Union of the Snakes


Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad making an appearance in court for his own political nemesis and former Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim pertaining to the injunction on the NSC Act, getting many wishful gullibles to see an opportunity of betterment for Malaysia.

The fact is quite the opposite. Anwar has been proven exhaustively  in the courts for being corrupt and abusive, particularly in  the acts of a tedious sexual crime is getting chummy-chummy with his former Boss who sacked him exactly eighteen years ago for the very crime.

Tun Dr. Mahathir has been proven to the the perfect Machiavellian, who thrives on treating politicians and personalities as political whores as long it serves the agenda he interpreted.

Who could the the two most corrupted and abusive political maestros getting together, be good for the nation?

Minister of Communication and Multimedia Dato’ Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak is right; it is a sign of ultimate desperation.

In between them, they do not have enough meat and water tight issues to sink Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak down.

So they get together and appeal to the gullibles, with the falsehood of even they are the most bitter nemesis but no agenda more important than ousting Prime Minister Najib.

The fact is that, tow wrong would never make anything right. Anwar has been proven to be a wrong. Tun Dr. Mahathir in his impatient gores to tank Prime Minister Najib up, make serious wrongs like lying, crossing the lines he drew, demonise the Malaysian Government in international media and inviting foreign forces to meddle and topple Prime Minister Najib.

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  1. Why highlight only two snakes in Malaysian politics. There are a lot more, perhaps in the thousands, snakes in UMNO, DAP, PKR and PAS but more so in UMNO.

    Snake in and snake out for agama, bangsa dan negara. Real honorable snakes in Malay clothing. PhDs and MBAs too at that. And Honorary Doctorates calling themselves Dr. something or something.

  2. ” ….. inviting foreign forces to meddle and topple Prime Minister Najib.”

    I totally disagree.

    In was in-fact… Jho Low mega-booze party with Paris Hilton… that opened the can of worms to the whole world.

    The only conspiracy, if there is any, is to save Najib from the long arms of the law. The fact was, Najib have a penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen and at the same time, wasting billions of Rakyat’s money. He even admitted in Parliament, spending RM7.2 Billion on Advisers and Consultants, just 5 years into his tenure.

    Remember Razak Baginda?…He took-off… a jet-setting lifestyle in kafir-countries, after bagging ‘consultation fees’ from us, the taxpayers?
    It had been 14 years since, but still Altantuya and today her murderer Sirul, could still haunt UMNO and BN at every GE.

    Not to mention Deepak Carpet who got RM30 million, interest-free loan from Bank Rakyat.

    But Jho Low, Najib’s middleman in 1MDB, went even further. He held a mega-booze wild-party with Hollywood’s infamous sexy celebrity, Paris Hilton. Or was it Reza Aziz’s idea to start the ball rolling on his film-making venture, The Wolf of Wall-Street. If it was, then that publicity sting sure worked wonders. Hollywood’s fraternity, New York and the whole of US went abuzz with news of the wealthy Chinaman’s wild-extravagant party. Paparazzi took pictures of Paris Hilton partying with Jho Low, sold them to media outlets.
    Obviously, Jho Low’s mega-party raised a lot of eyebrows all over the world. This itself is sort of, a betrayal to Najib and his band of thieves.
    In-fact, it was the smoking-gun that led NY Times… followed by WSJ and then SR, investigative report on 1MDB. Hence the precursor to that so-called, ‘inviting foreign forces’ or ‘conspiracy’ to overthrow Najib or the legitimate government of Malaysia.

    Therefore, if there exist foreign interference or aggression against Malaysia, it was Najib’s 1MDB that gave the enemy the opportunity to do so. Using their banking facilities must have given them the jurisdiction. Therefore 1MDB and Najib is solely to be blamed. The setting-up 1MDB, through public debt, was not even brought up to the cabinet for discussion. Maybe the next PM after Pak Lah & Najib, must be barred altogether from appointing himself as Finance Minister.

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