Two wrongs don’t make it right

They say a picture says a thousand words. A video clipping, simply reflect volumes of words unable to be said.

Here is something from the past:

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  1. poor malaysiakini and dap…. so desperate… has to use image and video of Dr M event in pasir gudang today… so desparate for Malay support… where is your GBH and Azmin boyz..

    so lowyah maaa…

  2. That is because you people are so stupid to swallow wholesale what the old fox say previously. Your fucking hero mah.

    Now he comes down to Dataran Merdeka to lick our balls, you are suddenly ashamed of him?

    Where’s your loyalty?? Chibai, you might as well join DAP tomorrow!!!!

    • Trying to figure out what exactly is your grouse, who you are aiming at with your rude and vulgar words and what kind of a chap you are.

      Sounds like you don’t like Tun Dr Mahathir by saying “the old fox .. fucking hero.” You belong to the Bersih crowd by saying “our balls”.

      You confuse me with the words “your loyalty”, sounding Chinese by using the word “chibai” and “mah”. And you are an old man, using the old spelling “ch”.

      I’d have you know that stupidity is not exclusive and not the sole prerogative of only a few. Indeed, Najib has used the word bangang and bangsat – worse words than stupid – on you fellas.

      The kind of language you use would classify you as Tokong Lim “biadap” type – said so by his own DAP Vice President Tengku Aziz as he stormed out of DAP.

      Your “balls” thingy suggests you are anti-Najib but you also sound anti-DAP, the party that “tenggek” (not partly organized) the Bersih event.

      You are a confused man – definitely not a woman, using the “chibai” and “fucking” words. But I fear you are a psychologically disturbed kind, prone to tempers and rudeness, descended from generations of hard and strenuous circumstances, hardly any upbringing, always fighting and symptomatic of psychotic tendencies.

      • Maybe a bit “intoxicated by the exuberance of my own verbosity”, but I have not used any rude or vulgar words, have I?

  3. Poor BD

    If only you had listened to the Great Statesman speak at Pasir Gudang, you would be there side by side with him.

    In case you failed to notice, Tun did not wear yellow and brought his beloved wife along.

    No security threat at all unlike #Nothing2Hide (hee hee).

    Since I cannot link anymore, perhaps you may wish to visit DinTurtle and Jelapang blogs for a comprehensive understanding of the 2 videos you proudly advertised.

    Your caption should have been “Negarawan Terulung”.

    P.S. B4 has no anwar to hijack for his political mileage. And it is really worlwide.

  4. He said he was checking out. what is wrong with that? Cant u comprehend that simple fact?

    checking out. joins. Checking out. Joins.

    U are well educated and speak and write english well. Surely u can.understand a very little non complicated words of a man, 90 years old of him.

  5. I may be off que, but i hope no one tries to paint the picture of % of that race joined bersih and so on. I see a pattern where if the wrong doers are backed against the wall, their last call of defence would be to pit races against each other. If this is true, then i think this may spell the end of mr pm as i dont think even the dumbest of malays are going to fall for this trap again or i might be wrong. War cries of malays being sidelined, stepped on is in motion. Yada yada yada same old same old.

    I think najib is a god-sent for malaysians. He is the reason everyone of every race is side by side in wanting him to step down.

    • The purpose differs – many like DAP want the whole government to fall, others like Tun Dr Mahathir want only Najib and his cohorts to go, UMNO and the government to remain in power.

      • I think events have taken a turn for the worse. I think almost everyone now wants to see najib out however which way one cuts it. Even replacing the government is taking a backseat such is the “aura” and endevour of the pm and the rest can be dealt with after.

        And on a side note, those that are in his cabinet are ultimately a reflection of najib himself. He’s going to kick those that are not in line with his “aspiration” so when someone wants the whole government replaced ultimately it would mean what you mention as what the Tun wants.

  6. I don’t care about najib, what he does, what you accuse him of doing. I just hate dap and its supporters. To us they represent chauvinism, corruption, hooliganism, etc, etc

    • Good for you bro. What do you mean to us? From i i i and then us? Are there two of you manning the keyboard bro?

    • Not caring “about najib, what he does, what you accuse him of doing” somewhat negates your hate for dap and its supporters.

    • And UMNO thugs and mat rampits and stupid politicians don’t represent chauvinism, corruption, hooliganism, etc, etc?? Please, what world are you living in?

      • Excuse me, Mister, “chauvinism, corruption, hooliganism, etc, etc” have always been associated with DAP, lately imitated by PKR blokes like you.

        Secret societies, thugs and gangsterism have always been DAP features and you have been busy mat rempit-ing and politically stupifying yourself that you are not aware of all these?

      • Anon 15:14, you must be living in lala land if you don’t see the “chauvinism, corruption, hooliganism, etc, etc” on display currently by our own UMNO thugs, mat rempits and politicians .

  7. I have been having some reservation about the Tun being at the demo site. He talked about People Power like in the Philippines that made Marcos the dictator and highly corrupted President go. And no other means to get Najib out.

    Sudden removal of Gani Patail, the new AG disbanded the Special Task Force investigating 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts, “hidden hands” in the sudden transfer of 2 MACC Directors, the early retirement of the SB Director, the sudden transfer of the Deputy Director, the Langkawi Wanita Umno Division Head law suit against Najib not sure if and when there would be results …. am still grappling with the possible Machiavellian nature of the move.

    The end justifies the means?

  8. Of course the DAP now claims whatever success Bersih achieves is theirs. A Fellow at the DAP-sponsored Penang Institute wrote that the Malays feel politically vulnerable because three main Malay-based parties – first PKR, then PAS, now Umno – are split while “the Chinese are seemingly so united behind the opposition especially DAP.”

    But was Bersih organized by the DAP? These always-wanting-more-more-and-more ultra kiasus who are never thankful for what they got from others yet claim the success brought by others are theirs. Terrible buggers.

    He said if Malays join in enthusiastically, then not only Najib will go, Umno will lose power, too, “and the now politically assertive Chinese will dismantle the New Economic Policy (NEP) and weaken Islam.” That very thought is repugnant – them buggers who got citizenship right but tried to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak and caused the race riots of 1969.

    They must be told endlessly that questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras invites counter-questioning of their citizenship right and is not good for anybody.

    He claims that it would be a success if everything ends well tonight even if it does not lead to Najib’s exit. He admitted having “my own anxiety which appeared since the beginning of the rally – that there were too few Malays.”

    • This fellow Zan Azlee says of the anti-Bersih Red Shirts

      “I don’t want to generalise, but there is this perception that Malays are a group of people who seem to be inclined to violence.

      “I am a Malay too because my father is one and it says so on my birth certificate, even though on my maternal side, I’m Chinese.”

      No wonder.

      But he has his right to say. So have I. But for now I just use my blogging name above for him.

    • Bersih bukan di kelolakan dek DAP.

      “The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections or Bersih 2.0 is a coalition of several NGOs and civil society groups calling for electoral reform in Malaysia.

      “It was initially made up of representatives from Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), Women’s Development Collective (WDC) and Writers Alliance for Media Independence (WAMI), and led by former Bar Council president Datuk S. Ambiga. It is now led by WDC’s Maria Chin Abdullah.”

      DAP takda di sebut langsung,

  9. Tuan BD.
    Kalau tuan BD tolong sama-sama perbetulkan “the first wrong” sebelum ini, mungkin kita boleh elak “the second wrong”.

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