Worsening into flip-flopping

Two wrongs would not make things right. However, it is better to stand and defend a wrong decision and rectify it later when the heat is lowered rather than be seen as spineless indecisive lot.

NST story:

Transfer of MACC’s Bahri, Rohaizad to be reviewed


The Public Service Department (PSD) will review the transfer of the two Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) senior officers to the Prime Minister’s Department.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim said the duo would be meeting the PSD director-general Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal and the Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa tomorrow.

“With regards to the transfer of two senior MACC officers, I would like to inform that the PSD will review the decision.

“The two officials will meet with the (PSD) director-general and the Chief Secretary to the Government tomorrow,” he said in a statement tonight.

On Friday, MACC special operations director Datuk Bahri Mohd Zin and strategic communications director Datuk Rohaizad Yaakob were transferred to the Prime Minister’s Department with immediate effect. Bahri was among several officers questioned by Bukit Aman police in connection with the leakage of information concerning a probe into 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull has since called for the two officers to be returned, and offered himself to be transferred instead.

On Sunday, former MACC Officers Association president Datuk Abdul Razak Idris has called for the transfer of two of MACC’s directors to be cancelled to avoid negative perception towards the government.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/node/95408


Standing by a decision made even though it was not well thought through and having a good understanding the implications of consequences isn’t at all as bad as reversing the situation the moment the shit hit the ceiling.

The bad decision summary decision of transferring out two senior directors of MACC for reassignment with the Prime Minister’s Department would be not as bad as flip-flopping the decision.

The Star story two days ago:

Published: Friday August 7, 2015 MYT 7:11:00 PM
Updated: Saturday August 8, 2015 MYT 12:19:54 AM

Two MACC directors transferred


PUTRAJAYA: Two Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission directors have been transferred to the Prime Minister’s Department.

Special operations director Datuk Bahri Mohd Zin and strategic communications director Datuk Rohaizad Yaakob were told Friday they were transferred to the PM’s Department with immediate effect.

Bahri was among those questioned by Bukit Aman police in connection with the leakage of information in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd investigations.

Reporters stationed at the MACC headquarters here said they saw Bahri leaving the building “in a hurry.”

A staff said it was a “short goodbye” from Bahri as he walked out of the building with his colleagues at around 6.30pm to his Proton Inspira.
Bahri leaving the MACC office on Friday
At around 7pm, Rohaizad was seen walking quickly to the basement car park, refusing to talk to reporters.

“Thanks for coming here,” he said before driving off in his Proton Waja.

On Aug 3, CID officers from Bukit Aman spent two hours questioning Bahri at the commission’s headquarters in Putrajaya.

He was among several MACC directors questioned by the police the past week.

Bahri had reportedly said he vowed to “find perpetrators who are ordering the arrests” of MACC officers.

Sources told The Star that Rohaizad was transferred due to “disciplinary issues.”

It is believed the transfer could be due to his “soft approach” on Opposition leaders when they visited the MACC headquarters on Thursday.

Another source told The Star that the MACC officers were transferred for breaching the General Orders (GO).

“Government servants risk immediate transfer when they breach the GO,” the source said.

A staff, who requested anonymity, said staff at the office cried when they knew of the transfers.

MACC is not expected to release any statement, preferring “to let these matters to be put to rest,” said a source.


If the excuse is “Disciplinary”, then they decision should be enforced. Public Services Department exactly knows what and how to deal with errand officers.

Last week, the Police requested a remand order for MACC officers be held for questioning for the investigation on the leakage of information with regards to SRC and 1MDB. MACC Director of Operations Dato’ Bahri Mohd. Zin did speak to the media.

This is not an entirely a bad move as it should be seen as the existence of ‘check and balance’ within the Government and there is no need for a third party access for monitoring or supervision. It is also a demonstration of the fact that there is no law enforcement agency is as ‘An untouchable’.

Then again, it is not about the transfer would be seen as trying to cover up a series of wrong doings or reprimanding an emotional reaction to a law enforcement agency being scrutinised any another law enforcement agency. On the other hand, it is also reflective of the decision was not properly thought through and  scrutinised.

It would reflect how the Government is not stern and would pander to pressure from the gallery.

The Government already facing a spectrum of issues pertaining to poor perception and misconception. Some of them include for being soft and lacking on enforcement and dealing with rogues and errand personalities, which include public and civil servants.

Then there are also the deficiency questions of being decisive, quick and consistent.

This also would reflect that the political masters are sustainable to be bullied, even by the civil servants themselves. This doesn’t include the fact that in the age of ‘ICT Democracy’, the cvil servants could use the social media through underground means to canvass support from the public.

The Opposition did not fail to politically-capitalise the opportunity, despite DAP blaming the same agency for the summary death of one of their own six years ago

Of course the Government is afraid of the non-co-operation from strategic agencies such as a law enforcement body such as  MACC, if not mutiny.

However, the consideration of standing by on a decision no matter how poor it was derived, is very important to ensure its flow-through especially when the Opposition is already rallying up behind them as a false show of support to fully politically-capitalise the opportunity.

It is necessary to stand firm and follow through on any decisions made. Otherwise, flip-flopping would just open any opportunity of all stakeholders which include the civil servants themselves to disrespect the system they themselves designed and swore to uphold.

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  1. Before this flip-flop, there were a series of u-turns by Najib. The most shameful one was the Tabung Haji debacle.

    Perceived as a bailout, Azeez quickly declared that he land bought from 1MDB will be sold on the advice of Najib.

    Now Najib asserted that holding on to the purchased land (using the Tabung Haji savings) will derive profits in future.

  2. the biggest flip flopping of all time .

    “Perdana Menteri bodoh mana yang akan mengambil RM2.67 bilion untuk dimasukkan ke dalam akaun peribadinya. Jika benar, ia adalah kebebalan yang terlalu amat sangat,”

  3. For once Mat Maslang was on the dot. Supposedly the PSD was a truly professional body but imbued with political inferences, thus the flip-flop making the bosses looking like fools or stooges and what an example to those under them. Good luck PSD and wake up!!!!

    • Government Officers at the senior level cannot be, and must not be, “yes men”. Governments develop dictatorial or autocratic tendencies if so.

      The dictum has been: for politicians, if they disagree, resign, but not so for Government Officers. They should state their objections, give valid reasons and suggest viable alternatives.

      But under so-called meritocracy of Najib’s times, presumably many would look for opportunities to please the bosses. Especially the political masters. It’s called mengampu bodek. Or curry favours.

      For Datoships, whatever. Or for cushy jobs, never transferred to non-glamorous and non-power wielding posts and promoted even if the posts they want to stay and die in are not of higher designation in the ordinary ranking of the civil service.

      At the top level, they say a Senior PTD Officer will not become a Ketua Setia Usaha of any Ministry if the Minister of that Ministry doesn’t like him or want him. If so, how?

      PSD boss takes instructions directly from the Chief Secretary of the Government or the Ketua Setiausaha Negara, Ali Hamsa. Wonder if the “hidden hands” try to speak to the KSN, mentioning the top boss’ name.

    • Bodek? Kamus DwiBahasa Oxford Fajar does not have the word bodek. Kamus Dewan Bahasa says bodek = burut = enlarged scrotum, testicles.

      With modern science, the disease hardly exists. Physically. But it sure exists metaphorically. You readers can guess who have the disease. And who carry the enlarged testicles. Said like that it may deter those from doing it, eh? But suit yourself if you wanna believe that they are deterred. Government Officers as well as politicians.

      Nevertheless, it must be said that while Government Officers execute policies, they are more important than the policy makers. They are permanent whereas the politicians are temporary – for 4 to 5-year terms. It’s a fact proven world-wide that the Government continues to function even without the politicians – run by the Government Officers e.g after dissolution of Parliament and until a new government is formed – when only a “caretaker government” exists then. Or during an emergency like 13 May 1969 when only the National Operations Council existed.

      But I must say I like Minister in PM’s Dept and former Perlis MB Shahidan Kassim. Last time it was him who started talking about the need for retention of the Sedition Act. UMNO Ketua Bahagian, Pemuda and Wanita followed suit and the Act was retained. Now he announced the two MACC Officers would be meeting KSN and PSD DG. Hope they would be retained in MACC.

      Pssst, I am not ampu bodek Shahidan Kassim. I don’t know him from Adam and there is nothing I would want from him. He won’t have a billion or two to donate to me, anyway.

      • Keputusan di buat 2 Pegawai itu akan terus berkihidmat di MACC –

        (MACC) directors Datuk Bahri Mohamad Zin and Datuk Rohaizad Yaakob will not be transferred to the PM’s Department.

        An MACC source told The Star Online that the decision was made after a meeting between the commission and Government chief secretary Tan Sri Ali Hamsa and Public Service’s Department director-general Tan Sri Zabidi Zainal in Putrajaya on Monday morning.

  4. Kalau dalam kursus PTD bukan main lagi ditegas Dan ingin diterapkan integriti, amanah, jujur, berani, berkorban and all the what-nots to be a truly successful pst officers, hoiiii what happened guys, what is happening to PSD

    • PTD used to be well respected and highly regarded. Conservative and traditional, dedicated officers toil along with pride of their jobs and dedication, fully conscious of their responsibilities, satisfied with the age old practice of promotion based mainly on seniority.

      This was changed by Najib. Wanting to be liberal, side-lining the NEP, discarding ISA, EO and RRA – even the Sedition Act that protects the sensitive clauses of the Constitution almost gone – the PTD found these strange and difficult to adjust. Najib became unhappy with the progress of his “transformation” programme.

      Najib chose Ali Hamsa to be the Chief Secretary/ Secretary to Cabinet over the heads of a few others higher in seniority to him. Never before. Must have been an utter shock to the PTD down the line. Gradually, demoralization set in. Where before the average PTD Officer could roughly tell where he would end up upon retirement, now no more. In the past they could even aspire to certain high management jobs, but when Najib started to engage foreign consultants doing PTD jobs, they no longer could.

      All those affected PTD traditions, values, morals and principles.
      Perhaps the transfer of the 2 Senior MACC Officers was a manifestation of those.

  5. Defending a bad decision is never good. Better to reverse it even if it appears flip flopping.

    On the basis that human beings are never perfect and wrong decisions are made from time to time, the public will see reversing bad decisions as an attempt at acknowledging mistakes and willingness to make amends. Only jokers like the self-serving Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump (mockingly called The Donald) never do.

    But were they transferred for “breaching General Orders” as claimed by some? It’s the prerogative of the PSD Director General to do transfers without announcing the reasons. Ordinarily such decisions would not have created such a fuss. But with the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s personal accounts, the slightest fart makes people cringe in their seats. Sad. Especially when Najib is now stumping in Johor pleading for UMNO people to believe him and to speak up for him.

    The NST report should have pointed out that even UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin had criticized the “immediate transfer” of the MACC Senior Officers. And the MACC Panel supporting Khairy’s statement and calling for the Officers to be transferred back to MACC.

    There was a time when people got scared of UMNO Youth. Maybe they are starting to be taken seriously or even feared now? Good if they get back to their role of check and balance.

  6. “Defending a bad decision is never good. Better to reverse it even if it appears flip flopping.”

    But a continuous series of flipflops reveal a hasty and desperate mind. Too many knee-jerks decisions denote a flawed and shallow mental capacity.

    • Orang kata kalau selalu sangat flip flop ada chance jadi Pak Lah. Gamak nya bior le flip flop selalu.

  7. when you make a wrong, and realized what you did, you are already a second late in making things right. your opening paragraph is flawed. rectify the mistake till things quiet down? what do you mean? when people forget? you can talk about it as being better than being viewed as spineless but where i come from, honesty is the best policy.

    and i wonder how you contrived that there being “check and balance” due to the transfer? when everyone is seeing that it is a blatant abuse of power to cover a wrong doing, you hide behind facades of fancy semantics to get your point across. is this all a charade?

    so the transfer paints a picture of check and balance.
    the neo cons are out for this nation through trying to topple najib when he accepts donations to the tune of billions of ringgit from god knows who? so its wrong for the neo cons to sponsor SR but not for najib to be sponsored?

    is this suppose to be taken serious? and you wonder why you were left out of a berbuka puasa event?

    i read your write ups a lot. i also read rocky’s too. and another brick. and what i find disturbing is that there is something like a concert going. so that is why i find it perplexing that there are others who feel the same way as you do.

    anyways, have a good day and keep the good jobs coming.

    • Not sure if I understanding you, mate. You seem to be whacking up there but end up asking to “keep the good jobs coming.” Never the mind, we are just conversing anyways …..

      But neocons? Haven’t heard that word a long time. Especially after Anwarul Al Juburi went in. He associated with the Neocons, Jews and Zionists of the powerful Israeli Lobby in US and got funding for NGOs supporting him. That SOG.

      Neocons sponsoring SR? I’m inclined to believe but no proof, only
      surmises and deductions. I don’t like that Clare Brown woman. Daughter of a British colonialist Police Officer serving in Sarawak and eased out of the state upon the formation of Malaysia, she may have vengeance or neo-colonialist air of misplaced British superiority, wanting to bring the independent Sarawak Government leader and now the Malaysian government leader down.

    • Najib sponsored? I also have no love lost with Najib or Rosmah, want badly to know, but all the reporters have failed to live by the code they have been taught to always go out for – they have not found the answers to who, how, when, where and what for.

      If how was by sending mohney into personal bank accounts, was that sponsoring? And what for? Tun Dr Mahathir said he spent not more than RM10 mill for every election.

      In the process, those two Hamba Allah in MACC kena “immediate transfer”, a blotch on their service records. Lucky re-instated.

      Also not understanding what and why you find it “disturbing .. there is something like a concert going” and “that is why i find it perplexing that there are others who feel the same way as you do.”

      That I’m interested in. Coz I also like reading and participating in BD’s blog, no matter I agree with him or not. So, if free, let’s converse, shall we?

      • you cant blame the reporters bro. for all we know the pieces they pieced together were taken apart. reporters or writers work under order and their piece is never the final product. just look at tv3 and the constant propaganda they put out. papers are no exemptions.

        and for the record, im not whacking or attacking bigdog. im stating my views on the subjects he raised. when i said keep the good jobs coming, i mean they’ve stopped for some time but im patient enough to wait.

        im free to converse bro. you want my email?

  8. Ali Hamsa silap lah tu. Tak pasal Najib kena marah.

    Najib lepas ni kena tangkap. Seronok juga soap opera ni.

  9. Dear BD

    The Golden AWARD – flipflop of the century:

    “Setelah bantahan keras daripada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM), perpindahan dua pegawai kanannya ke Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM) pada Jumaat lalu, dibatalkan hari ini.”


  10. Hopefully the two re-instated MACC Officers would now resume the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion investigation with renewed vigour, zeal and determination. MACC must show it has teeth and bite without fear or favour. They can count on support from people like Tun Mahathir.

    The donation claim is “bullshit”, said Tun Dr Mahathir in his blog.

    “Who in this world would donate US$700 million to the Malaysian prime minister? Not even Barack Obama could raise that money during his election campaign!,” he said.

    He also said the donation claim made Malaysia an international laughing stock, especially in view of the fact that even majority of Malaysians chose not to believe in it.

    “The Arabs are not that generous. I couldn’t even get them to donate $1 for the IIU or the Oxford Islamic Centre,” he said.

  11. Just to defend Najib and the dubious dealings of 1MDB, the ‘Yesman’ or is it the ‘boot-lickers’ seems to have successfully made government agencies at loggerhead with each other.
    And yesterday Najib in defense of his beleaguered reputation, had taken swipes at MAS by saying “1MDB does not incurred losses as MAS did, although funds were injected by the government”. Or so to that effect.
    Remember that claim by a group of taxi-drivers saying that Proton cars are not reliable?

    Well I hope ‘they’ would not drag the military into this mess, next. We sure would not want the enmity between the Police and Military to recur, like in the early 80s.

  12. I couldn’t remember the 80s case, wd appreciate you refreshing it if can.

    To be fair to both agencies, IGP has explained the varying objectives of the 2 agencies that had caused the confusion and PDRM had temporarily stopped their investigation of MACC Officers suspected of leaking the “arrest charge” that was reported by Sarawak Report.

    They also investigated others, including in Bank Negara and AG’s Chambers. The temporary stopping of investigation of MACC Officers should cool down the situation.

    But the “immediate transfer” of the 2 MACC Officers was a no no, heightening feelings further. If there were “hidden hands” in that, the kutu should be di sapu. Kasi strong, highly toxic insecticide sama depa.

    • Ali Hamsa is the man who can reveal this “HIDDEN HAND”. He is also the guy who served the quit notice for Gani Patail.

      Ali is beginning to be the icon for bootlicker – someone who blindly follow the boss’ ridiculous orders without thinking or blinking an eye.

      Soon he will be the fall guy for ALL flipflops.

      • Agree with you.

        There is another thing – there are guys who may not even be asked, but “take the initiative” (and they are supposed to have a lot of that, otherwise won’t be offered top jobs).

        At certain positions, they don’t have to show their hands at all. If so in this case, damn it.

        And at certain positions, they’ll insist it’s not ampu bodek – it’s “carrying out responsibilities”.

        Well, well, well …

  13. It was the subverting of instiutons by the govt of the day that must be condemned and rejected. The irresponsible behaviour of politicians who use State powers to subvert and interfere in the functionings of public institutions if not checked can destroy a nation.

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