Pua. Preacher. Prevaricator.

DAP Chief Strategist Tony Pua inadvertently risks himself of being a political manipulator and an economic saboteur after admission of introducing Sarawak Report Chief Editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown to the Edge Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat.

Media statement by 1Malaysia Development Berhad

Issued on 10 September 2015
For immediate publication

“Practise what you preach”

1MDB is disappointed to note the admission by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) member YB Tony Pua that he introduced discredited journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown to Datuk Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat of The Edge media group. We further note media reports that YB Tony Pua has not denied knowledge that Clare Rewcastle-Brown was dealing with stolen goods.

In a statement today, YB Tony Pua urged 1MDB to “come clean” on the bond arrangements and guarantee by Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC). We remind YB Tony Pua that the key terms of the bond and the IPIC guarantee are contained in the notes to the 1MDB audited accounts dated 31 March 2013 and 31 March 2014. These are publicly available documents. 1MDB had also provided a detailed answer to the Wall Street Journal report on 9 September 2015, defended its audited accounts and confirmed that it cannot comment on nor have knowledge of, the accounting arrangements of third parties such as IPIC or Aabar.

However, YB Tony Pua is quick to respond to detailed answers with even more questions. One can only conclude he is not at all interested in the answers. We note media reports quoting IGP Tan Sri Mohd Khalid Abu Bakar as saying, in relation to YB Tony Pua, that the police had opened an investigation paper under Section 120 of the Penal Code to probe alleged attempts to topple the government. The IGP is quoted as saying “Mind you, we do not investigate based on newspaper reports… (but) this was what he (Pua) had actually said. As such, we need to call him (in) again. He (Pua) himself had admitted that he had left out a few things when he was first called in. He could have forgotten then. Now only he remembered. So we will call him in.”

We hope YB Tony Pua will “come clean” with his answers to the police.

1MDB has consistently maintained that the appropriate forum to share information is to the lawful authorities investigating 1MDB, including the PAC. It would appear that YB Tony Pua, notwithstanding his role in the PAC, wants to be judge, jury and executioner for 1MDB.

1MDB is disappointed to hear of the alleged actions by YB Tony Pua. Whilst we have had differences of opinion with him, we respected his tenacity and focus. Now that YB Tony Pua is under investigation by the police, we urge YB Tony Pua to practise what he preaches to others and step down from the PAC, while he proves his innocence on the various allegations made against him.


The credibility and integrity of Pua as politician is at stake. His ability to be truthful in the Police investigation would reflect his real attitude about being an honourable politician or a destructive Opposition.

Rewcastle-Brown, Ho and Tooi have all by their own admission to have acquired stolen documents from former Petro Saudi Executive Xavier Justo.

They also conspired to do economic sabotage by rabidly attacking 1MDB and in the same tone, the credibility and integrity of Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and the Malaysian Goverment.

The intention is very definite; demonise Prime Minister Najib and instigate the masses to rise against the Government with demonstration and disorderly. The net outcome is toppling Prime Minister Najib and UMNO/BN led Government.

This is definitely of conduct unbecoming of a Member of Parliament and a legislator, let alone a member of the Public Accounts Committee.

The MP for Petaling Jaya Utara should do the honourable act of discharging himself from the Parliamentary Select Committee.

Otherwise, Dewan Rakyat should move a motion that this member of the augur house be disbarred from attending anymore sitting.

This is by far the damnest act of an honourable member of public scrutinity organisation which consists of elected representatives of the rakyat.

Pua has brought utter disgrace from the perspective of conspiring to politically topple the Prime Minister, to a body which is supposed to be the last resort as the protector of public spending and accountability.

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  1. Is there enough evidence for Pua to be charged in open court?

    Is there an irrefutable “smoking gun” that implicates him 100%?

    Thus far, everything against Pua, Ho, Tong and Rewcastle-Brown appears to be based on statements from Justo.

    Is Justo telling the truth or is he trying to cut deals left, right and centre to be pardoned and get out of jail in Thailand?

    Will he be made available as a witness who can be cross-examined by lawyers for Pua etc if the need arises?

    There was an attempt to have Rewcastle-Brown arrested and extradited to Malaysia and to have her placed on an Interpol arrest list. These haven’t gone anywhere. Why?

    The Wall Street Journal has published reports about 1MDB, IPIC etc, but the paper hasn’t been sued – until now. Are the lawyers still “studying their options”?

    The Abu Dhabi authorities seem to be doing a shakeup of the top management of IPIC and Aabar. The WSJ reports have indicated possible reasons for this. The reports haven’t been retracted. The paper hasn’t apologised for those reports.

    How does one make sense of this imbroglio?

    Who is telling the truth and who is lying?

    Let all the evidence be brought out into the open for the courts to decide under due process of law.

    • You sound defending Tony Pua, DAP, etc. I have my reservations about 1MDB, RM2.6 billion etc, but I dislike the stand usually taken by Tony Pua and DAP more. So here are my views on yours –

      What “irrefutable “smoking gun” are you talking about? Nobody waits for “that implicates him 100%” before speaking up or criticizing. And what’s wrong if “everything against Pua, Ho, Tong and Rewcastle-Brown appears to be based on statements from Justo”?

      Hasn’t Justo confessed to the Thai authorities? Don’t the Thai authorities take his confessions as truthful? Wasn’t his jail sentence based on the confessions? He did say he confessed all those because he wanted a lighter jail sentence. But wasn’t that before the sentence? So far no mention by the Thai authorities that he was “trying to cut deals ..to be pardoned and get out of jail in Thailand.”

      Whether or not Justo will be made available as a witness who can be cross-examined by lawyers for Pua etc does not preclude anybody from whacking Pua.

    • Again, Rewcastle-Brown not yet arrested and extradited to Malaysia does not mean people have to keep quiet about her. Talking against her as often as possible helps in whatever small way to get those in the 195 Interpol member-countries to be on the alert on her presence there.

      Right now, for example, she dares not touch foot in Thailand, Singapore and many Malaysia-friendly countries. Not easy to get extradition but the Assange bloke could not set foot outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and the lawyer who absconded to the Middle East for years was whisked away to Malaysia from Singapore airport. You’ll never know that Clare Brown might be clasped in a crocodile’s jaws and handed to the Police on the banks of Sarawak River if she tries to enter by river, hehe..

      As far as “telling the truth” is concerned, Tony has admitted introducing Clare Brown to the Edge Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat. Yet you have not commented even on that. You think nothing wrong doing that? That Justo has also stated his links with Clare who was supposed to collect the millions of Ringgit promised and tipu-ed by Tong? And that Justo has been found guilty and now imprisoned?

      So you think what Justo has revealed to the Thai Police is not evidence? And until “all the evidence be brought out into the open for the courts to decide”, nobody can say anything against Tony etc? What the …

  2. […] a prevaricator, Pua has countless times used 1MDB as the bogeyman to demonise the leadership of Prime Minister […]

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