One Krypto: A Secured Messaging System

In the recent wake of global mobile phone hacking and tapping, a secured messaging system in the form of application for Android and iOS platform mobile device has been introduced.

One Krypto is a mobile application which was developed totally by Malaysian programmers and mobile phone software engineers here in Malaysia. It was developed totally by private sector and now ready to be introduced into Malaysian mobile telco market.

One Krypto is here

One Krypto is here

One Krypto is a total communication application that allows encrypted communication via chats, emails, voice and video conferencing as well.

It is a secured way to communicate in one-to-one communication, as well as group communications via group chats and emails.

Mobile phone security threats

Mobile phone security threats

In one-to-one communication, there is a mutual key exchange between sender and receiver using RSA algorithm. Any third party will not be able to decrypt the messages without the key. All messages communicated via One Krypto use 256-bit AES encryption technology.

In Group chats, a mutual shared key within a group is used to encrypt and decrypt messages communicated via the group channel.

The different platforms of mobile communication enabled to be encrypted by One Krypto

The different platforms of mobile communication enabled to be encrypted by a single Android/iOS application One Krypto

In all the communication, only encrypted data will be sent via the line. Even if there is an interception by man in the middle, all they get is gibberish because they do not have the key to decrypt the actual message.

One Krypto also enables secure notes feature where users can keep their sensitive data encrypted in the application. Think of it as a physical safe that keeps all the private and confidential files, locked with a padlock, and the rightful owner has the lock to open it.

AES-256 military grade technology is used for the encryption of One Krypto

AES-256 military grade technology is used for the encryption of One Krypto

In short, One Krypto provides secure communication in the following ways :

  1. Secure Chats
  2. Secure Email
  3. Secure Voice Calls
  4. Secure Video Calls
Features of the One Krypto mobile application

Features of the One Krypto mobile application

Who can use One Krypto?

Our target market includes (but not limited to) :

  • Businesses which communicate and handle highly confidential information
  • Regional Businesses who need direct communication channels abroad
  • Professionals who deal in highly confidential environments and clients
  • Government Officials and Staff
  • Privacy conscious public
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  1. Congratulation to mTouche, the local firm that came up with this service.

    It is timely considering the proliferation of sensitive information security breach/theft of classified data among businesses, political figures and public officials.

    Malaysian are entitled to communicate and exchange ideas in full privacy but unfortunately that cannot be guaranteed. Hopefully businesses, government and even the general public will look seriously into this service.

    Simply put – You ignore information security at your own peril!

  2. Good that a Malaysian company has come out with this. I’m sure more Malaysians are engaged in the business of cyber security in the private sector as well as in Government service – those tasked with the responsibility of minimizing cyber crimes.

    But let’s not be lulled into thinking that there is a permanent, safe and secure system anywhere in the world. There are hackers, hoaxers, whistleblowers and spies of all kinds in the world to day. You need to keep changing codes, passwords and the like.

    The Germans were lulled into thinking their wireless code was secure and the British code-breakers enabled the Allies to sink their naval boats and submarines as well as bomb their tanks, even causing them to lose World War II.

    And there are protectors who greatly benefit from such whistleblowers as the bloke who ran to Russia with tons of classified US spying information, and asylum givers like Ecuador which could not get the Assange bloke out of their Embassy in London because he will be arrested the moment he steps out of the Embassy grounds.

    Aaaaaaaa, but one can’t even do one’s bowel or bladder-cleaning business out in the bushes when camping or visiting the kebun these days – cameras mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles will catch you doing it!

  3. Good money will be had by those with good IT skills. Especially those whose skills reach the level of code breaking or hacking.

    If only they use it for preventive measures. Like big businesses wanting their company or manufacturing secrets and formulae of all sorts protected. Those who can devise systems to prevent such hacking or stealing of secrets.

    Those needing such services include those crooked in their ways. A few politicians, too. But those helping crooks may be abetting crimes and are liable when detected and apprehended.

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