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UMNO Pontian Division Chief Dato’ Ir. Hasni Mohamad’s speech at the AGM in Pontian today was not actually accurate in giving the right perspective, which is impeding on the controversy especially amongst Johoreans on the sacking of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin from Cabinet.

Pro-Anwarista portal story:

Najib used Whatsapp to decide Cabinet reshuffle, says Pontian Umno chief


Published: 16 August 2015 7:40 PM

 Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak bypassed the Umno Supreme Council and simply used mobile messaging app Whatsapp to decide whether he should reshuffle the Cabinet, says Pontian Umno division chief Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari, August 16, 2015.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak bypassed the Umno Supreme Council and simply used mobile messaging app Whatsapp to decide whether he should reshuffle the Cabinet, says Pontian Umno division chief Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari, August 16, 2015.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak bypassed the Umno Supreme Council and simply used mobile messaging app Whatsapp to decide whether he should reshuffle the Cabinet, Pontian Umno division chief Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad said today.

He said on the eve of the reshuffle, the administrator of a Whatsapp group comprising Umno division chiefs asked what they thought of such a move.

“One day before the Cabinet was reshuffled, the division chiefs shared their views over whether it was necessary or not.
“The Whatsapp group administrator said if 150 agreed, the president would do it,” Hasi said during the division’s annual general meeting this evening.
Hasni criticised such methods, saying that such an important decision should have been discussed at the party’s highest levels, the Umno supreme council or the state liaision committee.

He said the matter was aggravated by several division chiefs in the Whatsapp group who felt they were superior because of their close ties to Najib.

“Some divisions chiefs had only met the president once or twice. In fact, in the group there are division chiefs who thought they are really big and could punish other division chiefs.

“They can even punish me if my statement offends the president,” he said.

Last month’s Cabinet reshuffle saw Najib remove his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and several other ministers from the executive branch of the government, presumably over their criticism regarding debt-laden 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Hasni said Najib was wrong to have stripped Muhyiddin of his Cabinet post, adding that the decision was unacceptable given Muhyiddin’s high post in the party. Muhyiddin is the deputy president of Umno.

“We Johor Umno support the Cabinet reshuffle, but we do not support Tan Sri’s removal from the Cabinet,” he said.

“We are hurt by Tan Sri’s dismissal. We are very hurt.” – August 16, 2015.

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First of all, it was not on the What’sApp mobile application. It was on Telegram. What’sApp is unable to contain all the number of UMNO Division Chiefs, which is 191 of them.

Second point, it was not Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak who called on all these UMNO Division Chiefs through Telegram to sought their opinion. It was amongst themselves.

Third point, the idea was on their support for a “Cabinet Reshuffle”, thrown into the privileged group. 151 of them supported if Prime Minister Najib was to do a Cabinet Reshuffle.

Fourth, the nation has been pressing on Prime Minister Najib to have a Cabinet Reshuffle and it was done timely. If political isn’t a good excuse than the objectivity of half term review (the 13th Parliamanentary term is almost half way) and the 11 Malaysia Plan has just been released.

Amongst those who were sacked are Former Minister of Rural and Regional Development Dato’ Sri Mohd. Shafie Apdal and Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumerism Dato’ Sri Hassan Malek. Let us not be reminded the cock-ups and scandals these two did, which the common people is anguish.

In making an omelette, one has to break the eggs. It is impossible otherwise. Same goes with the Cabinet. If it needs to be reshuffled, then some of the office bearers must leave and new faces are brought in.

Probably Hasni was misled in believing that if 150 UMNO Division Chiefs would not support the notion, then Prime Minister Najib would not have done it.

What is certain, Hasni needed the drama to canvass the moral and emotional support of his friend and former Boss, Muhyiddin. However, his facts was a little bit thin.

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  1. He used whatsapp group of his supporters, not every body. This is a devide and rule system.

  2. what hasni said doesnt matter… it is the feeling and opinion of the 3 million umno members who cares about Umno, the Malay, Islam and Malaysia that count. and the majority think Najib should step down..

    • Sorry no you are not the majority here. Do not speak for others when you don’t know for certain the fact about it. I am UMNO supporter and I support Najib to remain until it is proven that he is a corrupt.

      • Najib must not only be clean (not corrupt) but must be seen to be clean. Unfortunately, circumstantial evidences seem to repeatedly suggest that he was involved in something so suspicious.

        I may not speak on behalf of the majority or minority, but i speak based on views of me, my family, realtives, friends and people whom i met, and almost all feel that Najib must resign. If this view from us are not being respected, I must say Umno is doomed.

      • This matter has not been brought to court, thus the public can only make judgement based on circumstantial evidences. Substantive evidences? The public are not the judge, juror and executioner. I never claim to be one. Dont put your word in my mouth.

        Don’t expect the public to have proof when it was the gomen or the prime minister najib who has all the proof but did not show them. Hence, without showing anything but on the other hand took numerous actions which baffled the people, it only raise suspicion.

        One suspicion after another only lead many people to believe he was hiding something. And who claim suspicion is guilt? wTF are you trying to judge other people’s opinion. You mean you the judge, juror and executioner? Wtf who appoint you….

    • Yes you can speak for me. And i speak on behalf of my family and relatives who are mostly Umno members or supporters.

      And yes, based on the opinion and views of all the people i spoke to or communicated, almost all of them want Najib to step down. Almost all of them feel that Najib illegally received the 2.6 billion and Najib is the cause of 1mdb’s current affairs.

      • Mahathir was the one who said one must not only be clean but seen to be clean.

        He himself was the one who eventually decide that court must decide the accused is guily before vacating or take leave from any office.

        Convenient …

        Circumstantial evidence is not substantive evidence but yet you presume Najib is guilty just on your mere suggestion that “he was involved in something suspicious”.

        Since when suspicion means guilt? WTF made you judge, juror and executioner?

  3. Whatever method used , 3 million UMNO members has voted them to their held’s position , should the president overruled that 3 million vote if they decide to removed them from party position as well .

    • When did 3 million umno member ever voted? Also thin on facts. Don’t assume please. It makes and ass of u but not me.

  4. Must be able to differentiate between party and government. Party leaders are elected at GEs.

    Hence, the party President is offered to form a government. The usual convention, party president gets to be the prime minister.

    Let us look at the Federal Constitution. Only prime minister and ministers mentioned and provided. No deputy prime minister.

    Simply put, the job is created and the appointment is at the pleasure of the prime minister who is also party president.

    So today the prime minister feels he cannot get along with the deputy prime minister in the administration and chucks him out for another person.

    What is the problem?

    The sacked deputy prime minister pronounced that he would be loyal to the party and devote his time for Perjuangan.

    If the DPM and/or other ministers too, then there is one way of the Cabinet. It grows bigger and bigger till the members die.

    What is the hue and cry of persons in top management posts being sacked? It happens all the time. Mostly in corporations!

    • Corporations do not sack for members for alternative views. Incompetent staff, subpar performance or criminal acts will be axed.

      Fresh, differing but constructive views are WELCOME in corporations.

      • Please do nor over rate the corporate sector. It could be as authocratic and bureaucratic as any political or governmental organisation. All it takes is a paranoid and control freak as boss.

  5. In TSMY’s case it is not making omelettes but more like throwing out the effective medication just because it tastes bitter.

    In the long run, Najib’s “sickness” will worsen.

    • The prerogative is the PM. It is his prerogative to set the criteria and the choice of team members.

      Your view and that of 3 million members do not matter. The members have given him the mandate.

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