Emperorissimo of Instigating Jaya

The Chinese Chauvinist Emperorissimo of Middle-Malaysia has proven himself time and again, to be racist, instigative, inciteful and flametory, the primary poison against Malaysian peace, harmony and continuous stability.

Ever since the Singapore was expelled from the Federation on 9 August 1965, Lee Kuan Yew continued to have a footing a Malaysian politics.

His intention is non other than systematically ensure the majority-backed-democratically-elected UMNO dominated Federal Government is continuously be challenged, the minority Chinese continue to be provocative and eventually reach to a point of critical mass.

It is where the inter-race relations are at it most precarious and volatile point, where a little more provocation could spark of something ugly.

That is where the minority would cry for international assistance where the majority is oppressive. Of course to justify, they would throw in the usual ‘Universal Rights’, taking it into measure perfectly out of context when all these rights are abused to the minority to challenge the majority further.

Hence, the off-shoot of Lee Kuan Yew’s People’s Action Party, Democratic Action Party was formed in October 1965, just barely two months after the Chinese majority state within Federation of Malaysia was expelled.

Everything else is history.

DAP has been under the Lim dynasty for more than 45 years, with the exception of a short stint where Kerk Kim Hock was warming the seat up.

The Malaysian Chinese, who was an integral part of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Alliance Party since 1953, the Federal Consultative Council Election in 1955, the first Federation of Malay Peninsular Cabinet, Baling Talks in December 1955 and eventually the negotiations at Lancaster House in January 1956.

Tunku Abdul Rahman's team on the London mission to negotiate for Independence in 1956

Tunku Abdul Rahman’s team on the London mission to negotiate for Independence in 1956

The continuous political support on the Malaysian Chinese was part of the success of the UMNO-led Federal Government to achieved nationhood throughout over the five decades as a Federation.

This year, the DAP sanctioned, backed and advocated 80%-Chinese-participated BERSIH4.0 rally on 29-30 August which was recriprocated by the Malay-centric Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu seventeen days later, demonstrated nothing but provocation and insults would be treated by Newton’s Third Law.

The Malays have been very accomodative and tolerant in race relations, which has been proven for more than 550 years. The Malays of Melaka, Johor, Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan provided the same treatment for any other migrants, in search for better life in this Peninsular.

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were 'Subjects of HRH Rulers'.

84% of the eligible voters in the 1955 Federal Consultative Council general election are the Malays, who were ‘Subjects of HRH Rulers’.

Some came from China as traders. Others came as labourers. They were free to live their culture, way of life and worship, without any threats which include being assimilated to follow the majority and predominately Malays, against their will.

After Alliance Party was formed, UMNO leaders were very accommodative to provide the MCA candidates to contest in 15 out of 52 Federal Consultative Council seats in the 1955 election even the Chinese were only 11% of the eligible voters as compared to the Malays, 84%.

The Malays were willing to compromise political opportunities in Tunku Abdul Rahman’s interpretation and concept of ‘power-share’ and the Chinese must be part of building the nation and nationhood process, all the way.

MCP bandits armed with M3 Carbines

In a nutshell, as a Malaysian community, the Malays have lived well with the other ethnics, especially the Chinese. The problem started when many are taken into the Communist China struggle for International Communism and the Malayan Communist Party was formed in 1930 by Chinese labourers in Kuala Pilah.

The terrorists of the Malayan Communist Party under the Secretary General Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng, were predominantly Chinese. They caused much death, suffering and pain and more than 10,000 non combatants lost their lives during the First emergency (1948-1960).

Then they started the Second Emergency in 1967. The attacks were much more precised and they also started to use instigation, to profess the radical and subversive philosophy in getting Malaysians, particularly the Chinese as the minority to antagonise the majority.

The scene in "Tanda Putera" depicting the Chinese Chauvinism-centric demonstrations chanting anti-Malay slogans, the day before the 3GE polls in May 1969

The scene in “Tanda Putera” depicting the Chinese Chauvinism-centric demonstrations chanting anti-Malay slogans, the day before the 3GE polls in May 1969

Hence, the instability is caused by obnoxious agents, as per described by then Home Minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman at the NOC level “Radical and subversive elements”, which caused the 13 May 1969 racial riots.

The traits, behaviour, attitude, doctrine and philosophy is very much alive present day through DAP Chinese Chauvinists and provocateurs, even after more than forty six years.

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi paid homage to the remains of Chin "Buthcer of Malaya" Peng in Bangkok

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi paid homage to the remains of Chin “Buthcer of Malaya” Peng in Bangkok

The most recent is when DAP leaders paid respect to Chin Peng when he died in Bangkok. Needless to mention that DAP Chinese Chauvinist leaders have been advocating to allow the “Butcher of Malaya” to return from exile.

This not withstanding the DAP leaders wanted to accolade Chin “Butcher of Malaya” Peng and the MCP terrorists, who caused so many deaths especially amongst unarmed non combatants and so much sufferings and pain amongst Malayans, as ‘Independent Fighters’.

Pro-Anwarista news portal story:

Chin Peng contributed to Merdeka, argues DAP parliamentarian


Published: 22 September 2013 5:53 PM
In the middle of a very divisive debate over the merits of the late communist leader Chin Peng, the DAP’s Klang MP Charles Santiago (pic) has waded in, saying that Chin Peng contributed to the wellbeing of Malaysia.

“His armed struggle against the Japanese and British helped expedite Merdeka for Malaya,” he said when contacted by The Malaysian Insider today.

Santiago had been among the first to pay his respects to the former Communist Party of Malaya secretary-general.

He said he had gone to Bangkok for a meeting with non-governmental organisations and later dropped by the temple where the late Chin Peng’s remains were, to pay his respects.
He was seen kneeling and holding a joss stick at a floral dais inside the air-conditioned hall, where the sealed casket bearing Chin Peng’s remains was placed, The Star online reported.

Santiago was accompanied by Selangor DAP committee member and former senator S. Ramakrishnan and Aliran exco member Sarajun Hoda. Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi and PKR Batu MP Tian Chua have also paid their respects, but at a different time.

Santiago told The Malaysian Insider upon arrival from Bangkok, “Allowing his remains to be brought back and interred in his hometown in Sitiawan must be seen as a healing process.”

He added, “Let history judge Chin Peng.”

Santiago was on the outskirts of the Thai capital to attend a conference but attended the wake service at Wat That Thong Temple on Friday.

The leaders of Malaysia, he said, must show the international community that they were magnanimous in doing what was expected of them, since it was the existing government that had signed a peace pact with the Communist Party of Malaya in 1989.

“The Thai army generals who fought Chin Peng and the Communist Party of Malaya have said let bygones be bygones. It is time to move forward. Malaysia should adopt a similar attitude,” he said.

He said many in Bangkok wondered why Malaysia took such a tough stand against Chin Peng when the government had diplomatic ties with China, which is communist.

“We have also excellent ties with Japan which once occupied this country and whose soldiers caused untold misery to the people,” he noted.

Santiago noted that Chin Peng fought an ideological war with the Japanese and later the British to liberate Malaya.

“Can Umno and the present government deny this?” he asked.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has said Putrajaya would block the remains of Chin Peng from Malaysia and challenged those unhappy with the decision to take it to the courts.

“The government has decided, and those unhappy with the decision can challenge it in court,” Najib said.

Chin Peng, 88, died in a hospital on Monday and his remains are to be cremated in Bangkok tomorrow. – September 22, 2013.

– See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/chin-peng-contributed-to-merdeka-argues-dap-parliamentarian#sthash.JWAeNicC.dpuf


They manipulate and spin history, with the intent to antagonise and provoke the predominantly Malays, who were majority of those who risked their lives as members of the security services which fought the communist terrorists from 1948-1989.

This compulsive challenges, provocations and insults would just widen the gap further and compound the feeling of hatred, which the DAP Chinese Chauvinists have intensely sowed for the past forty six years.

Unless that is changed, then it would be very wishful to hope to think that the Malays would be pessimistic taking shit thrown and smeared in the face when they remained silent and appeared to be subdued, all the while in between.

16 September 2015 was the call by the silent majority, “Tepuk dada, tanya selera” and it is the most polite form of expression the Malays could do given all the mitigating circumstances, directly to Chinese Chauvinist Emperorissimo Lim and Co.

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