The luxury of having valuable friends

In the current conundrum of getting into the carousal of cyclical political circus of the chronic confusing cramps, situation, information and perception rotate the right way up or criss-crossing three dimensionally in the gyro-cycle.

Convenient intepretations are offered despite many have very little comprehension, if not near total lack of understanding, right and properly presented information to chew on in the first place.

They instantaneously become self-professed knowledgeable, despite themselves being blind and misled with the manipulated, blemished and often wrong information. Of course, there is also a question of trust and in some, blind hopes and loyalty.

Hence, when events being unfolded outside their expecations and worse still, away from their imagination, they are likely sustainable to become incessant paranoids and magnetised towards conspiracy theories.

They conveniently piece and make a collage from a series of plot of stories in their head, gelled from their own quick street-philosophy stance and positions, made often from convenient piece-and-choose statements and snapshots of situation.

It is often made worse with presumptions based on rhetorics, convenience and the ones obvious to them. In reality, these issues are very complex and layered in nature and it cannot be intepreted or briefed in the simplistic presentation and bite-sized conclusions.

Scientifically, it is near impossible to have a simplistic solution to a complex situation. A linear formula would never work on the three-dimensional erratic plotted points.

This Malaysian infectious disease of street-talk-political-analysis was first seen to be near epidemic proportion during the roller-coaster ride arisen from Anwar Ibrahim being sacked from Cabinet and UMNO on 2 and 3 September 1998, respectively.

Despite the truth has been unfolded several times and Anwar has been proven to be a compulsive anal-buggeror, there are really pathetic souls walking about still bent on Anwar’s innocence and victimisation.

There are personalities who have access to very strategic and intelligence-in-nature category of  information, who are able to see the vector vision of any images that meet the eye.

The invaluable access to knowledge and information of this nature is a hybrid of derivatives from strategic network, exposure, experience and the science of processing and piecing the relevant and valuable bits from various sources.

However, it is pointless for persons like in this group of minority-behaving-they-represent-the-majority, being made trying to attempt of lightening their vision and perspective which most likely is already bent on the various versions and spectrum of conspiracy theories.

Jumping the gun with ignorance and prejudice would be likened to shooting a bat in the dead darkness based on echo deep in a cave.

This is the peril of the age of ‘ICT democracy’. Often, they draw up conclusion based on selected deduction and elimination processes, coupled with the lethal mixture shallow and presumptuous analysis, and ‘ghost stories’.

Time would be the best judge of situation. It is much more than having friends who are able to deposit exorbitantly unbelievable amount of cash into one’s bank account.

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  1. “The evil that men do lives after them.” – William Shakespeare.

    British Police are now investigating links between former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, “luxurious friend” Jimmy Savile and paedophile ice cream mogul known as ‘King Cornet’ who between them abused dozens of children in Scarborough. 10 years after Ted Heath died.

    So, watch out, those public figures who are and/or have engaged in evil deeds. Now in prison or outside.

    And a Filipino origin British brothel madam who was supposed to have threatened to claim in court that she provided rent boys to Ted Heath but who now denies she ever said it. She cares not what lies ahead after she is laid six feet underground. She now insists the former prime minister – who lived a mile from her Salisbury brothel – was never one of her clients.

    And the Judge of a court case related to that was later accused of dropping the case because it was leading to Edward Heath. The case crumbled because it lacked witnesses, the Judge said.

    Read UK Mail Online for such entertaining news – as a break from sordid local ones. Yes, selective quoting of news items from the British “IT democracy”, as it may have a bearing on our local situation.

    • Here is a very responsible sounding young Negri Sembilan prince whose words also sound Shakespearean –

      “The royal institution .. must be very careful, because future generations must account for what their ancestors do,” said Negeri Sembilan prince Tunku Zain Al-Abidin.

      “I know there are now people who are talking about petitioning to the conference of rulers. The institution is well aware of these issues (current fragile state of politics). But they must be very careful in any intervention,” he said yesterday at the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

  2. re, However , it’s pointless for the person like in the group of minority -behaving-they represent-the-majority.

    You got the point there BD, however should the elected (minority group) that represent the majority behaving like they are given a pass ,and feel free to do as they pleased neglecting the trust that had been given, though they don’t have to answer to anyone .

    How sure you are that the group of minority that you claimed , are not the voice of majority, which feel the (minority group) that they have elected does not really represent their trust.

    • Yes Tebing Tinggi

      This “elected” minority claimed to rule for the majority but when evidence is solid that they rule for their own sake at the expense of the majority – it is time to relinquish them of this sacred responsibility.

      PRU14 is the time to teach them a bitter lesson.

  3. Well …

    It’s only natural that corruption is rife – when the top leader subscribe to “Cash is King” philosophy.

    Noble principles and honourable values are rendered meaningless when green rules the colour spectrum of life.

    Much like the screeching pack of prepaid, postpaid and fully paid bloggers.

    Tragic …

  4. Among pro-UMNO/BN people, convenient interpretations, even speculations, may have been offered because of the lack of answers to many questions asked. For example, it took a long time before Najib said he had never taken money “for personal gain.” And now they are told only that the RM2.6 billion are donations, not from 1MDB.

    But the “lack of understanding .. and properly presented information” may include and may affect UMNO people themselves. I wonder what people make out of these statements by Khairy Jamaluddin:

    The BN Youth feel every action taken by MACC, including asking for an explanation from DS Najib “to complete an investigation is certainly required so as to give a clear picture of the issue at hand.”

    The BN Youth chairman Khairy said as a credible independent body, each investigation (by the MACC) must be carried out until it produces an outcome which is acceptable to the public.

    “If need be, evidence (must be) given by the prime minister himself to help the investigations must be complete and comprehensive to prove that the MACC conducted the investigations without fear or favour.

    “This mean the MACC conducted a transparent investigation, without hindrance or anything to hide,”

    All these are very sound statements. But there may be those who ask: what other actions by MACC other than “asking for an explanation”?

    And they should not be faulted for asking. It’s called human curiosity. That which the Americans say led them to landing on the moon. And pro-UMNO/BN Malaysians only want to be led to victory at PRU14.

    • UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin comes out again in defence of MACC. MACC Officers should be allowed to carry out their job without intimidation, said he. I fully agree.

      Commenting on the transfers of two MACC senior officers to other departments, Khairy said the officers were just doing the job they were tasked with. “I hope things like these (transfer of senior MACC officials) can be stopped immediately and the intimidation against MACC must stop. “I can not accept attacks on institutions like the MACC.” I’m beginning to like this young man. He’s just coming to 40.

      “The transfer of these officers seems very strange and very disappointing as if it was a planned intimidation against MACC,” he was reported saying Friday at the opening of the Malaysian Youth Council annual general assembly in Kuala Lumpur. And he got the attention of the young in the country.

      The Umno Youth chief said institutions such as the MACC needed to be protected and allowed to conduct its affairs independently. “I understand that the transferred officers’ mistake could be just receiving visits from the Opposition. After that, they were transferred. “For me, it is very unfair,” he said. I also agree.

    • Khairy said intimidation tactics on the MACC would only anger the public and lead to more speculation and rumours as people would perceive that the commission would be attacked each time it tried to do its job. There is a lot of meat in what he said.

      He added that such intimidation had to stop or the public’s trust in public institutions and the Government would be eroded. And Najib himself had said must get back public trust in the Government.

      “We have to safeguard the institution. Don’t ruin the country’s institutions, just because we want to have a specific agenda.” I like this. Though I don’t know what agenda he was referring to. “I am not willing to allow and tolerate such things,” he said. Yes, do speak up more, Khairy. You certainly have the right to speak up your mind. And what you say people read and hear.

      Of course Khairy was referring to the transfers of MACC special operations director Datuk Bahri Mohamad Zin and strategic communications director Datuk Rohaizad Yaakob to the Prime Minister’s Department on Friday.

      • The MACC Consultation and Prevention Panel asks for the two officers transferred to the PM’s Department be returned to MACC immediately.

        The panel’s chairman Tan Sri Johan Jaafar said so in a statement on Saturday evening.

        He noted that the transfers would heighten tensions and raise eyebrows.

        “The panel supports the call by the Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to stop any form of ‘intimidation tactics’ and actions towards the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and its officers.”

        The statement also commended Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull, MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations), who offered himself to be transferred instead of the duo for they were only acting on his orders.”

      • Khairy is a Minister. If Public Services Dept/ Chief Secretary to the Govt doesn’t heed his advice and transfer the 2 Officers back to MACC, it means there is higher-up authority they are obliged to obey.

        If so, it shows the Cabinet is not unanimous on the matter. And may imply not unanimous on 1MDB, too – after TS Muhyiddin and DS Shafie Afdal have been dropped.

  5. The Bernama rport said, in a separate development, Khairy described the action of certain parties who lambasted TS Muhyiddin and called for his resignation from UMNO as irresponsible.

    “Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s position in UMNO (as Deputy President) must be respected, as well as that of Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal (Vice-President).

    “Any action which does not reflect the party’s culture must be rejected as it would cause a split in UMNO,” he said.

    No further split, please. People already saying there now appears Team A and Team B again. OK during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time because they had 2/3 majority in Parliament. Now so many have already expressed the opinion that UMNO/BN might even loose under the existing set up.

  6. So-called news portals which often put out rude, provocative, even seditious headlines are far from being valuable friends, are in fact no friends at all, even idiotic, and, if allowed to continue, will be at the government’s own peril –

    The look and feel of a mafia nation
    Malaysiakini (subscription) –

    Malaysia Chronicle-23 Jul 2015

    Malaysia Chronicle-14 Jul 2015

    Can the Bugis warrior now scale the high seas and survive even …
    The Malaysian Insider-3 Aug 2015

    No, it’s not a repeat of May 13 –
    The Malaysian Insider (press release)-12 Jul 2015

    And I want to see more of the following kind of head lines:

    Govt considers registering portals
    The Star Online-5 Aug 2015
    News portals may have to be registered
    Free Malaysia Today-5 Aug 2015

    Malaysian Government Considering Regulating Online News Portals hours ago

  7. “Many have little comprehension” deciphering your tangled phrases, malapropism and trying-too-hard-to-impress-by-using-big-words-ism.

    Just use simple English.

  8. There are always 2 sides of the coin. Let’s hear both sides. So long as using reasonable language. With facts and sensible arguments. Otherwise don’t call this country democratic.

    The Oppo Hippos? Smack them and whack them. Any time, any where. Let them call us names. We’ll call them names, too.

  9. so when is najib going to sue wsj

  10. Is the Singapore Straits Times friend or foe? Interpreting the transfer of two senior MACC Officers to PM’s Dept as “more upheaval” at MACC. Two Directors – Bahri, who had spoken about “hidden hands” and complained against the arrest of a senior MACC Officer at his house at 1 am. And Rohaizad, who received the Opposition group visiting MACC expressing support for the beleagured anti-corruption agency.

    But aren’t they correct in that “more upheaval” interpretation? Are Malaysians who agree with them deemed not “friends” with UMNO/BN and constitute the majority of those wanting UMNO/BN to continue ruling this country? Be that as it may, we’ll soldier on expressing our opinions. Whether what we say will help in changing the UMNO leadership or not, so long as the aim remains the continuation of UMNO/BN rule.

    And there you go, after Najib saying the “Government must restore the public’s confidence”. And the new DPM Ahmad Zahid saying no further action would be taken on MACC.

    Is it really a “communication problem” that Najib’s government has? Or
    hidden hands” really exist? But for transfers said to be for disciplinary reasons and with “immediate effect” and without an official statement, it must involve the Public Services Dept and with the knowledge and consent of the Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa. Unless the MACC, set up in 2004, has a service of its own that handles transfers and promotions, like the Police, Perkhidmatan Tadbir & Diplomatik do – a quick google does not show that.

    Indeed, as Najib said, the “Government must restore the public’s confidence”. UMNO must have a trusted leader for BN to win at PRU14.

  11. A good civil servant, like the former AG Gani Patail, Rohaizad said, “I was shocked … but I have accepted this order.”

    He further said, “I believe I have already carried out my duties as a civil servant as best as possible. And as a civil servant who is loyal to the Government, I have to obey the orders from the top management.”

    One hopes that all civil servants are like that. Including the “hidden hands” – unless they are politicians, Machiavellian in character.

    It is understood that Rohaizad, 54, received a letter signed by Public Services Department director-general. The letter was delivered by MACC deputy chief commissioner (prevention) Datuk Mustafar Ali on Friday evening.

    The transfer was said to be due to his “soft approach” to Opposition leaders when they visited the MACC headquarters on Thursday. Bullshit. The man was the MACC strategic communications director and surely his duties include public relations. And what’s wrong for him to merely acknowledge the Opposition group coming to MAC Hq showing support for MACC?

  12. Donald Trump kata fasal Amerika : “The big problem this country has is being politically correct.”

    Di Malaysia pun sama.

    • Trump is not known for his words of wisdom. More for his ultra kiasu-ism. Semua orang salah, dia saja yang betul. Calon lain kata kalau kalah preliminary presidential contest tak akan jadi calon bebas. Dia sorang saja yang tak janji gitu. Tapi di Malaysia, Muhyiddin dan Shafie Afdal kata depa tak akan buat gitu.

      Sampai sekarang Trump kata Obama tak boleh jadi Presiden. Dia kata Obama di peranakkan di luar Amerika. Ikut undang undang negara itu, Presiden Amerika mesti lah “American born.” He was known as the “birther-theory” guy. Di Malaysia Melayu dah setujukan hak kerakyatan kpd pendatang dan tak ada sekatan begitu dlm Perlembagaan.

      Bila Obama jadi Presiden ramai ultra kiasu di Malaysia melompat, mikirkan depa juga boleh jadi PM. Boleh mimpi, itu tak salah. Ada laian lain peruntukaan Perlembagaan yang perlu di ambil kira.

      Ramai ultra kiasu yang sukakan Najib. Sebab dia di lihat liberal. Panggil Najib Ah Jib Gor, bunyi dengan sayang. Tapi keluarkan Tsunami Cina. Macam itu, friends ke apa, macam mana nak kata.

  13. Ini pasal “public trust” masalah besar. Orang UMNO sendiri pun cakap:

    Umno MP urges Putrajaya to restore order to 1MDB Task Force, or risk public trust

    Kulim Bandar Baru MP, Datuk Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, says the people’s loss of confidence in the country’s institutions was even more worrying than their loss of faith in political parties.

  14. True, time would be the best judge of the current situation. Hopefully, come judgement day, after PRU14, UMNO/BN would still be here. If not, I will be among the saddest, furious and flabbergasted.

    But right now the public deserves to know who are able – and would want – “to deposit exorbitantly unbelievable amount of cash into one’s bank account.” RM2.6 billion. Just saying it’s a donation and not from 1MDB would not help UMNO/BN to stay.

    And Reuters, one of the oldest and most reliable news organizations in the world, says MACC officials investigating 1MDB visited the local office of Goldman Sachs last month on 8 July seeking documents relating to 1MDB. “1MDB is the subject of investigations, not Goldman Sachs,” their source said.

    But the fees Goldman Sachs got from 1MDB were so high that Goldman have also not helped UMNO/BN to stay in power. It has come under fire because of “the fees it earned helping 1MDB rack up large debts.” It helped 1MDB raise US$6.5 billion in three bond deals in 2012 and 2013, earning itself roughly US$590 million in fees, commissions and expenses, a person familiar with the situation said. That’s RM2.1 billion.

    Goldman was able to get big fees because the deals were private placements and Goldman bought some of the bonds itself before selling them, debt bankers familiar with the bonds said. But it made a lot more on the bonds – around 9% of the total – than the more typical 1% that is usually charged for arranging bonds, the debt bankers say.

    Lucky for Goldman Sachs. But unlucky for UMNO/BN. Because the 1MDB scandal would sure drag them into the mud at PRU14 and might push them out of the government altogether. It’s becoming clearer now: only a change in leadership would mitgte the situation.

  15. Muhyidin said in Pagoh:

    Umno needs to do something quickly because, given the present political climate, Umno would lose in the next general election.

    “As Barisan Nasional elections director who has been through 18 by-elections and (general) elections, I know that we will lose if nothing is done to rectify the situation immediately,” he said.

    I think he’s right.

  16. Najib says MACC cleared him of corruption

    Well, …

  17. What the IGP said in Penang yesterday is very valid – “I want to stress that we are not trying to disrupt other government agencies. We look upon the matter seriously as the accusations will cause unrest among the people.”

    We are in quite a dilemma. BD’s post said it – we have the “political circus of the chronic confusing cramps, situation, information and perception rotate the right way up or criss-crossing three dimensionally in the gyro-cycle.” True, many have little comprehension and lack “right and properly presented information to chew on in the first place.”

    So, what do we do? We do the best we can. Salleh Said Keruak still discussing registering the “news portals” that Singapore has done ages ago. Google News put out mostly their kind of “news”. The Oppo Hippos dance on them. Johore UMNO and UMNO Youth are dancing to a different tune now. UMNO is split and the prospect of winning PRU14 is dim.

    Imagine the extent this 1MDB scandal has gone to. Wonder if things will vastly improve if Najib “berundur”.

    • Perhaps improve they will be. Only how much is the question. And whether enough time to ensure a PRU14 win. Many will say, whatever it will be, it’d be better than having Najib at the helm at PRU14.

      Some are already talking about political stability and the inflow of foreign investments under these circumstances. But the average Malaysian still think the GST is a bigger irritant than 1MDB. Talks during Hari Raya visits indicate those. But those at the Open Houses blame 1MDB more than GST – the kind who can afford to absorb the GST pinches.

      But I must confess getting the impression that there are more people talking against Najib than for him. Maybe because I get into the “politically incorrect” crowds – that term which makes politicians and business people cautious of who they are seen to be associating with these days.

      Or maybe because I’m over-exposed to Google News page to find news outlets to read. That Google News page which always show more of the so-called news portals that Najib refused to censor when Singapore did. That I detest but have been obliged to read.

  18. I must say I like what the IGP said in Penang yesterday. He is being very responsible and explained things very clearly. If that kind is done by those responsible for 1MDB, it might not have become a huge scandal.

    Allow me to repeat what he said in here as reported by the Star so that more people would read and understand –

    Police will temporarily postpone the investigations on MACC alleged leakage of information which was published in the Sarawak Report, he said.

    Although more people would be called to help in the investigation, the case was postponed to avoid numerous assumptions and ease public perception. “With a variety of assumptions and perceptions having been made, I have ordered for a temporary postponement of the case,” he told a press conference.

    When asked how long the investigation would be postponed, Khalid said: “We’ll see…I don’t want my friends at the MACC to think that we are making some kind of harassment.”

    TS Khalid said he had personally contacted MACC chief commissioner TS Abu Kassim to explain that we are looking for the source of the leak and not investigating MACC.

    Commenting further on the investigation into MACC senior officials and the seizure of files and computers, Khalid said the police were only doing their job based on the report they received.

    He said the police never intended to interfere with any investigations, let alone target any particular institution, especially the MACC.

    “We had no choice, we cannot make selective investigation, we cannot do that…when we receive the report, we have to carry out our responsibilities. Besides, this is a very serious report.

    “We need to complete the investigation and submit a report to the Attorney-General and let him make the decision.

    “The accusation is not made by an institution, but by individuals who we have to find and investigate… I don’t want the police and MACC to hold grudges against each other because it is not good for the country, for law enforcement agencies,” he said.

    Khalid said what was being done by the police was in accordance with the law and any seizure of goods for investigation was a normal procedure in an investigation.

  19. The IGP also explained elsewhere that the MACC was not the enemy of the police and it was the responsibility of the police to support the MACC’s tasks in combating corruption.

    “We all know that over the last week, there are disputes between the police and the MACC, we never want to interfere with tasks carried out by other agencies,” he said.

    Khalid said the action against MACC directors and two senior officers was taken because there was a need to find how the copy of a charge sheet could be uploaded onto the Sarawak Report portal. (Yes it was because of the “charge sheet”. Now it’s clear to us ordinary citizens and no need to speculate any more on this aspect.)

    “We have also called witnesses from Bank Negara and other commercial banks in conducting the investigations. We acted on the instructions from the Attorney General. We arrested three people, seized documents and set them free. (He was referring to the new AG, I think).

    “We have also returned the documents after we finished checking. We only focused on the leakage of information in Sarawak Report and also leakage of banking information. We consider this act as a serious crime as it could threaten the stability of the country,” he said.

    Khalid also said police “will continue to defend the current government leadership simply because it was chosen by the people through a legitimate democratic process.” (Well said – though I have strong reservations about Najib’s ability to get an UMNO/BN win at PRU14. If UMNO Divisions want to express their views not favourable to Najib, that may be permitted by their party rules and existing laws, I won’t mind).

    “It is the police’s responsibility to ensure that the elected government will be able to rule the country and the appointed prime minister be given the due respect.”

    He said the police would also support all policies made by PM Najib and the appointed Cabinet and would stay loyal to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in maintaining national harmony. (Yes, he is saying the right things and he has explained the Police stand very clearly.)

    • PS:

      I still want to hear answers on the many questions people have been asking on and connected with 1MDB.

      Those that may be provided by the Special Task Force, as a team or as individual members of what was known under that name before. And those provided by the PAC.

      Hopefully in reasonably early time. And I am disappointed that there is no news on when the PAC will be re-constituted or will resume hearings.

  20. sorry guys.. stop asking question.. najib only answer to his master

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