Being Ban Kin Moon

United Nations Secretary General Ban Kin Moon, a career diplomat, is very comfortable addressing in his formal capacity as a top global diplomat, as a typical Korean with a thick accent of his native language.

No need to be petty on how SG Ban deliver his address. What is paramount, is his message.

Do we see SG Ban’s fellow countrymen mocking him on any of speeches in the international arena especially United Nations, for the delivery form?

It is childish for Malaysians to nit-pick Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in his recent speech at United Nations General Assembly.

What is important what he said, which is reflective of Malaysia’s policy.

This include the call for immediate solution of Palestine.

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  1. Which is not going to happen anytime soon. The Palestine issue, I mean.

    Donald Trump had a face-to-face meeting with Netanyahu. Trump committed to “an undivided capital of Israel”.

    Political realities are different from making speeches in public fora.

    As the imbroglio in Syria and the stand-off over Assad demonstrates.

    I have nothing against Zahid’s accent or pronunciation.

    The fact of the matter is that his speech was most probably written by staffers at Wisma Putra.

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