Depositors’ Urinarium

Klang Kirim of Geng Loceng inadvertently allowed themselves to be a tool of the PKR machinery, in their manipulation of limited information at the expense of innocent 8.8million Tabung Haji depositors.

The sensationalised and controversial the story about TH acquiring the 67,954sq.ft. parcel earmarked for luxury residential in Tun Razak Exchange, with the false pretext of “Bailing out the scandalous strategic investment company 1MDB”.

It was part of the initiatives to demonise Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s leadership, which was started by the Opposition. It is echoed and magnified of late with the incessant salvos by foreign media.

It was also magnified that TH would not able to pay the depositors any earning to their savings and investment. Rafizi, like the Klang Kirim Geng Loceng, was counting on these instigations to create a panic situation amongst the 8.8million depositors.

In his speech, Rafizi invited former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to join forces with him and sue Prime Minister Najib’s administration and close down 1MDB.

The bluff was called. By the grace of God, the truth prevailed and the interest of the majority if not all 8.8million TH depositors were preserved.

The parcel which TH paid for RM188.5 million earlier last year has now been valued at RM250million. It is proven that the investment is a very sound commercial decision.

The more interesting bit is how a Chartered Accountant Azmi Arshad meticulously explained every damnest lies and manipulation that Hafizi and Klang Kirim Geng Loceng made, at the expense of the 8.8million depositors.

In the final analysis, its all about them treating the Malaysian public as their political urinal.

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