the players, including those controlling the servers have been applying their own censorship of what can appear in this alternative media. I myself have suffered from such censorship.

3. When I put on my blog, an article on the Jews, without any explanation, my article was prevented from being linked to Facebook.

4. But that is not all. I first used the internationally available platform to host my blog. When hundreds of thousands visited my blog, suddenly the platform rejected hosting my blog site.

5. I changed the platform but again it was blocked. I have now changed servers and platforms three times. Still there have been attempts to block my blog. Not to mention the numerous spam and virus attacks against my blog.

6. Blocking is of course a form of censorship. The internet is not the free alternative to the state-controlled print and electronic media it is touted to be. It is subject to even more censorship than Governments could exercise. The people who hosts these platforms and servers can censor. And various other means are available to the powerful controllers of the new media for them to censor in the interest of their politics.

7. There is no freedom of the alternative media. Governments and the owners of servers and platforms and assorted others can censor the alternative media. It is actually less free than print and electronic media operating under Government licences.

8. I think it is time we stop talking of the freedom of the press. Let us admit that the press needs to be censored. It needs to be censored because freedom, any kind of freedom will always be open to abuse. The worst abuses are in the field of morality.

9. The internet has played a major role in undermining public morality. Our children are not safe from the kind of filth that the print and electronic media promote. Today any child can access pornography of the worse kind. Children are no longer safe from sexual assault. So are young girls and boys as the internet arouses the kind of base feelings that we curbed before.

10. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or LGBT is openly touted as a part of human rights. We accept that some people are born with indeterminate sex. They were forced to hide their unusual proclivities. But now that LGBT is accepted, normal people have also taken up the practices of those who were born handicapped. And worse still certain religions have abrogated the injunctions of their religion against abnormal sex so as to be seen to be keeping up with the times.

11. Incest, child sex, sex with animals, sexual parties, sex in public and many other practices which we still feel are wrong will soon be a part of the expression of freedom and equality. All these will promoted on the internet.

12. I don’t care how sacred is freedom but I think the time has come for Governments, at least the Malaysian Government to censor the internet.


If Malaysians cannot get a grip on themselves especially when they have near absolute ICT democracy where information and content can be viralised to so many through various social media platforms, then they are heading for self destruction.

Naturally they would get ridiculed and frustrated with misleading and lies ever so often. Then the feeling and eventually attitude distrust would be extended and escalated into other systems within Malaysia. This would include administrative, corporate governance, integrity and resource management, law enforcement and judicial and so forth.

This is a systematic avenue of being damned to self destruction.

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