The Chinese caused BN formation

Inadvertently, the Chinese Chauvinists and radicals amongst them, which include ‘subversive elements’ started the ’cause and effect’ of closer working political working relationship led by UMNO with the other ethnic based and mixed-race parties.

The Chinese Chauvinists and radicals were the instigators of the 13 May 1969 racial riots post-third GE where almost 200 persons officially declared dead. That resulted the declaration of Emergency. The Parliament was suspended and the nation was administered by the National Operation Council (NOC).

NOC: Fr. left; Ibrahim Ismail, IGP Dato' Salleh Ismail, Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, Tun V.T. Sambanthan, Tun Dr. Ismail Abd. Rahman & Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (Not in picture Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah, Left. Jen. (B) Tunku Osman Jewa, Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin,

NOC: Fr. left; Ibrahim Ismail, IGP Dato’ Salleh Ismail, Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie, Tun V.T. Sambanthan, Tun Dr. Ismail Abd. Rahman & Tun Abdul Razak Hussein (Not in picture Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah, Left. Jen. (B) Tunku Osman Jewa, Abdul Kadir Shamsuddin).

Deputy Prime Minister Tun Hj Abdul Razak Hussein became the Director of NOC.

When situation became calm and normalcy was restored, then Founding Prime Minister Tun Abdul Rahman Putra decided to retire and pass the baton to Tun Razak in gradual process which was eventually finalised in 1971.

There on, Tun Razak started his rapid ‘Transformation Plan’ for Malaysia, where the agenda to develop the rural folks, which mainly consist of the Malays and Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputera, in an aggressive affirmative action program New Economic Policy (NEP) introduced in the same year.

Tun Razak on his rural development rounds

The consultation process to derive at the NEP was participated by all political parties that include Gerakan which was one of the Opposition instigated the 13 May 1969 racial riots. However, it was with the exception of the Chinese Chauvinist DAP which completely taped away.

Tun Razak also fostered closer relationship and community, ‘Perpaduan dan Muhibbah’, between Malaysians at all walks of life as part of the healing process to the bloody incident which started in Setapak. Rukunegara was introduced.

That eventually was the trigger of the process which resulted with the formation of Barisan Nasional (BN) in 1973. The original UMNO-MCA-MIC political co-operation and relationship was expanded and more parties joined the federation of political alliances.

Did Jeff Ooi do a 'Flip-Flop'?

By the way, this posting is to mark the concluded Singapore General Election  where PAP won handsomely. The last time we did a blog posting on the last Singapore GE, it became contentious and drew the highest readership, comments and reaction ever.

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  1. Yes, DAP caused the race riots of 1969. Yes, DAP did not participate in the NEP consultation process. They were and still are the chauvinistic and racist party that took over what Maha Chauvinist and Racist Lee Kuan Yew and PAP did after they and Singapore were “kicked out” of Malaysia in 1965.

    Lee Kuan Yew was subversive to the Special Position of the Malays that was enshrined in the Constitution of the country as a quid pro quo for the Malays agreeing to the citizenship right of the non-Malays at Merdeka. That Special Position that was there “from day one”, said the British Colonial Secretary when debating the Malaya Independence Bill in the British Parliament. That Special Position that was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia.

    Lee Kuan Yew concocted the slogan “Malaysian Malaysia”, wanting equality without simultaneously acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. How can there be equality when there is the Malay and Bumiputera Special Position. That which, together with the other sensitive Articles of the Constitution, was and is protected by the Sedition Act. The Act that Najib tried to discard but was strongly opposed by an overwhelming majority of UMNO Heads of Divisions, Youth and Wanita wings.

    And questioning that Special Position invites counter-questioning of the citizenship right of the non-Malays and is not good for anybody. DAP hogged the “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan after PAP was kicked out. It became hugely unpopular and DAP tried to change it to “Middle Malaysia”. But the rakyat showed them the Middle Finger.

    The above need to be repeated time and again. DAP has been known to be anti-Malay and anti-Islam. Their anti-NEP, their treatment of PAS, declaring Pakatan Rakyat dead to kick PAS out, even without consulting PKR, speaks volumes.

    • The twisted and ultra kiasu thinking of DAP leaders will not miss exploiting the opportunity to claim that they are anti-violence. Yet it was DAP that caused the violence in the race riots of 1969. Read what Guan Eng tried to say only the other day:

      “Guan Eng: Red shirt rally hints at violence

      GEORGE TOWN: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said he is against the Sept 16 “red shirt” rally as he fears it might lead to violence.”

      Never mentioning, never regretting, never remorseful of the acts of DAP members and supporters after their additional-seats election victory in 1969. Instead, they denied responsibility and even dared to try and accuse others of “planning/ master-minding the race riots”.

      If sincere, he could have said a few words against those stomping on PM Najib’s and PAS President Hadi’s photos at Bersih 4.0. That sort of act caused racial tension.

  2. DAP is quick on the draw, often shoots from the hips like cowboys did in during the days of “the American West”. They exploit any and every situation to put the image of the government in power down and theirs up. They should really be given the two fingers up.

    Apart from causing the race riots of 1969, DAP also caused the tension connected with the recent Bersih 4.0 illegal street demonstrations. In fact, Lim Kit Siang was at one time always associated with illegal street demos, exploiting Police use of crowd control measures as “inhumane, grotesque, archaic” and what not.

    Because of their rejection of PAS, the large number of Malays that used to participate in such illegal street demos in recent times did not join Bersih 4.0. The demo became “overwhelmingly Chinese”. Feet stomping of Najib’s and Hadi’s photos nearly caused racial flare ups. Especially when the vastly DAP dominated crowds were seen as unloyal and unpatriotic, disregarding the importance of Merdeka Day by insisting on holding their illegal demos on or near or in the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka where Merdeka Day parades preparations and rehearsals were being carried out.

    They caused the tension that has now led to a large Red Shirt counter-demonstration being talked about, if not planned by unknown groups, to take place on 16 September. How hideous DAP is.

  3. After all the “Big Brother on the wall”, such laws as that which allow the Singapore Police to accost any 3 persons walking in the park for illegal assembly, the threat to send reporters to prison for asking questions Lee Kuan Yew did not like, they got only 60+ % votes this time? Not 90%?

    Any more suing the Singapore opposition MPs by Lee Kuan Yew/ PAP such that at one time there were only 2 Opposition MPs in Singapore Parliament?

  4. In this country, the Chinese may be classified as those grateful for their citizenship right – their forefathers have been stateless here for some 150 years – and have expressed so to the Malays for agreeing to that, via MCA President (also the MIC President) in Parliament in 1968.

    And those who have not been grateful – the DAP members and supporters. They have been called ungrateful ingrates and ultra kiasus – varyingly described as wanting to win all the time, never wanting to lose – crazy thinking, according to some. Said by some people that the word ultra kiasu first emerged in Singapore, maybe connected with Lee Kuan Yew in person or in his stand on political issues.

    Now the stumbling block to national unity in this country is DAP. Thank God TS Muhyiddin started making History a compulsory subject in schools w.e.f 2013. No pass in History, no SPM certificate, like for BM. We can now hope for future DAP generations to understand the past and some maybe join the mainstream of Malaysian society. For the current generation of DAP members and supporters, we have to grapple with problems continuously brought about by them. Including Bersih 4.0.

  5. Without DAP Malaysia would be peaceful country. Anwar caused trouble also but it was worse because DAP help made it so. DAP was there before Anwar caused trouble.

  6. Orang Melayu gagal memperincikan sejarah, dimana hubungan mereka dengan orang Cina dianalisa sepanjang 75 tahun ini.

    Haikatnya, orang Cina merupakan msayarakat yang berfikiran strategik. Walaupun mereka minoriti tapi bila mereka ada sedikit kuasa (Eg. Jepun menyerah kalah dan MPAJA berkuasa sementera BMA tiba), maka orang Melayu rela dimangsakan selagi mereka dapat terus berkuasa.

    Tak kira secara paksa. Nilai budi dan layanan orang Melayu keatas mereka tidak langsung diambil kira.

    Bila orang Melayu berani bangkit, Umno ditubuhkan dan berjaya mendapat sokongan orang Melayu sebegitu padu sehingga Malayan Union digagalkan, maka orang Cina (MCA) mula cuba berjinak dengan kuasa politik Melayu melalui Umno ini.

    Bila mereka merasai Umno boleh mendapatkan kuasa (selepas pilihanraya Bandaran Kuala Lumpur), MCA bersetuju unuk bersama Umno dan menubuhkan Perikatan.

    Selepas PRU3 10 Mei 1969, MCA mahu tarik diri dari Kerajaan sebab mereka rasa Umno sendiri mula ditolak orang Melayu.

    Namun peristiwa 13 Mei membawa kepada Darurat dan NOC memerintah, maka MCA kembali bersama Umno. Ini kerana masa tu Tun Razak ada kuasa mutlak.

    Selepas Parlimen dipulihkan, Gerakan pulak bersama Umno.

    Orang Cina beroleh lebih kuasa bersama BN.

    Mereka menikmati sepenuhnya dari pelbagai peluang dan kemakmuran, terutama apabila politik dibawah Umno selepas BN makin stabil.

    Mereka juga meraih keuntungan paling besor dan lumayan walaupun Umno berjaya mengadakan DEB.

    Zaman Dr Mahathir ialah permulaan zaman kemakmuran yang dioptimumkan oleh masyarakat peniaga. Peluang makin terhampar dan mereka menunggangkan kemewahan dari peningkatan KDNK dan percambahan ekonomi.

    Pengswataan, pengkorporatan, penyenaraian syarikat diBSKL, peningkatan peruncitan merupakan peluang peluang yang mereka perah sehabis habisnya!

    Itu sebab zaman Dr Mahathir, orang Cina menyokong penuh. Walaupun beliau menempuh pelbagai ujian termasuk cabaran kepimpinan dan krisis termasuk dgn Raja Raja, namun hakikatnya Umno begitu kuat.

    Kekuatan Umno sehingga mampu menguasai Sabah.

    Hari ini orang Melayu berpecah lapan. Umno pecah dua, PAS pecah dua, PKR pecah dua dan dua lagi ialah golongan yang tidak peduli politik dan anak muda yang leka dan alpa.

    Oleh demikian, orang Cina sador bahawa orang Melayu tidak lagi berpadu dan berkuasa seperti dulu dan mereka Lula bersatu.

    Mereka menguji sikit demi sikit dan zaman Pak Lah memberi mereka peluang untuk mencabar dari hadapan kuasa politik orang Melayu.

    PRU lepas dimana DAP menang 37 kerusi, Umno makin dilemahkan di Selangor dan BERSIH 4.0 adalah bukti kesepaduan orang Cina ini.

    Orang melayu masih tak sador diri lagi dan dibuai kealpaan dan politik sempit mereka, dengan pandangan dalam corong itu lagi!

    Panglima Hang Tuah akan dibuktikan silap. Melayu akan hilang didunia!

    • Izinkan saya memberi pendapat yang berlainan di sana sini. Mungkin mengeluarkan beberapa pendapat sebab isu isu yang di kemukakn ia lah kegemaran saya.

      Melayu tak akan hilang di dunia – walau pun dalam ertikata Melayu yang di definasikan di dalam Perlembagaan negara kita. Apa tah lagi jika merangkumi apa yang di panggil Keluarga Besar Melayu, ia itu termasuk seluruh yang berasal di Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu (the Malay Archipelago) lebih 6,000 tahun dahlulu (bukan berasal dari Yunan atau Taiwan saperti di teori yang laku ha nya selama 20-30 tahun mulai 1930an dulu.

      Melayu berasal di Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu itu merangkumi Melayu dan Bumiputera di Malaysia, orang orang Indonesia, Filipino dan lain lain, berjumlah 350 juta orang. Ada di terangkan di buku “Tamadun Alam Melayu” dan “The Malay Civilization”, penerbitan Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia, boleh di dapati di bangunan 5 tingkat mereka sendiri – Wisma Sejarah, depan IJN, Jln Tun A Razak, KL.

      • che wan…nostalgic romantism…..ingat cerita pak kadok dan mat jenin ?

      • Rasa nya Pak Kadok dan Mat Jenin Sdr berlain cerita nya. Baca lah buku buku yang di syorkan tuh. Kemudian beri tahu yang mana satu percaya, yang mana tak. Boleh bincang di sini. Saya suka dengor. Dah baca tapi tak pandai sangat bincang.

      • Kena lah bagi penerangan. Kalau 1-2 baris aje, mcm mana nak Maju Makmur. Masalah ada bertan.

      • Maju Makmur,

        You ada di zaman Pak Kadok dan mat jenin ke? Tak berangan angan pun, korang buat apa?

        Dia orang keluarkan buku, satu lepas satu. Beli lah, baca lah. Tak setuju, beri keterangan lah.

        Keluar dengan komen tak memberangsangkan, takda penerangan pun, tak nostalgic, tak romantis, juga tak bijak tu.

    • Perbezaan Melayu dengan Cina nyata lah sebab berlainan budaya. Berbeza cara hudup, cara memikir, cara bertindak dan segala apa yang neyebabkan (contoh nya) saya minta izin di komen di atas untuk ha nya mengeluarkan pendapat yang berbeza.

      Sebab menghormatkan “Umno Lama”, nama yang membayangkan orang lama yang mungkin lebih umur dan pengalaman. Pada hal Cina saperti Lim Guan Eng DAP tidak begitu, hingga di kata “biadap” dek Tengku Aziz, Naib Pengerusi DAP sendiri, masa dia cabut keluar dari DAP.

      Adab, adat, penggunaan bahasa, hormat kapada orang tua semua nya juga ada lah unsur unsur budaya. Maka begitu berbeza sekali antara Melayu dengan Cina. Termasuk juga pendirian “ultra kiasu” yang banyak terbukti di antara orang DAP. Bermakna lebih, lebih dan lebih, atau sentiasa mahu menang, tak boleh kalah atau mengalah bila bila masa pun.

      Dalam peroses itu, mereka tak segan malu, sentiasa cuba dapatkan apa saja yang mereka mahu. Masakan Melayu tertunduk tunduk, jalan membongkok di depan pengetua, pemimpin, Raja Raja dll. Hingga ketinggalan dek Cina yang tidak berbudaya demikian dan ambil apa sahaja jika tak di larang dan pada masa masa nya buat begitu melanggar undang undang. Kisah 13 Mei 1969 ada lah contoh mahukan kuasa politik lebih, walau pun menang ha nya beberapa kerusi Parlimen lebih dari dahulu nya.

      • Perenggan 3 –

        Bermakna mahu lebih, lebih dan lebih, atau sentiasa ……

      • Melayu asyik bebaik dan hormatkan yg lain, yang lain tak balas budi, tak patut lah. Jangan benci membenci tapi tak payah lah membongkok ke belakang nak ambik hati mereka. Buat baik berpada pada.

    • Sabenar nya banyak juga berbeza di antara mereka orang Cina. Professor2 Sejarah negeri China saperti CP Fitzgerald telah menulis buku mengatakan bahawa selatan negeri China itu pada asal nya di dudukki suku kaum T’ai dll dan “hill tribes”. Orang Cina totok atau asli berasal dari utara China, mengembang ke selatan dalam peroses beribu tahun, berkahwin dan bercampur aduk dengan orang tempatan selatan China.

      Maka Professor itu mengata di zaman moden, semua di selatan China itu ada darah “hill tribes” itu. Oleh kerana hampir kesemua Cina di negara ini berasal di selatan China, maka mereka semua ada darah “hill tribes” itu. Itu sebab Lim Kit Siang dan Lim Guan Eng telah di panggil “Cina Bukit” sejak mereka tinggal di Melaka lagi. Maka mereka tidak begitu hebat budaya nya, asyik melawan pihak berkuasa yang datang dari utara, dan yang bukan sama asal usul nya, termasuk British yang telah menawan dan memerintah Hong Kong hingga tahun 1990.

      Perpecahan di antra mereka pun pesat juga. Puak Hakka, yang berasal dari utara China tapi berkembang ke selatan China lebih awal dan dengan banyak, telah di benci dek puak Hokkien, sehingga di haramkan perkahwinan dan bercampur gaul demikian lama. Sejarah awal negeri Penang penuh dengan pergaduhan di antara puak puak itu hingga ada yang merujukkan keadaan itu sebagai “civil war in the early history of Penang.” Begitu juga Perang Larut I,II,III & IV melibati puak Ghee Heng dan Hai San hingga British gunakan iitu sebagai helah masuk negeri Perak, berakhir dengan Perjanjian Pangkor dan penjajahan di tahun 1874. Itu bukti Melayu menjadi mangsa akibat tingkah laku mereka.

      Benar, Melayu lebih berpecah, dan dalam keadaan ketinggalan di bidang ekonomi, tenaga professional dll, amat merunsingkan. Keadaan sekarang banyak berpunca dari kelemahan pemimpin Melayu sejak Pak Lah menjadi PM, mangkin teruk di bawah Najib. Maka di eksploitasi dek mereka, terutama nya DAP ultra kiasu. Ini yang Melayu perlu ambil tindakan bagi menukarkan keadaan supaya tidak terus di eksploitasi.

    • Apakah sepuluh-dua belas tahun kebelakangan ini, cara, layanan, sikap dan ketetapan orang Melayu terhadap orang Cina berbeza dgn keterbukaan menerima mereka mula mula sebagai tetamu dan berkongsi tanahair ini setelah sekian lama?

      Ada ke semenjak Dr Mahathir bersara, orang Melayu digalakkan untuk menghina dan membangsatkan orang Cina?

      Zaman Tunku, Tun Razak, Dato’ Hussein malah Dr. Mahathir sekalipun, mana pernah timbul isu agama; samada soal murtad, kuil atau injil dalam bahasa Melayu.

      Pernah ke timbul isu penganut Kristian cabar kerajaan, utk guna ‘Allah’ dalam gereja?

      Pernah ke orang Cina hina Raja? Tak perlu cerita mengenai guna laman sosial atau tak (Sila singkap peristiwa di Penang Airport, berkenaan Raja Permaisuri Agong).

      Apa yg boleh dirumuskan mengenai rata rata sikap dan budi pekerti orang Cina keatas orang Melayu dewasa ini?

      • Mana yang buat tu semua takda budi pekerti, tak reti berterima kasih dah dapat hak kerakyatan. Setuju dgn mereka yang kata sesiapa berterusan tak mau hormatkan dan hidup dengan Perlembagaan negara perlu berhijrah.

      • .Mana yang buat tu semua takda budi pekerti, tak reti berterima kasih dah dapat hak kerakyatan. Setuju dgn mereka yang kata sesiapa berterusan tak mau hormatkan dan hidup dengan Perlembagaan negara perlu berhijrah.

    • Apa hal pun, mesti pemimpin punya pasal. Pemimpin politik. UMNO, parti yang terbesar sekali, 3.5 juta ahli.

      Bukan saja peringkat Presiden parti, jugak peringkat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO, Ketua Ketua Bahagian, Pemuda dan Wanita UMNO. Yang paling bersalah ada lah Presiden parti. Yang lain bersalah sebab diamkan saja, tak ambik tindakan membetulkan keadaan, di rasuahkan (di tuduh rasuah berbagai bentuk), diam.

      Pada hal, bila bertindak, boleh menyelamatkan keadaan. Contoh nya, keputusan nak buang Akta Hasutan yang melindungi hak dan kepentingan Melayu. Bila bantah beramai ramai, di peringkat Ketua Ketua Bahagian, Pemuda dan Wanita UMNO, terbalik keputusan itu, terselamat hak dan kepentingan Melayu yang tersemat di dalam Perlembagaan negara yang di lindungi Akta itu.

  7. We need to know why they behaved the way they did and still do. Having known that, we need to know what mistakes we made and how to avoid them in the future. Including giving away Singapore FOC to Lee Kuan Yew.

    The Malays have a tendency to be generous. Twice, said MCA Tun Tan Siew Sin when thanking the Malays in Parliament in 1968. Once for agreeing to citizenship right for the non-Malays at Merdeka and another time when relaxing the rules for the issue of citizenship certificates after Merdeka. Discarding language proficiency tests which led to many so-called citizens not knowing to speak the official and national language well nearly 60 years after independence. Ludicrous.

    The giving away of Singapore was not generosity but stupidity. Other leaders in UMNO kept quiet, merely blamed Lee Kuan, when they could have spoken up like was done against the decision to discard the Sedition Act. If they did after Tengku A Rahman announced his decision to “kick” Singapore out upon returning from London, the draft of the Separation Agreement – which took some time preparing anyway – could have been put aside. It has been said many times – throughout the history of mankind, nations went to war to protect and preserve their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Not Malaysia.

    What do we do? Choose leaders who are not over-generous and stupid. Generous up to a point. The ultra kiasus will demand more and more endlessly. Resources are not unlimited, they are meant for others as well, especially those largely ignored and economically and educationally left far behind during 80 years of British colonial rule.

    • Kalau pemimpin yang ada rosakkan hak dan kepentingan Melayu, gantikan. Kalau parti Pembangkang, jangan pedulikan, jangan undi mereka masa PRU.

  8. There’s another kind of leaders in this multi-racial country where ungrateful ingrate ultra kiasus like the DAP members and supporters are often unreasonable, even tried to encroach on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras until they caused the race riots of 1969. That kind tries to show they are liberal and get exploited on.

    Pak Lah (called Tun Dol by his detractors) was the one who started being lenient to all kinds of critics of the government. Worsened by Najib who refused to license the so-called news portals like Singapore did. And every day one reads the very daring, glaringly obnoxious kind of news headings against Najib and his Government. A vast number of the ungrateful ingrates read those and spit out additional nasty comments. The kind often referred to as “wild, unfair, unsubstantiated and unjustified claims and accusations”. Compounded by those in the social media.

    Things got so worse that when action was taken under the Sedition Act, they hardly bothered. One Editor after another was arrested and charged, yet they continued unabated. Until a total of five of them were arrested and charged from one “news portal” alone. Najib of course tried to be the most liberal of all. He even threw out the RRA, EO and the ISA, very important tools for the maintenance of law and order.

    The ridiculous thing is that even the US, touted as the most liberal in the world, still has ISA-like detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay. Their Patriot Act, enacted after the New York Twin Towers debacle, is freedom restricting in many ways. And Singapore not touching on their ISA, Sedition Act and licensed their “news portals” still had foreign investments inflow and their economic development went unhindered.

    Of course Najib got exploited on. Bersih 4.0 was about ousting him and even his government. Yet, if ISA was still around, the authorities could, without much ado, arrest the Bersih leaders on grounds of subversion and anti-national acts, send them to the ISA detention camp until they appear repentant. So, among other things, let’s call for ISA to be brought back.

    • bukan kah pota sama dengan isa…..

      • Tak sama. POTA kena bicara kes salepas suatu tempoh. ISA boleh tahan pesalah sampai bila bila.

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