Dereliction of duty, lying or signs of senility

Let us pray that the Statesman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is manifesting his true biological position of his faculty undergoing a phase of senility, in the recent outcry from the claims of about all ISA detention order were not signed by him then as Home Minister after Tun Musa Hitam summarily resigned but instead his Deputy, Allahyarham Tan Sri Megat Junid. story:

Megat Junid’s Next-Of Kin Hope Tun Mahathir’s Claim Just A Slip Of The Tongue

Print Email Details Published on Tuesday, 23 August 2016 21:47

PUTRAJAYA: Family members of the late Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayub are hoping that it was just a slip of the tongue when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed that the former deputy home minister was fully responsible for signing detention orders under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Megat Junid’s eldest son Datuk Megat Fairouz Junaidi said it was very odd for such powers to be delegated to a deputy minister without the knowledge of Dr Mahathir himself as the then home minister.

“We are hopeful that Tun Mahathir, who was very much respected by our late father, had a slip-of-the-tongue moment when he said those words.

“If he (Megat Junid) did sign those detention orders, it must have been done upon approval and within the knowledge of Tun Mahathir. In fact, there is a big possibility that it was done upon instruction from Tun Mahathir himself as the then home minister and prime minister,” he told a press conference here today.

Megat Fairouz, representing his siblings and mother Puan Sri Faizah Shuaib, said this in response to a blog post which stated that Dr Mahathir had denied that he was the one who signed detention orders under the ISA.

The blog post also stated that Dr Mahathir admitted that even after taking over the post of home minister from Tun Musa Hitam in 1986, he had delegated the powers to detain any individuals under the ISA to Megat Junid, who served as deputy home minister for 11 years.



Otherwise it would be either gross abuse and indecency of the dreadful Internal Security Act (ISA) where the Home Minister allows by his own conscious to sign the detention papers as prepared by the Police and officers of the Home Ministry for detention without trial.

Or worse still, he lied.

He allowed the abuse of the dreaded law to sign the detention order not prescribed and provided under the Internal Security Act as persons authorised to issue such detention order and all the while, he was hoodwinking Malaysians about it.

If there is any shred of true in tis claim, then a comprehensive investigation should be conducted with immediate effect.

During the tenure where Tun Dr. Mahathir was the Home Minister and Deputy Home Minister then was Megat Junid, Operation Lalang was launched on 27 Oct 1987 where 106 politicians, Opposition leaders, NGOs were detained under ISA.

It was a bleakest episode of the history of Malaysian democracy.

Never the less, it is poor taste for a Statesman to put on a blame on a very lieutenant, who would never be allowed to say his side of the story about what happened in the Home Ministry for 11 years since Tan Sri Megat Junid had been recalled to face his Maker almost nine years ago.

*Updated 1600hrs 

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad claimed ignorance to the statement by Tan Sri Megat Junid’s eldest son Megat Fairousz about the ISA detention order. story:

Mahathir claims ignorance over Megat Junid’s ISA orders

3 comments Koh Jun Lin

Published Today 2:17 pm Updated Today 2:40 pm


Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has claimed ignorance over the Internal Security Act (ISA) detention orders that were supposedly signed by former deputy home minister, the late Megat Junid Megat Ayub.

This came after Megat Junid’s eldest son Megat Fairouz Junaidi reportedly said it would be very odd for his late father to sign the detention orders without Mahathir’s knowledge.

“I don’t know about that. I have never seen it. This is news (to me),” Mahathir told reporters in Putrajaya today when asked about Fairouz’s statement.


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  1. Ehmm….’dereliction of duty’ by Dr.M… when he was PM?

    If I’m not mistaken, the last time ISA was used where it involved race or communal agitation, it was after Prebet Adam ran amok, October 1987. And that was over posting of Malay teachers in SRJKC.
    After that… when ISA was used again, it must be on the Malays only, either for deviant teaching or wanting to set-up an Islamic State. Hence, when ISA just involves the Malays, that ‘tidak-apa’ attitude kicks-in. Just like when the cops shot dead a Malay or Chinese robbers, nobody cares. But…. don’t mess around with Indians robbers…

    List of Home Ministers:-
    – Tan Sri Muhammad Ghazali Bin Shafie (13.08.1973- 16.07.1981)
    – Dato Musa Bin Hitam (17.07.1981- 16.03.1986)
    – Dato Seri Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamed (17.03.1986- 10.01.1999)

    Most probably, Megat Junid was Deputy Minister of KDN during the time of Dr. M. i.e after Musa Hitam resigned.

    Therefore, If Dr.M had relied solely on the decision of his Deputy Home Minister (of course with the help of Police intelligence) to come-up with names that should be ISAed, I don’t think there should be any dereliction of duty on his part, whatsoever.

    It’s the same with Najib today. Najib is PM cum Finance Minister too…But as Mr.117, he sign buta-buta-je and he’s supposedly not responsible for what his senior officers did or what documents they shoved at him to sign in 1MDB’s transaction. Therefore, as the PM, he is immune. He does not need to know or held responsible for anything and everything.

  2. Salam Bigdog.
    Again its about Memali. I must have told this before.

    My family lived in Balai Polis Baling and I had just worked in Sg.Way FTZ, when that Memali ‘massacre’ occurred. Yes, its an outright massacre by a well armed police PPH (Pasukan Polis Hutan, now defunct) against the poorly armed villagers, executed in a swift manner under the guise of darkness. Had the police besieged the village, starved its occupants into hunger, then overpower them, it would have been more justified.
    Or…Ibrahim Libya or his men, had drew the first-blood….before that, he and his followers had murdered a policeman or stormed a police station or something…then it justifiable too.

    My sisters told me how, families living in the Police station 2 (quarters) block were very-very scared, the afternoon after that massacre. About a hundred army personnel surrounded the police station’s compound, shaking its fences violently, angry at the drastic action of the Police against the villages.
    You know la…how things were between them in the mid-70s ~ late 80s. Many died in cabaret-brawls, especially at month’s end in Ipoh & JB. And….that was why military personnel’s salary were paid before the 25th of each month…..till today….to minimize encounters.

    In his ‘Frankly Speaking’ book, did Musa mention about him flying in a helicopter (landed at ‘Padang-Jam’ or clock-tower’s small field, near the Mosque, just beside the Police Station) to diffuse that tense stand-off?
    The soldiers, even armed themselves with a V150 armored personnel carrier.

    Why the need to hastily stormed villagers, armed with parangs and a few ‘tembak-tupai’ shotgun?

    Why can’t the Police wait? (They enter the village at about mid-night and the ‘operation’ ended at dawn). What’s the hurry?

    The Army was not even informed….. To fight the communist, (which is
    not the army’s job anyway, when a state-of-war or emergency was not declared) their help was very much sought after, but against the helpless ‘orang-kampung’, the Police seems very capable. This made the Army, stationed in Kroh (now Pengkalan Hulu), very pissed.

    Let me state the fact why KDN under Musa hastily stormed Memali… was a covert operation to neutralize racial antagonism between Chinese & Malay, heightened especially by the press. Situation was very tense then. Factories stop production due to operators, mainly females, were already afraid to go to work or their parents forbade them. Most were operators who had to take the mini-bus across KL to go to work in Sg.Way. I forgot what caused the hostility, but the day after Memali… all newspapers immediately switched their reports from inciting animosities to Memali. Radio and TV played successive patriotic songs and ‘jangan dengar khabar-khabar’ (don’t listen to rumors) messages….just like the aftermath of May 13, 1969.

    The communal antagonism was the same prior to ‘Amok Prebet Adam’ in Chow Kit, October 1987, two years after Memali. This time it was over
    the posting of Malay teachers in SRJKC. Lee Kim Sai was stripped-of his Dato’ship and Ops Lalang ensued after Private Adam ran amok. Hence the Government should thank Adam for what he had unknowingly done to ‘save’ the country from another racial strife. Wonder what have become of him today.

    Therefore, Memali was a ploy by KDN under Musa, to diffuse communal tension at that time. Coupled with his ‘look-west’ stance, Musa was just not fitted to be a Malaysian leader.

    Musa & Najib sma je… hanya berani bertindak terhadap bangsanya sendiri sahaja. Sama macam kes Khir Toyo…laju je masuk mahkamah. Tapi dalam kes Guan Eng……kita tunggu dan lihat. Jangan hampakan menyokong UMNO-Najib, sudah.

  3. Bro,
    Mungkin Apa Yang Di Cakap Oleh Tun itu benar.
    Sa waktu operasi Lalang Yang mana kerajaan Telah menahan banyak Ahli politic,wartawan dan peguam , Salah saorang Yang di tahan ia lah Dato Ahmad Sebi . CEO TV3.
    Ia merupakan penyokong kuat Kerajaan dan UMNO.
    Ahmad Sebi juga kawan Baik Tun Daim dan Anwar Ibrahim.
    Tun Daim dan Anwar Telah bergegas pergi Ka Seri Perdana dan bertanya kapada Tun Mahathir kenapa Ahmad Sebi Di tahan.

    Jawab Tun pergi Tanya Megat.

    Megat Junid dan Ahmad Sebi merupakan musoh ketat.Megat marah kapada Ahmad Sebi kerana ia telah menyiar Kan drama Di TV3 Yang Di buat atas Cerita benar Dari bukit Aman.Cerita itu ada hubongan dengan Megat junid.
    Saya tahu Cerita Ini kerana Saya waktu itu ada lah kawan Baik Ahmad Sebi.

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