Anifah: Nazri is out of line!

Foreign Minister Dato’ Sri Anifah Aman display utmost displeasure when commenting on the remarks made by Tourism Minister Dato’ Sri Nazri Aziz for the Deputy Foreign Minister’s call on the statement that the Ambassador of China to Kuala Lumpur Dr Huang Huikang made after the visit to Petaling Street last Friday.

“No minister has any business in matters pertaining to the Foreign Ministry. Nazri is out of line!”, he said very sternly in an exclusive phone interview.

“It is normal practice that we (Wisma Putra) call foreign envoys to clarify and explain on any statements they made. We want to know whether they did say what was published in the media. It is a mater of public interest and a question of sovereignty”.

The Foreign Minister also added that Wisma Putra have the right to know if these envoys did or did not issue such statements.

“If they did say it or issue statement about it, then we have to tell them not to interfere in matters pertaining to domestic affairs or apologise”.

The Foreign Minister cited the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relation (1961) for this authority to request for an envoy to come forward and explain. “This is normal practice all over the world, to be called in as and when deemed necessary. In the past, we have called the United States, Vatican and Singaporean envoys to Wisma Putra and explain themselves”.

He also added that Nazri did not call him before making such a remark to the media. The remarks Nazri made carried the wrong connotation and public perception on the normal conduct of diplomatic relationship, even with China.

“The Deputy Minister, Chief Secretary (KSU) or any of the Deputy Chief Secretaries (TKUs) are authorised to summon envoys to Wisma Putra for such clarification. We have done this in the past and its a practice”.

He had sanctioned for Ambassador of China to be called in by Wisma Putra and the also added Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak has been notified on the matter.

“Nazri does not have to interfere in matters pertaining to Foreign Ministry”.

Anifah showed displeasure for Nazri making the statement, which he regards as out of place. Nazri has taken his faux pas, a little bit too far his time.

*Updated 1700hrs 29 September 2015

Tourism Ninister Dato’ Sri Nazri Aziz admitted that he made a mistake with the statement, commenting on Deputy Foreign Minister Dato’ Sri Reezal Merican’s call on Saturday to summon the Chinese envoy.

Pro-Anwarista newsportal story:

My mistake, says Nazri after Anifah rebukes colleagues over China envoy

Published: 29 September 2015 6:07 PM

Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz says he made a mistake by commenting on Wisma Putra’s affairs but maintains he is experienced enough not to interfere in other ministries. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, September 29, 2015.
Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz says he made a mistake by commenting on Wisma Putra’s affairs but maintains he is experienced enough not to interfere in other ministries. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, September 29, 2015.
Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz today admitted he made a mistake by commenting on Wisma Putra’s decision to summon the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia over the latter’s remarks during a visit to Kuala Lumpur’s Petaling Street.

The Star Online today reported that the tourism and culture minister said he had no intention to interfere in Wisma Putra’s affairs, after Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman rebuked his Cabinet colleagues for interfering in the ministry’s affairs.

Nazri said he told the Chinese envoy Dr Huang Huikang not to worry because the usual practice was for the foreign minister to summon an ambassador, and not the deputy minister.

“The normal practice in Cabinet when one minister is not in the country, only another minister can act on his behalf, not his own deputy minister,’ Nazri told the Star Online today in a text message from Turkey.
Nazri said as such, he thought the Foreign Ministry did not make a decision to summon Huang as Anifah was away in New York for the United Nations General Assembly.

“I thought our foreign minister will call the ambassador himself when he comes back because that is within his power and proper but not his deputy.

“Obviously, I am mistaken and did not know that the foreign minister has instructed his deputy,” he said.

Nazri was quoted as saying that as a minister for 16 years, who had previously covered the foreign minister many times on requests, he concluded that only a minister could act on behalf of Wisma Putra, which was strict on protocol.

“Certainly now that is all changed and I am not aware but one thing is sure, I’m a very experienced minister and interfering is certainly not my intention,” he said in The Star Online report.

Nazri reportedly took Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican to task for calling in Huang over remarks by the Chinese envoy during his visit to Petaling Street on Friday.
Following this, Anifah (pic, left) expressed regret over comments by other ministers without referring to him first.

He said the matter could have been solved by Wisma Putra without their interference.

It was reported that Huang had met acting foreign minister Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin yesterday.

The envoy reportedly said that China was against extremism and racial discrimination, and warned against attempts to use violence to disrupt public order.

His comments came days after a group of “red shirt” protestors tried to get into Petaling Street which is dominated by Chinese traders, on September 16.

The group turned unruly and police had to use water cannon to disperse them. – September 29, 2015.

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  1. and as usual Najib keep to himself and let his cabinet do all the bickering…

  2. Sure he is out of line. Good Anifah said so publicly. Helps get the public cool down their anger at the Chinese Ambassador fellow knowing that he was summoned to Putrajaya and told to explain.

    Nazri has sometimes been called the guy with a foot in his mouth. He once plainly said he may be out of tune but is loyal to Najib. And Najib must have retained him in the Cabinet mostly on that account. Najib needs every loyal supporter he can get because of the onslaught of criticisms against him on the 1MDB, RM2.6 billion, GST and other issues.

    Nazri was reported having said it was not true that Huang was not summoned. A photo of him berpeluk peluk with that Huang was shown in the same report. No doubt he is focussed on getting Chinese tourists to Malaysia. But good that Khairy Jamaluddin said any high regard for the mainland Chinese should not be at the expanse of maruah negara. It’s a slap on Nazri’s face.

  3. this becomes very norm under bugis leadership. the first bomb was of course the open declaration that he isnt a malay; atleast in combat actions. and now these frequent incidents indicate the lack of control and lack of respect to the leader of whom they (had to) select.

    i remember those good years under mahathir, where everything was inline and something stupid like this was as rare as the moon/sun eclipse. of course things like this happen but under control and surely not this frequent and not in such openess.

    when lack of control and lack of respect are in practise almost everyday and everyone from top to bottom gets their banana everytime they ask for it (read : jamal yunos) then failure is bound to happen. if you care to analyse all of these, it all started years back and that utusan hot headline (again, lack of respect from the newspaper) and it went on from there. and it intensified under bugis leadership and now the chinese support is as good as lost.

    wonder what would have happen had bugis handled mahathir wiser than he had? mahathir is gold – in politics and management etc etc – and you are letting it slip away rather rudely.

    • Najib nampak nya tak dapat kawal atau pengaruhi adik dia pun. Letak si adik Nazir CIMB di Special Economic Committee pun, si adik dok keluar di social media ngata mcm mcm yg tak nyenangkan hati pelabur. Dia di katakan mengeluarkan suatu “graphic that Malaysia’s credit rating is “junk status”. Apa tujuan Nazir nih?

      • Spoilt youngest sibbling. Typically Mekayu even when any of them refuse to acknowledge that.

        Nazir already entrenched himself as part of the Khazanah Empire. He played merchant bank, the group CEO of the bank and now Chairman of a banking group gaining strong footing around the region.

        Nazir is proud of the transformation of CIMB all these years and now the mainstay of Khazanah Empire.

        Of course he is dying for a bigger role and prominence.

        Hence, all the prickly statements. Like any celebrities, he must be outshining others instead dull and grey quietly on the side, much like the stereotype old bankers.

        Some say Nadir is ambitious and sees himself as the MoF. Hence, all the politically prickly statements. Esp which shall resonate well amongst the capitalists and high net worth fellas.

        Funny enough, these high net worth fellas no longer are supportive of the government.

      • If Nazir wants to be MoF, he has to show loyalty to his brother who also holds the first MoF post. But he cannot be MoF as it’d be glaringly nepotism for Najib.

        Maybe he wants to be PM. Started a grouping calling it an NGO a few months back. But stabbing a brother in front or at the back will not get him many at his back. No supporters. However bad the brother may be perceived by the rakyat.

        Maybe he wants to be a cengkurik. A hostel-days terminology meaning small sized, small power, but trying to show he is big, important, etc. And how did he rise to become CIMB boss? Very rich and so on, I hear.

      • With Nazir, CIMB boss and a member of Najib’s Special Economic Cttee, saying all sorts, wonder what people think of Najib’s statement:

        Malaysia on track to become high-income nation by 2020: PM

        NEW YORK: Malaysia is on track to achieve its goal of becoming a high-income nation by 2020 despite the current volatile global economic situation, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said Monday.

      • Jay is manifesting the true psyche of himself; a fees-based-investment-banker. People like him only take the relevant points which they could crunch and do projections, DCF and exit plan where else everything else is tossed away.

        They don’t care how their proposals would affect others. What matters is they arrived on their objective and claim their prize.

        Socio-politico impact is of no value to their consideration. Only how to prop the whole deal up, package it nicely with a sweet exit plan and their fees, regardless what the eventual outcome is.

        Hence, that is manifested in this blind-boar approach and angle to matters he understand little about.

        If I’m not mistaken, even 1MDB CEO reprimanded Jay once it twice for his outragous reckless quips.

        Perhaps Jay is ‘attempting’ to be ‘man of the street’ by coming up with these cheapo bar one-upmanship calls. He is conscious of high-nose serroundings and drifting further away from the masses.

        What Nazir should hv done is to get lessons from Nazri. Especially how to be a class act of the village idiot, at Cabinet level.

      • Nazir patut 😉 diam jika tiada perkara baik nak berckp.

  4. Yes, it’s indeed a matter of national sovereignty. Negara Berdaulat. It’s our dignity or maruah as a nation. No one must be allowed to trample or even impinge on that.

    Good also that Anifah pointed out, “The Deputy Minister, Chief Secretary (KSU) or any of the Deputy Chief Secretaries (TKUs) are authorised to summon envoys to Wisma Putra for such clarification. We have done this in the past and its a practice”.

    The Deputy Minister was irked – to say the least – that Nazri said he broke protocol for summoning the Ambassador to Putrajaya. What utter nonsense. Najib should be aware that he is laughed at by foreign governments on so many counts. Now he is in New York and it’s not WSJ or NYT trying to sabotage him this time. It’s his own man, Nazri.

    Nazri saying Huang was not summoned to Wismaputra or the Deputy Minister’s summons on the Ambassador was not valid confused the public and lessened the impact of the censure on the ill-intentioned SOG Ambassador. It might embolden him to do the same again and those he visited in Petaling Street get the wrong message of China’s protection when China cannot and should not offer it on Malaysian citizens.

    Nazri is also causing “fights” in Najib’s own cabinet. Over such stupid things as interfering in the affairs of another Minister. Who has to grapple with the problem of dealing with the rep of the Chinese government interfering in the affairs of this country. Nazri’s stupid act this time is very severe. Najib should really remove him from the Cabinet.

  5. Nazri’s claim to personal success in drawing in Chinese tourists may be over-rated. With the Chinese Government lifting the veil from their citizens’ faces, broke the tradition of barring foreign travel that has been en force for hundreds of years since the “Middle Kingdom” days, the “newly rich” Chinese were travelling everywhere and anywhere.

    Many have probably booked with Virgin Airlines for flights to Mars. More so travelling to nearby Malaysia where almost everybody in China has heard of the Chinese presence that is unprecedented anywhere in the world at least in terms of population ratios. Sure they’d be curios whether they can hope for a heaven if they live in this country, compared to Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia where the pendatang have to shed their own names, language, ways of dressing etc.

    So, nothing much to Nazri’s claim to success anyway. Put any dungu in Tourism Ministry, the results would not vary much. So, Najib removing Nazri from the cabinet would not cause any dent. It would in fact bring a lot of sense.

  6. Tuan Blogger,

    Sekiranya Duta Besar Malaysia ke Beijing membuat kenyataan media seriap kali umat Islam China terutama kaum Uighur dikasari, serang, tahan dan/atau bunuh, atas apa juga hujah terutama ‘hak assasi Manusia’, ‘Persaudaraan Islam’, ‘prinsip demokrasi’ dsbnya, apakah Beijing akan menerima dengan hati yang terbuka?

    Atau mengusir Wakil Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong tersebut?

    Soalan tambahan: Apakah ianya berhenti disitu sahaja atau ada reaksi turutan?

    Ini persoalan asas.

    • Setuju dgn mesej yg sdr sampaikan. Memang tepat.

      Kalau Duta kita di Beijing buat demikian, tak boleh buat kerja lain lah padah nya, sebab kerap sangat berlaku perkara yg tak senonoh dari segi itu semua di China.

      Yg geram nya tuh, Kementrian Luar mereka di lapurkan menyokong apa yang si Duta mereka tu kata di Petaling Street. Bedebah.

      Belom terbaca apa yang Acting Foreign Minister kita kata kpd benda’lah Duta depa tuh. Harap memuaskan dari segi menyekel kepala.

  7. I am not a fan of Najib&co but what I find distressing with Malaysians as a whole is that people cannot differentiate between hatred towards the Govenment and wishing harm to the country which basically hurt the people themselves.Some blogger like Syed Akbar Ali from Outsyedthebox seemed to be excited when the Ringgit is hammered as though its fun to see our country down the drain.Similar attitudes can be seen in Malaysiakini and Malaysianinsider comment sections.One commentator actually suggested that Non Malays should transfer their money to foreign banks to hurt the Ringgit further without thinking most businesses are in Non Malays hands and they are going to be affected as well as the Malays if the fall in Ringgit brings the economy down.This is like the Malay proverb that says”marahkan nyamuk,kelambu dibakar”.

  8. as always Nazri will talk first and think later… again and again

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