Denial towards dementia

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as expected, is in the denial of the outcome of the two by-elections which he dubbed as a “Referendum by the rakyat”.

He is also in denial the fact that his gutter politics which digressed from his own poor understanding of the situation, the 1MDB issues no longer fly with the grassroots and the Chinese have started back to vote BN.

Most important, majority of Malaysians would rather throw support and stick with Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak to move the nation forward then anyone else.

The fact that the Fifth UMNO President don’t really providing a credible solution to the aftermath from the ousting of Prime Minister Najib as the UMNO President/BN Chairman and Prime Minister of Malaysia.

That is by no means that he has any shred of dignity as a gentleman, for the disablity to admit defeat especially when it is clear on all fronts the battle which he participated, lost.

There is probablity that the ninety one years old supposedly a Statesman who keeps repeating rhetorics of which many without clear evidence but his own personal interpretations, muddled up with his own compounded emotions and frustrations are facing the cruel truth which evidently is unfolding slowly very much against his agenda and prophecy.

It is ashamed that eventually that would progress the leader who was hailed for a longtime as a strategist and master tactician, towards dementia.

Age is a natural enemy against the epitome of biology.

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  1. The BN victory of the by-election in Kuala Kangsar and Sg. Besar should not be interpreted as the returning support from the 60% Chinese votes from both the constituencies. I belief the Chinese is begining to warm up to Zahid Hamidi, who was an outcaste as far as the Chinese voters are concerned in Perak in the previous two general elections. Dr Zahid Hamidi was perceived to be a Malay extremist to those who do not know him personally. In the contrary, it is not so as Zahid was raised by a Chinese family during his adolescent years in Bagan Datuh, Perak.

    The belief that Tun Dr Mahathir’s presence could swing the votes to the opposition pack, especially PAS and AMANAH should be dismissed. In fact, Tun Mahathir has very little political influence in Perak and some other states with Chinese majority. The opposition is quick to realise that Tun Mahathir’s presence in both the recent by-election was a liability rather than a political booster.

  2. Obviously this guy needs lot of dedak to maintain his shape and only Najib can provide that.

  3. Politics is changing and maturing.

    Shallow arguments, hatred instigation and partisan politics is giving away. All attack and no solution ain’t cool any more.

    Psycho warfare has to be more sophisticated.

    More fact, content and preposition. Voters want to know what do you have to offer.

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