Pua-ka’s challenge of facts against sinister politics

The art of managing facts and sequence of true stories against manipulation and fabrication, designed for demonisation and prolonged strategy of hatred for sinister politics is at play now.

DAP Strategist and Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua’s biggest challenge today is not about challenging 1MDB Group Executive Director and President Arul Kanda to a live tv debate but dealing with facts and the truth.

Pua is now making excuses on the format of the ‘debate’ and insist that it should be a ‘talk show’ where he gets to ask and Arul is expected to answer. This is immeidately after gunning down the calls from fellow BN and Opposition MPs. for him to quit his Public Accounts Committee (PAC) membership.

As PAC member, Pua has access to privileged information and deemed classified about the investigation of 1MDB.

It seems that the PAC member is aware that the debate should be a true debate where Arul should have the right to ask some questions on his own. Example is Pua’s basis of previous statements are derived from stolen information obtained from former Petro Saudi Executive Xavier J Justo.

It is obvious Pua’s has been lured into his own trap, judging by the confidence and consistency of Arul’s media conferences, tv and media interviews and media releases.

When push comes to shove, the information-craved public would find it more palatable to deal with facts even though it is slightly bitter rather sort through sinister political drama laced with negativities.

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