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Mary Ann Jolley taking Al-Jazeera viewers on the imagination trip on 'Murder in Malaysia'

Mary Ann Jolley taking Al-Jazeera viewers on the imagination trip on ‘Murder in Malaysia’, by inter-twining between facts and fabrication

The recent ruckus of highly acclaimed 101 East show on Al-Jazeera featuring a story by so-called ‘Independent Journo’ Mary Ann Jolley about the mystery of the murder of Mongolian national Altantuyaa Shaariibuu is utterly distasteful and brought the highly regardly international news channel on the Gulf States into gutter tabloid level.

The fact is that, the story is build against many so-called mysteries, which already have been addressed.

Probably Jolley, the features and chief editors of Al-Jazeera conveniently or were obtuse about the complete case of PP Vs Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar.

The fact still remain, Chief Inspector Azilah and Corporal Sirul did shoot and murder the deceased. They did then blew her corpse up and tried to conceal the remains.

They admitted to this when they were originally interviewed by CID Police Officers and as Police officers themselves who are conversant with CPC, they signed the cautioned statement.

Sirul who is now a fugitive in Australia, admitted receiving money, to ‘eliminate’ Altantuyaa.

Another fact is that how she was implicated with the process of acquisition of the submarine is also baffling. The deal signed between Malaysian Government and DCNI and Thales where Perimekar was the advisor, on 5 June 2002.

One was present at the event, in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.

Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera then had interest in Perimekar. LTAT MD Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin signed on behalf of Perimekar at the signing ceremony.

Soon after Perimekar got the contract from the Malaysian Government to undertaken the training and management of resources for the Project Team and the actual two sets of crew and ancillary staffs.

The Project Team numbering 20 Royal Malaysian Navy officers stationed in Cherbourg, Normandy, France where the Perdana Class submarines were built and their families from the commencement of the project till delivery (Late 2003 – mid 2010).

The two sets of crew of the Scorpene submarines underwent rigourous training in NAFVCO Brest, Britanny, France numbered 156 officers and men, were trained from 2005 – 2010. June 2010 was when the crew of KD Tun Razak, the second of the Perdana Class submarine set sail for her new home at TLDM Lumut.

She arrived in July 2010.

Abdul Razak Baginda, who was the controversial figure in this mystery (and still being made so, till present day), admitted that he started seeing the deceased by November or December 2004. Whether or not she had extra marital relationship with Razak is not a concern of anyone in the general public.

However it is baffling how Altantuyaa could be involved with any part of the project since all the deals were concluded and some of it were being implemented and rolled up even before Razak met her. And yet, so many people gullibly bought into these lies and still being repeated over and over again.

One even received a called from Jolley pretending to be “An independent Journalist”, to talk about people involved with Perimekar in Cherbourg since one actually was in Cherbourg in June 2004 and met some of the Project Team members. Of course, she did not get much.

Now that we can see the product of Jolley’s work, one can’t help to think that she is part of the apparatus now in motion incessantly out to demonise Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak. What is baffling, why is Al-Jazeera as a credible news channel perceived from a Muslim country, is game into all these strategic agenda by the New Con Jews.

The fact is that Jolley, like the media outlet as per Sarawak Report, is echoing many of the lies and manipulation which already have set the in minds of many, including the learned ones, opinion makers and those of affluent society.

It is all too clear, quad erat demonstratum. All the onslaught cannot present itself at the same time just by chance.

It is a concerted effort. There are NGOs being funded by Neo Con Jewish establishments systematically working with Opposition and pro-Opposition NGOs and activists, out to demonise Prime Minister Najib and topple the UMNO/BN led Malaysian Government.

It ashamed if no one actually comes up with the right story to correct all these wrongs based on facts and evidences, and make Al-Jazeera to air it. Of course, Al-Jazeera is compelled to be a news channel that carry ‘A balanced news’.

*Updated 1830hrs

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  1. No wonder Al-Jazeera journalists were detained over a long period by the Egyptian government. Fork-tongued self-righteous twats. They should actually send more journalists to help the Syrian refugees, who are the victims of the so called “democratic” Arab-Spring. Cakap je pandai, buat hampas jugak. Nurul Izzah once said Malaysians to do the same thing at Dataran Merdeka, based on what happened in Tahrir Square. What? She wants this country to end up just like her marriage? In chaos and Malaysians had to swim to Hawaii for protection?


  2. If Najib had not engaged dubious outfits such as Razak Baginda and Jho Low in government dealing, I would not had much difficulties defending BN and UMNO from DAP evangelistic agendas.

    • Noted.

      To be fair to PM Najib, he had been employing the consultancy services of Abdul Razak Baginda for a long time before he was involved with the Mongolian woman.

  3. Al Jazeera trying to be like CNN, do so-called investigative journalism, puts out aggressive and hard hitting kind of reports. Like they did when reporting on MAS 370. They repeated so many times the footage of a past Republican Presidential candidate shrieking on stage such that the poor guy withdrew from the race. But looks like they won’t dare do that kind of thing to billionaire Donald Trump.

    Al Jazeera trying for a bigger market share or wider audience. Now puts up a new show called Up Front with hard hitting comments on international issues. But even BBC will cease the “Hard Talk” kind of programme soon – surveys in UK show listeners find the overly penetrating kind of questioning offensive and boring.

    So, Al Jazeera tries the Aussie woman kind of investigative reporting. Salleh Said Keruak should have engaged her but no more opportunity now that she is already deported. The alternative is to sue her/ Al Jazeera.

  4. Why not choose them?

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