Hunting the hunter

Royal Malaysian Police obtained a warrant of arrest from Kuala Lumpur High Court to seek and detain Sarawak Report Editor-in-Chief Clare Rewcastle-Brown for crimes “Detrimental to Parliamentary democracy”.

The Star story:

Published: Tuesday August 4, 2015 MYT 7:23:00 PM
Updated: Tuesday August 4, 2015 MYT 8:06:14 PM

Arrest warrant for Sarawak Report editor


PETALING JAYA: Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Sarawak Report founder and editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown (pic).

Bukit Aman CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohmad Salleh said in a statement on Tuesday that the arrest warrant issued by a Kuala Lumpur court was for activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy under Section 124B and 124I of the Penal Code.

Section 124I deals with publication of false reports or makes false statements likely to cause public alarm via newspapers, periodicals or other printed publication or electronic means.

Jail term for the offences can be extended to between five and 10 years.

“We will proceed with applications to place her on the Aseanpol wanted list, as well as the Interpol red notice,” Comm Mohmad said.


The irony, Rewcastle-Brown has now been issued a warrant of arrest herself when a few days ago she lied about former Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail was sacked for the falsified warrant of arrest issued on Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak.

Like expected, Rewcastle-Brown is defiant about the warrant of arrest issued and conveniently throw in the ‘Right to express’ as her lame excuse for all the compounded and habitual slander and lies she did against Malaysian leaders and State and Federal Governments.

Pro-Anwarista news portal story:

Response to warrant of arrest from Malaysian police – Clare Rewcastle-Brown

Published: 4 August 2015 10:03 PM

I have been asked for a response on this latest move by the Malaysian authorities to attempt to extradite me by issuing a warrant for my arrest, which they say they will pass to Interpol.

My first comment is that this action could hardly be more counter-productive on the part of a government that is seeking to assure the world that it is a sane democracy.

My action has been to publish information, which some in power do not like. Yet, the “crime” they are accusing me of is of “an activity detrimental to democracy”.

It is they who are being detrimental to democracy by suppressing free speech and arresting people for questioning people in authority.
I am still unclear whether the agents of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak are accusing me of “forging false documents” or obtaining documents through “criminal leakages”, since they have simultaneously accused me of both in the past few days and have been rounding up all sorts of senior investigators to try and find out who might have passed me such leaks.

They need to make up their minds about this before they bring their charges and they really ought to produce some substantive and convincing evidence of their other accusation that I am part of some international plot intent on falsely accusing the prime minister of crimes for reasons unknown.

I am merely an investigative journalist who has been doing my job, by unravelling one hell of an international scandal involving people in high places and the grand larceny of public monies.

It is as simple as that – no plot and no vested interest. The interest of the public is my motivation and duty.

Conversely, the public are at liberty to reach their own conclusions over what has motivated the recent actions of the prime minister of Malaysia, who has spent the past few days, sacking, removing and arresting just about anybody who has been officially engaged in investigating the scandal I have been reporting on, that is, the missing billions from 1MDB.

Moreover, he has not just attacked my blog and myself, but other reputable news organisations, closing down two papers in Malaysia.

If the prime minister had nothing to hide in this matter and if my reports were false there would be numerous more orthodox and far less disruptive methods of dealing with me than sacking his deputy prime minister, sacking the Attorney-General, closing down the PAC, and dismissing members of his Cabinet.

He could simply have issued libel proceedings or he could have produced evidence (eg. correct bank statements and transfer documents) that would have shown my reports to be untrue. – August 4, 2015.

* Clare Rewcastle Brown is founder and editor of whistleblower website Sarawak Report.

– See more at:


If Rewcastle-Brown is truly a bonafide investigative journalist, then she has no reason to not participate in the investigation that has been brought against her. Infact, if she is charged in a criminal court, then it is her opportunity to prove herself with her research materials.

The Royal Malaysian Police will sought the assistance and authorities of the Interpol to track and arrest Rewcastle-Brown.

Rewcastle-Brown should also be investigated for criminal defamation for her slanderous stories against Malaysian leadership personalities such as (then Sarawak Chief Minister) Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud, Prime Minister Najib and Sabah Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Panglima Musa Aman.

In the video, Rewcastle-Brown arrogantly stated she wanted to defend herself by presenting herself in Kuching in person. By that extension, she should also willing to be brought to Kuala Lumpur for the investigation for the serious crimes against the Malaysian democracy that she has been accused of.

The past five years, she has been very incessant in her attacks against the Sarawak State Government (then under Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud), Sabah State Government (under Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Panglima Musa Aman) and now Prime Minister Najib.

Unlike a true journalist who is out to bring out the truth, Rewcastle-Brown never gave the opportunity for those she is gunning down in all the Sarawak Report writings any opportunity for the right to rebutt. In short, she used her journalism and research methodological skills to victimised politicians with her voracious and venomous presentation of stories and habitual lies.

The mercenary political writer is defiant that she is “A victim of extraordinary series of recent events” and the Malaysian democracy isn’t true and she would get fairness if ever her case was brought to the courts.

Channel News Asia story:

‘I’m not scared’: Sarawak Report’s Clare Brown on arrest warrant for her in Malaysia

“I am just the latest victim in an extraordinary series of recent events in Malaysia,” says the London-based founder of investigative journalism site Sarawak Report.

By Olly Barratt, Channel NewsAsia Correspondent
POSTED: 05 Aug 2015 01:23 UPDATED: 05 Aug 2015 05:11

4865 52 1 Email


LONDON: The founder of alternative news site Sarawak Report Clare Rewcastle Brown describes an arrest warrant put out for her as an “irrational” move on the Malaysian government’s part, done entirely for “domestic consumption”.

Malaysian police announced the arrest warrant on Tuesday (Aug 4), on the basis that Ms Brown is involved in “activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy” and for the dissemination of false reports which is an offence under the Malaysian penal code.

Ms Brown, the sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said she does not think Malaysian authorities have a chance of extraditing her.

The Sarawak Report website was recently blocked in Malaysia, for posing a “threat to national stability”, following reports that claimed Prime Minister Najib Razak had up to US$700 milllion deposited into his personal accounts from state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). A Special Task Force probe concluded that the money deposited in Mr Najib’s accounts was from donations and not from 1MDB.

Below is Channel NewsAsia’s interview with Ms Brown.

Q: What was your reaction to hearing of the arrest warrant?

Ms Brown: Somewhat surprised. It seems very irrational and counterproductive to issue these sorts of threats that can’t be carried through.

Q: Why do you say that they can’t be carried through?

Ms Brown: Well, because I don’t think that they would ever get this petition through a court in a normal democracy like the UK, which is where I am. They are trying to arrest me for some kind of action against democracy, which is ironic given that it is the Malaysian government which has been taking actions against democracy by silencing free media and closing down my blog and indeed several newspapers and arresting a number of people who have done nothing more than raise some perfectly valid issues.

I don’t think they have got a chance in h**l of extraditing me from the UK.

Q: What is your response in terms of actions – will you be taking any actions in response to this warrant being issued? Will you need to talk to UK authorities? What do you do next?

Ms Brown: I’m besieged by media interviews at the moment, so I am going to be talking about Najib Razak on a very wide platform – so in a way, he could not have done anything more counter-productive than to provide me with that platform to discuss some of the issues that are causing considerable alarm at the moment in Malaysia.

I am just the latest victim in an extraordinary series of recent events in Malaysia – the Prime Minister sacked his deputy, sacked his Attorney-General, closed down the Public Accounts Committee; he has gone round arresting a whole lot of senior law enforcers investigating a very very concerning financial scandal in Malaysia and really everybody in Malaysia is asking: “Why?”

Well I am not sure if he is accusing me of forging documents or having criminally obtained documents, because obviously he can’t accuse me of both. I have been accused of both by him and his supporters but really they have to decide which they are going to charge me of, and Malaysians are left scratching their heads.

Q: The Special Task Force concluded that these monies transferred into the PM’s account were donations. What did you make of those conclusions?

A month on, and one might say several arrests, sacking and dismissals on, the Prime Minister has now finally had it announced through the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission that that was not anything to do with 1MDB money, which actually certainly I and I don’t know of any investigative reporters who said it was, he is saying that was just a donation, an anonymous donation and really Malaysians are asking: “Who donated and where did the money go? Is it correct that the Prime Minister should have been secretly donated US$700 million?”

Q: Do you recognise that it is easier for you to do this job here now than it would be in Malaysia?

Ms Brown: I have been accused of interfering in Malaysia and one of the reasons I have felt justified in concentrating on so many of the subjects around Malaysia that I have done is because so many Malaysian journalists and other Malaysians have said: “Thank goodness you’re able to print this because we can’t.”

There is maybe an illusion that there is a free media in Malaysia. There is not a free media in Malaysia, and I think what you’re seeing at the moment – the closure of respected business publications who have also been covering this enormous scandal, missing billions from the public development fund, just shows how little freedom of the press there is in Malaysia so that is partially why I’m doing it.

Q: With this warrant having been issued, will you ever be able to go back to Malaysia?

Ms Brown: I’m sure as long as Najib Razak is Prime Minister, I would be ill-advised.

Q: And how does that make you feel?

Ms Brown: I’ll live. I’ll continue to write about Malaysian issues and I’ll continue to interest myself in these matters – but you know, there are plenty of people in Malaysia who are suffering far worse than me as a result of these undemocratic actions that have been taken by the government at the moment. There are people in jail, there are people who have been arrested and not given their rightful access to legal representation. I’m not going to start feeling sorry for myself that I’m not allowed to be there too.

Q: And to return to where we started on the warrant itself being issued – how do you believe that reflects on the government of Malaysia?

Ms Brown: I think it is going to show the government of Malaysia up as being perhaps not quite under control at the moment actually. It’s such an irrational action, the rest of the international community is going to ask what is it that I’ve done that is detrimental to democracy, that’s the charge I’m facing. It’s an Orwellian charge, it is not a crime that exists in real democratic countries.

I think the Prime Minister has given up worrying what the rest of the world thinks about this action. I think this is purely for domestic consumption. I have had a lot of Malaysians ring up and say: “Clare, are you scared?” And I say, “I’m not scared, this isn’t about intimidating me, this is about intimidating his own domestic population.

– CNA/dl


Rewscatle-Brown is also implicated in the extortion case of former Petro Saudi executive Xavier A. Justo against his former employer, now actively being investigated by Royal Thai Police.

Of late, her credibility and journalism integrity is highly questionable if not greatly diminished after she was proven to either has been lying or falsifying evidence in her stories, intended to gun down the said leaders.

It is believed that Rewcastle-Brown is being funded by Neo Con Jews such as George Soros through organisations such as Open Forum and Global Witness, as part of the agenda to destabilise and topple democratically elected government.

Her manipulation of facts and intertwined with fabricated information tendered as ‘evidence’ and habitual lies, all concocted in well presented stories which seemingly guised as a well researched papers, is over.

The fact that since Justo has been busted in Thailand and started to spill out his beans where Rewcastle-Brown is heavily implicated in the extortion case investigation, she started to be on the defensive mode. It is a clear demonstration that she is guilty and her credence started to dwindle, downwards.

The tide for sister-in-law of the last Labour British Prime Minister who abetted his boss and conspired lie the British public for support to attack Iraq twelve years and subjected millions to anguish and pain based on lies of the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, has now turned.

She has just became the prey after her reign of terror her own game of lies in the cybersphere as the predator, came to an abrupt ended.

*Updated 1000hrs

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  1. Intransigent Clare Brown was interviewed by and shown on Al Jazeera TV last night. Sounding arrogant, she gloated over the arrest warrant, saying that provides her a better platform to expose corruption and the lack of democracy in Malaysia and attract a wider audience world wide.

    She was also interviewed and shown on BBC TV. She sounds and appears high and mighty saying the British Government with strong beliefs in democracy is not likely to extradite her to Malaysia. If she had appeared on CNN, I must have missed that.

    But she knows that being on the Interpol list restricts her movement a lot. She would not drop in countries that are friendly to Malaysia in case the Police there arrests her and informs Malaysia.

    Taunting Malaysia to sue her, pointing out that Malaysia should sue SR and WSJ if the reports are not true, she really is a thorn in the flesh to many in Malaysia now. Personally, I wouldn’t mind meeting her, say, in Sarawak, in the city or the outback, to try and get the thorn out of the flesh.

    But that does not mean I no longer want answers to the many questions raised by the public on 1MDB. The answers should be made available reasonably early. And should be convincing answers, too. The removal of Gani Patail from the AG post 2 months from his compulsory retirement and the suspension of PAC investigations are disquieting.

    • If not for Clare would Najib ever declare his RM2.6billion deposit into his personal account?

      Also that of Rosmah’s RM2 million deposit.

      Who gave them this huge amount of money?

    • Well, Pak Isa – you could always travel to Britain and take on Clare Rewcastle-Brown on her “home turf”, armed with the truth, righteous indignation and all.

      That would be the valiant thing to do.

      Whether the British authorities will countenance an “extraction of the thorn in one’s flesh” is another issue entirely.

      But the key thing is that the attempt will have been made.

      • Clare Brown uses the name Sarawak Report. Began writing in Sarawak, about Sarawak, visited Sarawak time and again until she was refused entry.

        Now against Najib but still projecting the image that the link she has with Malaysia originated from her being born and lived in Sarawak for some years. I agree that the thorn removal should be done in Sarawak.

        If she agrees to the thorn removal in Sarawak, perhaps the Sarawak authorities can be persuaded to let her in. It’s the Oppo Hippo line to accuse, then expect people to prove, or ask people to go to them – wherever they may be residing – to remove the thorns.

  2. Wow, this is a pretty strong statement on which, even if true (said by so-called news portal Malaysiakini), I will not comment –

    BN strategic communication director Abdul Rahman Dahlan says he and his Umno colleagues will personally see through Najib Abdul Razak’s downfall if the RM2.6 billion deposited into the prime minister’s personal bank accounts was indeed the rakyat’s money.

    • Rahman gave this assurance in a dialogue on the issue on TV1 last night, during which he insisted that the massive money deposits into the accounts of Najib, who is also Umno president, were not from state-own 1MDB.

      “If the RM2.6 billion is the rakyat’s money being robbed, there is no need for Clare Brown, Wall Street Journal or Sarawak Report to topple the Umno president.

      “I and the other Umno folks will topple him,” Rahman said.

  3. “It is believed that Rewcastle-Brown is being funded by Neo Con Jews”

    Paul Stadlen Stadlen, who was formerly the APCO head in Malaysia, has continued to be behind some of the most crucial and sensitive recent Government announcements and has also coordinated the management of these announcements to the national and international media.

    It is he who personally operates an email account called ‘Malaysia News’, which circulates numerous emails to the foreign and domestic media on behalf of the Prime Minister Najib’s office.

    Is Paul Stadlen a brown and Muslim Malay??

  4. The denying syndrome are going deeper and deeper ,how much further it’s could goes on , only God knows .

  5. .

  6. This warrant is not enforceable outside Malaysia. Interpol or British police will likely to ignore this and Najib is making a fool of himself.

    • siacw,

      Najib wasn’t have the intention to fools himself , he just want to fools Malaysian .
      Enforceable of not is secondary .

    • You never know. Man is never an island. Always scratch one another’s back.

      There must be times when the British needs back scratching. Even Obama would like the US back to be scratched bu us around this region in the containment of China policy.

      But, however desperate one may be, don’t let Anwar scratch your back. To use Clare’s words in one instance in the last 24 hours or so, it’s ill-advised.

  7. Singapore Straits Times report (“Malaysia issues arrest warrant for UK journalist”) August 5, 2015:

    “For Malaysia to extradite someone from Britain, it needs to make a request to the Secretary of State for the Home Department. A British court will hear the request before the extradition can be granted.”

    There are legal procedures and formalities to be observed.

    And the hyper-vigilant British media will be all over this issue.

    It is by no means certain that Malaysia will win the ensuing PR battle. But it has to be seen to be doing “something”.

  8. BD

    tolong jelaskan sikit…..
    USS700 juta dari luar negara bole pula masuk akaun peribadi dlm negara.
    Kenapa USD1.103 billion duit syarikat x bole d bawa masuk ke dlm akaun syarikat dlm negara dan terpaksa ‘parking’ d Singapura?

    Najib kata susah 1mdb nak bw masuk duit byk2 dr cayman island, nanti bank negara query. Tp derma tu mcm mana? Nilainya bukan rm2…

  9. Ada siapa yang nak komen di atas berita berikut, komen lah. Saya not feeling well –

    1MDB task force no longer needed: MACC
    Malaysiakini (subscription)

    The special task force investigating 1MDB is no longer needed, as advised by the newly-appointed attorney-general Mohamad Apandi Ali.

  10. My hopes of UMNO/BN continuing to rule are becoming thinner by the day. The Police have the right to hunt Clare Brown, but the questions surrounding the removal of Gani Patail from the AG post 2 months from his compulsory retirement and the suspension of PAC investigations have increased with Muhammad Apandi saying the Special Task Force on 1MDB is no longer needed.

    Politics is about public perception and public perception of Najib and his government is getting from bad to worse. So much was hoped for on the Special Task Force but it’s now no more. True, the individual agencies can continue doing their investigations but they have to submit their findings to the AG. The MACC said so when assuring the public that they would continue with their investigations.

    Speculations abound and it’s not fair to expect the public not to ask questions, even in their own minds. Like on the huge RM2.6 billion said to be a donation. The MACC Chief Commissioner has taken a week’s leave and his Deputy has been overseas since the time of the Police questioning of the ex-MACC panel member and the MACC Public Prosecutor. Leaking of classified information needs to be investigated but the public has no fair idea what information it was.

  11. MACC Acting Chief Commissioner Mustafar Ali yesterday said he believes MACC’s probe into SRC International could be affected as police had summoned the commission’s investigations officer who is probing the company and also an MACC deputy public prosecutor.

    Yesterday another two of MACC officers were detained by the Police when they produced themselves for questioning at 5 pm but freed them on bail at 10.30 pm. The office and homes of the two officers were also raided and searched by police. (Sundaily)

    The situation has been bad and confusing such that a Sembahayang Hajat for divine guidance was held by MACC staff, the prayers read by a Director who was also removed from his post 2 months before his compulsory retirement in October.

    • En Isa,

      They have to arrest someone right , they cannot arrest somebody who will retaliate back like Clare Brown and the others of her likes .

      Thing’s must look to proceed , so they arrest each other , I wounder they dare to touch any of Najib consultant especially the foreign, which most, were to understand that Najib were surrounded by many.

      • Paul Stadlen itu Yahudi. Google nama itu dan perkataan Jew akan keluar penerangan begitu.

      • Mengikut Rakyat Post,

        MACC vows to continue probe without fear or favour

        The MACC probe team to continue its work despite lead investigators being taken into police custody over information breach.

  12. How the so-called news portal Malaysikini twists, spins and slants information on the hunted Clare –

    Its news heading “Wanted’ Clare gets UK police protection” gives the impression that the Clare woman was getting British Police protection from arrest per the arrest warrant issued by the Malaysian authorities.

    Yet the news report only talks about the British Police, upon a report of being followed by unknown persons in London by Clare Brown, sending a “detail” to ensure the guy in a stationary car outside her house ceasing to do so.

    And she blaming Raja Petra Kamaruddin of “masterminding the harassment operation.”

    • It’ll be good if this becomes reality –

      Malaysia considers registering portals –
      AsiaOne – ‎9 minutes ago‎

      But newly appointed Communica­tions and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak giving “the assurance that the Government had no plans to restrict the usage of social media and saying, “We cannot be monitoring every social media user. If there is a complaint and there is basis to it, we will look into it” – isn’t that not in line with what Najib said recently?

  13. […] the moment, Rewcastle-Brown is being sought by the Royal Malaysian Police where a warrant of arrest had been issued by Kuala Lumpur High Court for “Activities […]

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