Envy with Red

The near 100% Malay participated Red-shirt Rally which converged in Padang Merbok a few hours ago is a demonstration of force that the majority of Malaysians wanted what the majority decided in the last general election in the first-past-the-post democratic system.

Their message is clear; the wanted Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to remain leading the nation and the malays not to be taken for granted.

It is in direct defiance against the BERSIH 4.0 demonstration 17 days ago, where near 80% majority Chinese protesters demanded that Prime Minister Najib be posted from office.

The Malays have came out to demonstrate that they are the voice of the masses and majority. UMNO, PAS and Malay activists and NGOs have converged as ‘Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu’.

The fact is that this nation was formed because the outcome from the rally that the Malays demonstrated their unity and projection of displeasure in 1946 through UMNO. That led to HRH Malay Rulers and UMNO, representing the Malays, on 26 June 1946 rejecting any declaration pertaining to the Malayan Union.

When British Government reversed the Malayan Union which was passed by Westminster Palace, HRH Malay Rulers then entered into a series of negotiations where the Treaty of Tanah Melayu was signed on 21 Jan 1948 at King’s House and Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was born on 1 Feb 1948.

Perundingan antara Raja Raja Melayu, wakil UMNO dan Pesuruhjaya British di King's House 20 Nov 1946

Perundingan antara Raja Raja Melayu, wakil UMNO dan Pesuruhjaya British di King’s House 20 Nov 1946

UMNO was part of the negotiations and was given the accord as ‘observers’, when British High Commissioner Edward Gent negotiated with with HRH Malay Rulers.

It’s the same spirit we saw today.

Despite the hasty organisation as a reaction if not response to BERSIH 4.0, the Malays have came out to send the strong message that they cannot be taken for granted, their rights are not to be challenged and their democratic decision be respected

The Malays came in full force to oppose the Malayan Union, which Edward Gent declared on 1 April 1946

The Malays came in full force to oppose the Malayan Union, which Edward Gent declared on 1 April 1946

Those participated, supported and were hopeful of the BERSIH 4.0, probably got a rude shock of their lives when the Malays came out in such full force and thunderous messages, considering the poor air quality of the current haze in the region.

The message is very clear.

Pro-Anwarista news portal story:

Najib, Zahid moved by peaceful ‘red shirt’ rally, says Umno leader


Published: 16 September 2015 7:17 PM
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his deputy, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, said today they were surprised and moved by the large show of support for the “red shirt” rally and the peaceful way it was carried out.
This was announced by Ketereh MP Tan Sri Annuar Musa in his speech at Padang Merbok, where he also announced the end of the rally, also known as the Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu.

“I just got a call from the prime minister, who sent his regards to all here.

“The prime minister and his deputy, who are now in Sabah, have expressed their shock at the number of people at this assembly that has gone on peacefully.”
This is despite the fact that police were earlier forced to use water cannon to disperse some 1,000 unruly rally goers who attempted to breach the barricade into Petaling Street. There were also reports of several arrests.

The greetings from the top leaders of the country are in contrast with that of Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal, who have criticised the rally.

Muhyiddin had urged Malays not to celebrate Malaysia Day with a rally that was racist in nature while Shafie said that the rally has marred the celebration of an auspicious day.

When asked about the incident, Annuar later told reporters that those in Petaling Street were not part of the group and urged police to act against the mob.

“We are checking, when we check with our leaders, groups and security personnel, all of them are here. Who are the people there?”

Earlier, Annuar also declared the rally a success, claiming some 250,000 rally goers were present.

“All those gathered (at various meeting points) were making their way to Padang Merbok but unfortunately, could not make it but their spirit and strength is with us.” – September 16, 2015.

– See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/najib-zahid-moved-by-peaceful-red-shirt-rally-says-umno-leader#sthash.vF4OoCdh.dpuf


There were would definitely be hopefuls of the BERSIH 4.0, especially amongst the Chinese, that the political scenario would change for their advantage and in denial that the Malays have come out in full force to state their case.

It is very certain that the majority of the Malays, who comprises the majority of Malaysians wanted the democratically elected through general election Prime Minister Najib to lead the nation. Tonight in Kota Kinabalu, it is expected that Sabahans and Sarawakians demonstrate the same intent in full force.

*Updated 1930hrs

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  1. When reports surfaced about divisions having to send in so and so numbers to participate in “perhimpunan” which i am certain made the majority that attended, how can you conclude “demonstration of force..”? The fact is, that was a rented crowd. It does not reflect the truth. The truth is, the pm no longer enjoys support of the people. The chinese want him out because the economy is stalling, the malays want him out cause he has no balls and is very scandalous (to say the least).

    • Can you or anyone provide:

      1. Proof of the “Rented crowd”
      2. Number of the ‘Rented crowd”
      3. Percentage of these “Rented crowd” from those who participated at the Redshirt Rally as oppose to the ‘Non Rented Crowd”


    • Most of us would very much like to participate. With the provision of transport it eases our movement. Besides, it saves on cost rather than going ivdividually by cars. It also reduces the traffic jams along the highways.
      The organisers and supporters had planned well to mobilise such a massive crowd within such short notice as compared to the supposedly long-termed-plan by the other illegal assembly. In spite of the amount of effort and time consumed unbersih rally fails to meet the hyeginic requirement imposed to them by the authority concerned, DBKL. What sheer non-sensical arrogance

  2. Tuan admin blog,

    Bersih 4.0 dirancang begitu kemas dan menyeluruh berbulan bulan. Cukup dgn build up yg rapi dan kempen melalui media sosial sehingga mampu menyeleras demonstrasi dipelbagai kotaraya seluruh dunia.

    Siap dgn hashtag dan rakaman YouTube, berbulan sebelum roll out.

    Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu merupakan reaksi balas yg paling lama pun mengambil masa 3 minggu. Nampak perancangan bercelaru, mesej yg tidak konsisten dan senada dan persiapan yg sebenarnya tidak memberikan keyakinan yg event akan berjaya.

    Namun ianya berjaya! Dianggarkan 50,000 ribu orang Melayu berhimpun.

    Orang Umno. Orang Pas. Pesilat. NGO. Perkasa. Orang kampung. Professional. Pesara tentera. Pesara kerajaan. Ahli akademik. Orang agama. Pekerja swasta. Wartawan. Blogger. Pelajar.

    Pendekata, semua segmen orang Melayu diwakili.

    Rata rata orang Melayu sebenar sudah tak tahan dengan kerenah penghinaan orang Cina dan Melayu liberal aka tak sador diri ni. Toleransi dan timbangrasa ada hadnya!

    Hak istimewa orang Melayu dicabar dan hina. Raja Raja Melayu dicabar dan hina. Kedudukan Islam dicabar dan hina. Polis, tentera dan Hakim Melayu dicabar dan hina. Bahasa dan sistem pelajaran orang Melayu dicabar dan hina.

    DEB – senjata utama orang Melayu dicabar dan ancam.

    Sejarah dan peranan orang Melayu dalam mencapai kemerdekaan, kedaulatan dan proses Negara-Bangsa ini dicabar dan hina!

    Kini kuasa politik orang Melayu dicabar sedemikian rupa walaupun pemimpin Melayu terlalu banyak beralah untuk orang Cina.

    Sabar ada hadnya!

    Hari ini, mesej paling berharga ialah orang Melayu boleh dan ada motivasi untuk bersatu




    • Saya setuju dgn org lama …
      mmg sudah cukup sabar org melayu (whter rented or not) di belitkan dan d cabar dgn perkataan bodoh. Tk.

      Org lama kgbr.

  3. Penganjur nya lebih dari satu. Bermula dengan pemunya restoran ikan bakar, akhir nya masuk bekas Ketua Mentei Melaka, di atas nama Presiden persatuan silat, Pesaka.

    Pada umum nya sebagai reaksi kpada Bersih 4.0, tujuan nya pun lebih dari satu – memberi mesej kapada kaum Cina terutama nya penganut dan penyokong DAP yang dominan di Bersih 4.0 supaya jangan coba jatuhkan secara haram Kerajaan yang di pimpin Melayu, jangan mencicah maruah Melayu dengan cara saperti menijak gambar pemimpin pemimpin Melayu, menunjukkan Melayu bersatu, dan pemunya restoran ikan bakar mahu menyokong Najib dan Kerajaan nya.

    Anggaran jumlah hadzir memang biasa nya berbeza. Anggaran “news portal” Malaysia Kini, yang nyata pro-pembangkang dan biasa nya melampau anggaran nya bagi peserta himpunan Bersih, ada lah lk 50,000. Free Malaysia To Day, yang juga pro-Pembangkang, dalam “live reporting” nya mengata pada 1.53 pm, ada lk 50,000 di Padang Merbok, walau pun masih ada berpuluh ribu di jalan, dari berbagai tempat permulaan, menuju ke Padang Merbok yang acara ucapan nya bermula pada 4 pm.

    Anggaran seorang dari wakil penganjur ia lah 100,000. Jadi, jumlah peserta yang sabenar nya boleh di katakan di antara 50,000 dan 100,000.

    • Pembetulan:

      “pada 1.53 pm, ada lk 50,000 di Padang Merbok”.

      Sepatut nya “pada 2.53 pm ……….”

  4. Pada umum nya Melayu mengikut undang undang, enggan berdemo jalanan secara haram saperti majoriti kaum Cina yang hadzir di Bersih 4.0. Di rancang hampir secara “impromptu”, kebenaran DBKL dan Polis di umumkan ha nya 2 hari sabelum tarikh berhimpun, berbanding 5-6 bulan pengumuman Bersih 4.0.

    Namun demikian, walau pun ada yang mengata peserta Bersih 4,0 itu 200,000, angka yang boleh di percayai ha nya lah 100,000. Ini berbanding dengan jumlah peserta Himpunan Bersatu di antara 50,000 dan 100,000 itu. Ingat, “news portal” pembangkang sendiri menganggarkan jumlah Himpunan Bersatu lk 50,000.

    Kesan nya: Nyata kpd kaum Cina bahawa Melayu tidak boleh diamkan tingkah laku mereka coba menjatuhkan Kerajaan pimpinan Melayu secara demo jalanan yang haram. Melayu boleh bersatu walau pun dalam masa yang singkat dan walau pun yang di Petaling Street tidak mengikut cara yang di minta pihak Polis. Sama ada himpunan itu membuktikan sokongan kapada Najib terletak lah di atas persepsi individu sendiri.

  5. I think there is a lot that could be said about this.

    1. Umno Ketua Bhg. independently are able to mobilise their army quite late in the game. I was told the Police only gave permission last weekend. Means Umno drew in their machinery very late.

    2. Despite many Perhubungan Umno outrightly stated they would not participate, 80,000 umat Melayu showed up. All, wearing red t-shirts!

    3. Not all of these Umno Ketua Bhgs and their anak buahs agree with Najib. Yet to show how they loathe what the Chinese did at Bersih 4.0, they stood up, walked and be counted.

    4. The son of the worst Umno haters them all, Nik Abduh, came with his friends to attend an Umno planned event in the name of ‘Melayu’.

    5. The so-called champion of right wing Malay and himself dubbed an Ultra Malay, Dr. Mahathir failed to show up in an event to project the Malay ‘People Power’.

    Yet he came twice in an event backed by DAP Chinese chauvinists and supporters of Anwar Ibrahim, urging Najib be ousted.

    6. Since most of the Chinese who were at Bersih 4.0 are all over Klang Valley and more that half the Malays who were present yesterday were out of towners, its QED that the Malays dare to walk the thousand mile to make sure their voice is heard.

    7. By the show of the Malay force in KL and Bumiputra force in KK last night, it could be concluded Najib and Umno/BN hv the majority support to continue and form the next govt after 14GE. 74 Umno Semenanjung + 22 Sabah + 25 Sarawak seats = 121 seats.

    Expanding the electoral colleges in Sabah and Sarawak and if other Semenanjung BN component seats are taken into account, looks like Umno/BN will still remain in power. Two years is a lot of time for Umno/BN to harness bigger Malay support, since the DAP haters, PKR frustraters and GHB ridiculers are growing.

    8. I completely agree that the organisation of the Redshirt Rally was in shambles and disarray. Yet, 80,000 strong thunderous Malay voices previously thought to be the silent majority came out to stand up, all on and about the Malay cause.

    This Malay/Bumiputra support could be nurtured and snowballed into a thumping voice.

    It is a very significant milestone in Malaysian politics. Even if it is measured on race-based permutations

    • I agree with all your points but I have doubts on Point 7 and would appreciate your expanding on that. Especially the figures.

      I have serious doubts on PM Najib’s ability to convince the rakyat on the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion “donation” issues.

      Over 3 months more until we can hope to hear the Final Report of the Auditor General and the report of a re-constituted PAC. 2 years is really not a long time, considering the Opposition continues to bang in their propaganda on the electorate endlessly through all forms of mass media that Najib wanted to be liberal about, refusing to even license the so-called news portals like Singapore did.

      And nothing much heard about Najib demanding that MCA, MIC and others do their share of getting back the seats they lost at past PRUs.

      The Justo confessions still leave considerable doubt on the affairs of 1MDB in relation to the PetroSaudi International, hardly any mention of the role of Jho Lo, who is perceived – rightly or wrongly – as closely linked with Najib, his wife and step son and connected with 1MDB.

      I want UMNO/BN to win PRU14 and continue to rule forever and would be happy if you can help convince that will happen under Najib.

      • Umno now has 88 seats in Dewan Rakyat, which include Sabah 16. Add Umno able to recapture 5 seats more in the next GE, then Umno Semenanjung and Labuan should be able to hold on to 74-75 seats.

        Sabah now 22. Maintain status quo.

        Sarawak now 25. Maintain status quo.

        All that should give Umno Semenanjung + Bumiputra Sabah & Sarawak = 122 MPs.

        Tokenlah, BN component Semenanjung can contribute 10-12 seats. BN should be able to maintain present quorum.

        Add Umno can work with PAS and resolve some common issues. That is easily 20 more seats in Parliament.

        That is more than simple majority.

        Note I use the word ‘Work’. I am not talking about PAS joining BN. Just a BN ‘friendly’ party.

        On the issue of the RM2.6b, lets say for academic purpose the donor comes out and tell the public he gave Najib the money because he trust Najib to do things for the Malays, who by law must be Muslim.

        Its a personal-to-holder kind of gift and the trust is that Najib will make good use of it has he sees fit, to uplift the Malays by maintaining democratic power which remain in the hands of the Malays.

        Everything about 1MDB checks out. Auditor General, pass. Special Task Force, pass. No hanky lanky.

        Wouldn’t all the corruption issues which looms Najib at the moment, is resolved?

        Time would be the best judge.

      • Thanks for the response. Agree with you that Time would be the best judge. But for now we differ in perception and evaluation of future prospects. But allow me to continue expressing my doubts –

        It’s extremely difficult to believe that the donor gave that much, directly to Najib’s bank accounts and nobody has said on condition of anonymity. Najib would have said all those, yet he kept quiet for a considerable while when news broke out. And when he did say something, it was cryptic – that he never took any money for personal gain.

        He has not said any more until now, has he. His underlings or whatever had to come out suggesting various purposes – one saying for fighting Al Qaeda, another for fighting ISIS, and wasn’t there one who said it was for fighting DAP.

        Similarly, on 1 MDB. But, as you suggested, we’ll wait and see. I must add that I’ll be waiting with considerable anxiety, to the end of the year, and to near PRU14.

      • In general, I agree with you on that.

        However, the recent crane accident in Masjidil Haram opened up a new perspective of the Saudis, if not Arabs in general.

        His Majesty King Salman is giving away SR1m to each victim, just like that.

        Considering that he doesn’t know any of these people personally, he just generously provided anonymous victims with hard cash as gift.

        It is unbelievable, but its true.

        Imagine a person known like PM Najib

      • Politics is perception. Perception of leaders is built upon their acts or omissions. That Najib did not explain satisfactorily speaks volumes of what voters perceive of him. The support for him at the Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu was far from conclusive.

        On the Altantuya case, although there was no direct link between him and the murder, the ghost refuses to go away. What more 1MDB where he is Chairman of the BOA and Finance Minister. And the RM2.6 billion went directly into his personal bank accounts.

        The “overwhelming majority” of those I spoke to do not believe Najib and want UMNO to replace him, saying otherwise UMNO/BN will lose at PRU14. Thanks to pro-Anwar Merdeka Centre for popularising those words during Bersih 4.0.

        And Anwar and gang are relentlessly accusing Najib and his government of corruption. With such unpopular acts as introducing GST, perceived as causing rising prices and life difficulties, the average voter forgets about corruption by Anwar and the opposition parties but remembers “corrupt Najib/UMNO/BN” at the polls.

        I’d love to hear the reasons why Najib has not been explaining – beyond the standard statements that the accounts have been audited, etc. I have not seen explanations why 1MDB auditors were changed twice within several years, as pointed out by Nur Jazlan, a qualified accountant, who also mentioned about “the lower end of the standard” of auditing, after meeting reps of the audit firms at the PAC.

  6. As long as it is perceived that we are ruled by an unelected Prime Minsiter who rules by proxy and who has a hand in the financial fortunes of this nation, we should all pray that BN prevails while at the same time pray that the unelected is “unseated”.

  7. After all the sound and “fury” of the ‘red shirts’ rally yesterday, what actually was achieved?

    Will it help resolve the economic and political malaise shrouding the country like the annual haze?

    Will it convince people that they must invest in Malaysia or lose out big-time?

    Will it result in the jobs that Malaysians need?

    Will it lift up the sagging Ringgit?

    Or will it just cement the view of outsiders that Malaysia is a house permanently divided and never the twain shall meet?

    • Did you ask the same questions, on what was the achievements BERSIH 1-4?

      How about the Black 505 nationwide rallies?

      Or the Lynas Scare?

      For that matter, what did the continuous political rallies, especially by the Opposition, achieved? Did Malaysian external trade, exports and creation of jobs increased with all these over politicking?

      We hope you did, because we hate to restrict you from this blog by coming up with naive and shallow questions and invitation to debate.

      For the record, we did not see you commenting on BERSIH 4.0, when we posted our thoughts on it.

      We appreciate dissenting arguments for a healthy debate but should be of worthy calibre, stature and perspective. It is because in this blog, we appreciate our readership and those who are willing to pen their thoughts, be it in making statement or debate.

    • I agree with BD’s succinct and apt reply.

      But I would say that occasionally I won’t mind comments from blokes like the above. They provide us with the opportunity for entertainment and treat them as punching bags. It helps boost up “sagging” moods at the end of a work day. Here we go.

      This guy wants to show he is the Know-All type. High and mighty with what he thinks are clever questions meant to embarrass everybody except himself. He thinks he is lording over us all with lofty thoughts, grand ideas and concealed answers that only he knows and we “underlings” cannot grasp. Boy oh boy, I wish he can grasp what we have!.

      He certainly is on the other side of the divide. He does not mention one bit about Bersih. It’s a great pity that he does not use his good English for useful purposes like putting out the pros and cons of the Red Shirts rally or the Yellow shirts street demos. Of course he won’t, as he is an anti-social type, likely an outcast, with dictatorial tendencies who will want to listen to only himself talking or asking.

      And he is a perverted anti-Malaysia bugger, too. Not saying even one thing good about this country and propagating the idea that Malaysia is permanently divided and cannot be united. Wonder if he’s the bloke who in the past came in here to condemn Malaysia and promote Singapore. Whoever he is, I’m willing to bet that that kind of persona is non grata in many places and is trying his luck in here. Son of a gun.

      • Promoting Singapore????? Hahaha – seems they are doing a pretty good job of it, don’t you think? They don’t need little old me to toot their horn….hahaha.

        Anyway, just for the record, and we are on the record, Singapore is a AAA-rated economy, while Malaysia has an A- rating with possibilities of a negative downgrade.

        Ok, enough of things Singapore.

        Coming back to the Himpun and Bersih rallies – what did they achieve except to further emphasise the racial divide in the country? Are you denying this, or are you cynically saying that Himpun is “kosher” and Bersih is “haram”? Let’s get this on the record first. Then, we can debate further.

        Btw, thanks for the compliment about my “good English”. It comes from a time when English was the lingua franca in Malaysian schools – which you, in your nationalistic zeal, may regard as anathema. But there it is, and I make no apologies for it.

        As for being “perverted”, may I suggest that it takes one to know one? And that holier-than-thou posturings don’t cut any ice in this day and age when performance and results are all that matter.

        And if that sticks in your craw – tough.

  8. […] could be said about the recently concluded 16 September 2015 which had a surprised turnout which sent strong messages to many and electrical shivers to the spine of the selected […]

  9. Are you sure Singapore is a successful country? I guess you missed a few points there. Ether you are truly ignorant or you are one who choose what you want to know or hear, regardless of the exact truth.
    In certain cimcumstances, it is wiser not to potray one’s over-cofidence in any issue since human knowlege has its limitation. If you think you know everything, it might not be the truth after all.
    Btw, what is success for a country? Its people living in pegion holes? And the buildings which house them look like they are going to break into pieces in any case of a calamity?
    Have you heard that the migrants are overcrowding and will be out-numbering the islanders? Not only due to their influx, also due to the emmigration of the secon-gen locals to other safer countries. I wonder why?
    Heard of another mishap befallen the island? I guess I could go on and on….alas I am not sure if some people would appreciate this potrayal since some people have the tendency to filter information which is not to their liking.
    Besides, when comparing two entities, you have to start them on the same level ground. Hmm, I think that”s common knowledge.

  10. […] the Malays made the point aloud for the surprised turn out for the 16 September 2015 rally called ‘Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu’, despite the poor preparation and haze looms the […]

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