Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke 58

We recollect the moment YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra as the Chief Minister of the Federation of Malaya proclaimed “Merdeka!” seven times in Stadium Merdeka exactly 58 years ago, which was stooped in traditions and heritage.

There on, the  celebration there after.

Proclaimation of Kemerdekaan

Proclaimation of Kemerdekaan

We also include the document of the proclamation of Kemerdekaan, which is the birth certificate of this glorious nation of 13 federated states.

The proclamation is written in Jawi befitting the official correspondence of HRH Malay Rulers.

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  1. After seeing the utter disrespect for the Merdeka spirit and clebration preparations at Dataran Merdeka by the Bersih people in the last 2 days, one is stolen the usually joyous mood on Merdeka day.

    All the same, one must shout the usual exclamation in a show of pride, loyalty and patriotism for what the country has achieved so far – Merdela! Merdeka! Merdeka!

    It must be repeated again and again, so that the Bersih people don’t get emboldened and start to think of an Arab Spring – that the Bersih rally has been illegal, not conforming to the Peaceful Assembly Act, said so by the Police themselves.

    The Bersih people have been intransigent, disregarding the advice for holding their rally in a stadium, or a week later at Padang Merbok, if they want to do so in an open field. They should not be allowed to hold an illegal street demo at or beside Dataran Merdeka.

    Dataran Merdeka should be reated with sanctity, has always been used for Merdeka Day parades, showing pride and dignity of our armed forces, the march past also of various groups reflecting the composition and the success and progress of this multi-racial country.

    Bersih, since its formation, had always been holding illegal street demonstrations – even after PAA came into force in 2012, they held illegal demos because they did comply with the PAA requirements. I cannot endorse Bersih at all – even Tun Dr Mahathir said he did not support Bersih, he went to the premises only to see, and, later, to show “support for the people” against Najib, not endorsing Bersih.

  2. Those wanting Najib removed must do so within lawful means. At the ballot box or in Parliament or through UMNO. Anything else would be illegal. The country would be topsy turvy and there will be a lot of suffering otherwise.

    Everybody must always remember that this is a multi-cultural country, many of the citizens not fully respecting the Constitution of the country, especially the DAP, many of whose members and supporters attended the illegal rally. They were the kind who sparked the race riots of 1969.

    The Bersih 4 illegal demos were “overwhelmingly Chinese” in attendance, even in planning and management. Although no major incidence took place, the fact remains that the slightest provocation could spark a race riot. Even the Armed Forces Chief said so and warned the public that if the Government declared a state of emergency, they will intervene and take charge of efforts to bring back order.

    We must not risk that sort of situation. Remember that Egypt, after the revolution that sets up Morsi in power and got a new constitution in 2012, had to face a counter-revolution, and another constitution was drafted and approved by the people only in 2014. After years of discarding the established authority, they took many years to get back to normal. Libya and others are still in turmoil.

    And those who love democracy, freedom of speech and all other kinds of freedom, will not have those as, ordinarily, the military rules by using military decrees, Parliament and Dewan Undangan Negris suspended, and no public discussions of any issue is allowed.

    • Che Isa

      Do you support Indonesians’ uprising against Suharto and the Pinoys’ people power against Marcos?

      There are clear abuse of executive powers under Najib’s administration.

      If you wait till the next PRU which is more than 2 years away, more damage will be done.

      And by then, there will be more turmoil and irreparable damage to UMNO which is now motivated by money.

      Najib subscribes to “Cash is King”. Allegations of witchcraft and black magic is scary to say the least.

  3. What do you expect from those Bersih people who got their independence and citizenship on silver platter.
    They will never experienced nor appreciate merdeka like most Malay in this country.

    Watch how and find out why most Malay appreciate Merdeka. From my 86 years old father. Well, he never knew his exact age actually. No MyKid nor MyKad those days.

    • The concern is really on those DAP members and supporters who, as has been pointed out in an earlier post’s comment, have been ungrateful ingrates (a double whammy, as said by some).

      Not only not thanking the Malays for agreeing to the citizenship right for the pendatang (which the MCA and MIC Presidents have done in Parliament in 1968), but also not respecting the consideration for the Malays doing so – enshrining in the Constitution that “Islam is the religion of the Federation” and the Special Position of the Malays, which was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

      After all, that Special Position “was there from day one”, said the British Colonial Secretary during the debate on the Malaya Independence Bill in the British Parliament. The British asked permission from the Sultan of Kedah when they wanted to start a trading settlement in Penang in the 18th Century.

      The “ultra kiasu” DAP members and supporters have not respected the Constitution of the country fully, including the sensitive articles that are protected by the Sedition Act. In this regard, Najib deserves a huge whack for wanting to drop the Sedition Act, after discarding the EO, RRA and ISA, the last one being a very important tool for making the errant so-called citizens respect the Constitution and behave like citizens. They tried to question the Malay and Bumiputera rights and privileges and caused the race riots of 1969.

      Now they know that questioning those rights invites counter-questioning their citizenship right, but the above needs to be repeated time and again until the cows come home.

  4. My dear friend and blogging colleague ray,

    I agree with all that you say except the method of removing the bloke who has gone astray.

    I myself shudder at the thought of UMNO/BN losing power at PRU14, but the rakyat must use an acceptable way.

    A clearly acceptable way is UMNO replacing their President. Easier said than done. The Cash is King thing makes many members’ throats dry shouting. The gallant Langakawi lady bringing Najib to court is the kind of thing I like to see more happening.

    No doubt it’ll take years to see the results but more of those would be non- disruptive but at the same time the publicity would sting. And, in the process, others would be encouraged to speak up like they did against the removal of the Sedition Act.

    That UMNO managed to get Najib flip flop on the Sedition Act shows that the Ketua2 Bahagian, the Pemuda and Wanita UMNO could and did carry out their responsibilities fully in protecting the rights and interests of the Malays – the sworn purpose of forming UMNO some 60 years ago. And the matter of replacing Najib is also that.

    • Che Isa

      I do appreciate your response.

      AG Gani Patail was removed – even to his own surprise. Many other alleged abuse of executive powers were also committed.

      Anina Saaduddin had voiced her worries at being taken to task. After the sacking of TSMY and DS Shafie Apdal, this climate of fear is fast developing within UMNO.

      Bank Negara completed 1MDB probe and submitted report to new AG early in the week (10 August 2015). Then deafening silence.

      The perception that no actions will be taken against Najib is solidly taking root, especially after the IMDB task force was disbanded and 4 PAC members were appointed to cabinet.

  5. Muhyiddin has considerable support in Johor, NS, Perak and Kedah. The pro-Najib people may try to remove him from the Deputy Presidency if they get Najib to flip flop again, this time on holding party elections that he got the Supreme Council agree to postpone by 18 months.

    If they would, I don’t think Muhyiddin and his supporters would take it lying down. I’d like to see hell break loose in UMNO as far as that goes, but I’d be happy with many Bahagian, Cawangan, including those of Pemuda and Wanita, threatening to resign en mass, perhaps even a few actually doing it.

    Pemuda Chief Khairy has not made a clear stand on the issue, many pointing out that he kept repeating the Pemuda still respect Muhyiddin as the Deputy President. Wanita Chief Shahrizat has not been vocal on her support for Najib whose wife is her buddy buddy since school days, unclear if there has been any “unseen hands” helping her husband’s case of the RM250 mill loan, which would have inspired her to speak up. But I suspect there is no love lost between Shahrizat and the next in line in the Wanita hierarchy.

    All these could be exploited to the full by as many of the “concerned UMNO members” as possible. I must confess not knowing whether all avenues have been exhausted along these lines but those knowing may contribute facts and arguments here. This is a free country and criticizing UMNO is not wrong. And no accusation of wrecking UMNO is valid on that score as UMNO/BN’s prospects of winning PRU is already wrecked to a huge extent by Najib.

    Tun Dr Mahathir would have done so, and so much propaganda has been put out against him by the pro-Najib people. But as many others should try to exploit the said situation to the advantage of UMNO at large and the Malays as a whole.

  6. Some more points, ray –

    Ahmad Zahid tried to shut up some Timbalan Ketua Bahagian recently over some matter. The fact that he did suggests that not all is well in the Bahagians or not all Bahagians are Pak Turuts.

    I’m not sure how many Bahagians got RM1 million like Shahrir told the media he did, and even if all did, there appeared to be pilih kasih as Ahmad Maslan was reported to have got RM2 million.

    Indeed, there has always been some 50 or so Bahagian not attending such things as the Ahmad Sabri-led meeting at PWTC to hear Najib’s explanations on 1MDB. And note that it was Ahmad Sabri himself who said all of them were satisfied with Najib’s explanation. But a few did grumble though not loudly. Btw, anybody knows why such a meeting was not organized by the party Secretary General?

    Yes, it’s the 3.4 million UMNO members’ duty to remember, and for those holding positions, even if just at the Cawangan level, to take action. They may not agree that if Najib is not replaced, UMNO/BN would lose power starting from PRU14. But would they risk the likelihood that it would? And live to die knowing that they contributed to it?

    There is another way that may be acceptable to me, ray. But I’m not allowed to say it.

    • Boleh buat himpunan anti-Najib, tapi ikut peraturan Akta Himpunan sapenuh nya. Boleh buat bertalu talu. Boleh namakan People Power dsb nya.

      Asalkan bukan himpunan yg di haramkan – biasa nya himpunan jalanan – yang menyusahkan orang ramai.

      • Lebih lagi apabila buat himpunan haramjadah d kaw business melayu yg mmg d sengaja. Laknat.

  7. BD,

    I just love your sublime messages. Posting on the history of Raja Raja Melayu and the Malay Prince who obtained Kemerdeekaan, in full Katana protocol and regalia.

    Not to mention this Persekutuan Tanah Melayu birth cert of Perutusan Kemerdekaan, is a really classy touch. Esp a follow through after the Chingkies tried to hijack and smear it with their toppling anti-Melayu govt the night before Hari Merdeka.

    Selamat Hari Merdeka

    • If only the DAP “ultra kiasus” (must always win, not lose – mana boleh?) appreciate all those.

      But then those buggers are the communist-minded type who sympathised with and might even have helped the communist terrorists during the period of the communist insurgency in this country.

      Lim Kit Siang even spoke for the communist terrorist leader Chin Peng be allowed to enter this country after being ensconced in the Betong Salient for decades following the Haadyai Agreement. Good that the Police didn’t allow even the dead bugger’s ashes be brought in.

      Najib had tried to “layan” those buggers by discarding the ISA and a host of other acts and omissions, yet they got for him the Chinese tsunami. Some would have inscribed for him on stone somewhere the title of Jins Shamsuddin’s film – “Tiada Ma’af Bagi Mu”.

  8. This is a good piece by the former DAP Vice Chairman and now MACC adviser Tunku Aziz in NST. He describes the mostly Chinese-attended Bersih 4 rally as “a manifestation of Chinese disdain for the Malays” and as “a calculated attempt to hurt Malay feelings on Merdeka Day.”

    “I have no intention of being politically correct when I say that it is obvious that this undeniably Chinese funded and organised demonstration had chosen carefully the dates to flex their muscles and to show their complete and utter disdain for an event of great emotional and spiritual significance for millions of Malays.

    “That the Chinese have never identified with Merdeka through our 58 years of independence is not in dispute. That is their right.”

    Tengku Aziz should know – he was with the DAP for a few years. But I disagree it’s their right. As citizens, they should. Even must. Otherwise they should look for other pastures.

    “But this provocative and racially insensitive act is arrogant by any reckoning and something that I will long remember as a deliberate challenge to Malay sentiments and sensitivities,” he wrote. His full commentary was published to day.

    • Tunku Aziz helped found Transparency International-Malaysia, the local chapter of Transparency International in 1998. In March that year, he was elected vice-chairman of TI’s board of directors, a position he held until October 2002.

      In light of his previous experience, Tunku should persuade Najib to be a good host.

      The Prime Minister beset by controversy over RM 2.6 billion paid into his personal bank account has now quietly cancelled his scheduled speech to 2,000 delegates on the opening day of the International Anti-Corruption Conference that Malaysia is hosting.

  9. Not respecting the national flag like on a previous occasion at Dataran Merdeka, not respecting Merdeka Day like Bersih blokes did last weekend, not respecting the Constitution like DAP buggers always do, manifestation of lack of loyalty to King and country here and there – where are we heading to at 58 years old as an independent nation?

    More importantly, what are we going to do about these failings in our clearly not cohesive, not even united society? I dread thinking what will happen if we face any foreign aggression, like happened during the Indonesian confrontation against us decades ago.

    No other way but Single Stream schooling, enhanced teaching on loyalty and patriotism in schools. But one cannot expect these from Najib. After dancing to the Opposition tune to get votes at PRU13, now he is saddled with too many problems to think about these. Those around him too occupied trying to keep him in power otherwise they lose their jobs, power, comfort and perks that go with them.

    Muhyiddin dared to make History compulsory in schools despite knowing DAP blokes disliking History fearing future generations knowing their lies and hate propaganda. My hope is on Muhyiddin. But now Najib’s people are talking about getting Najib to flip flop again, this time getting UMNO Supreme Council to agree to hold party elections next year, nominate Zahid and rid Muhyiddin as Deputy President.

    I hope they won’t. If they do, that’ll rob the last ounce of my respect for UMNO and I’ll loudly damn those goons.

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