BNC is extending ANC?

Syed Akbar Ali, also known as blogger Syed Outside The Box is Gerard Rajaratnam's guest on BNC 'Help Malaysia'

Syed Akbar Ali, also known as blogger Out-Syed The Box is Gerard Rajaratnam’s guest on BNC ‘Helo Malaysia’

Cakap tak serupa bikin. It seems that the recently rebranded Bernama News Channel (BNC) is doing the Federal Government and Leadership a gross disservice by providing avenue of a voracious and highly obnoxious Anti Najib Campaign (ANC) personality opportunity and space as a guest in one of its prime time shows.

BNC is an agency which is wholly funded and bound under Ministry of Communication and Multimedia (KKMM) instructions, is also the propaganda arm of the Federal Government.

The KKMM Minister who is determined to set things up right in the times of manipulation of information, half truths, slanders and lies thrown indiscriminately to demonise Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, his leadership and administration.

Bloggers and cyber-writers who were supporters of PM Najib, here seen at National Press Club awards night, are now staunch Anti Najib Campaign personalities.

Bloggers and cyber-writers who were staunch supporters of PM Najib, here seen at National Press Club awards night, are now the most voracious Anti Najib Campaign personalities (With the exception of the only Non-Man is this line!)

Syed Akbar Ali, also known by his nom d’plume Out-Syed the Box, is one of those personalities who KKMM Dato’ Sri Mohd. Salleh Said Keruak should be going after for his manipulation of information, lies, slanders and outright cyber-anarchy writings almost ever other day.

This rogue blogger deletes all his posting within 18 hours of putting it up on public domain because he himself is very aware that the blog postings obnoxious, any of his writings could be cited up for serious felony such as sedition and instigating the public, wth existing laws of the land.

Of course, like a coward, Syed Akbar just lambast an attack without even having the audacity to stand up for what he wrote but quickly dispose them, before any law enforcement agencies are aware of his obnoxious writings and started to act on him.

Syed Outside the Box on BNC 'Help Malaysia'

Syed Outside the Box on BNC ‘Helo Malaysia’

Instead, BNC got him in ‘Helo Malaysia’ and got him talking about interpretation of Islam, which include ‘Kafir Harbi’.

If KKMM Minister Salleh or key personalities within the Ministry are oblivious of Syed Akbar, then they should do a little bit of homework. Seriously!

Syed Akbar, an active integral proponent of ANC, has been writing on stories without any shred of evidence, to ridicule the blog readers about all the conspiracy stories, manipulation and lies with the explicit purpose to demonise Prime Minister Najib.


If they are a bit more diligent, then they might stumble on the fact that Syed was charged by Attorney General for sedition mocking Islam sometime seven years ago. Syed used the nom d’plume, “Mufti Murtad” in provocatively sharing his seedtious thoughts about Islam online.

Regardless, this operational cock up on BNC’s part against KKMM and Ministers’s own policies and determination is utter shameful. Especially, providing prime time air time for a key member of ANC.

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