Wala’, perserverance and waging a war on treachery

UMNO President Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak delivering the keynote adddress for UMNO GA 2016

UMNO President Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak delivering the keynote adddress for UMNO GA 2016

UMNO President Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak gave his simple but most powerful speech to ensure UMNO sustain its struggle and continue to serve the nation as the mainstay of the political power ever since the Federation was incepted as a sovereign nation.

He spoke and reminded the delegates representing 191 Division converging at Dewan Merdeka how the party sustained its strength and maintained its course despite being tested with major crisis. All due to the leaders and members remained and maintained ‘Wala’ (loyalty) and put the party agenda and struggle paramount to personal issues.

Prime Minister Najib reminded delegates to remain loyal is a responsibility, which is about maintaining teamwork. That is very much part of cultural-religious trait which defines a Malay.

He took a swipe at former leaders who were in strategic and position of power  but blurt out state secrets when they are no longer there and were disgruntled.

Prime Minister Najib also articulated about the Malays, who were fragmented and without any resources organised themselves through 41 NGOs managed to form UMNO 70 years ago.

The nationalist party not only successful in reversing Malayan Union, but also strived for Kemerdekaan with the blessing of HRH Malay Rulers. In the process, UMNO forged alliance with the Non Malays and the concept of ‘power-share’ was born.

He also reminded the audience that UMNO provided the sound and continuous leadership which developed the nation, transformed societies and alleviated the people.

As expected, he was not shy to strike his former mentor Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for abandoning  the party, all for the obsession of a personal agenda. He described Dr. Mahathir willingness to co-operate with Opposition leaders especially Lim Kit Siang, BERSIH 5, foreign powers and “currency rogue” Soros as “Ultimate betrayal”.

He reminded that UMNO as an organisation and its members were very loyal to Dr Mahathir when he was in power.

Today, Dr Mahathir not only disloyal to UMNO but willing to co-operate with arch enemy DAP to destroy UMNO. That has been described as despicable.

Prime Minister Najib reminded the Malays that DAP never shed its Anti-Malay policies and if ever they come to power, agencies created and developed to alleviate the socio-economic status like PNB, MARA, FELDA, RISDA and UiTM would be ridiculed and existence be challenged. Eventually, it would be taken away.

So would institution like JAKIM, Tabung Haji and Zakat boards.

Prime Minister Najib also elaborated on the PAS’s Private Parliamentarian Bill RUU355 to empower the Syariah Criminal Courts, that the Non Muslims shouldnt be concerned and eventually, the Federal Government would introduce the Bill.

This very much spelled out that Prime Minister Najib value the co-Operation with PAS. He interpreted that the jihad UMNO is undertaking is for the whole nation.

He also articulated the value of ‘Unity’ amongst the Malays and should move forward together and find the common course for betterment.

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  1. I am an ostrich with his head in the ground and what a crazy thought you have, BigDog bro: almost like a proclaimation of war in Surah 9.

    One wonder if Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang will rue the day they were born?
    Will Mokhzani be a pauper; will economy of the DAP supporters be like the Rohingyars’; will Lim Guan Eng will be incarcerated a long, long time and die in jail?

    Smells like Jihad fisabilillah is in the air.
    Why? Is it DAP killing the Malays like the Buddhists the Rohingyars?

    You better pray the economy is good, bro; the worse it gets the more terrible it becomes when PAS is cowed just for a few pieces of stolen trees and a foot bridge collaspsed while it was being built.

    But what do a Tanjong marhaen know of reading tea leaves at the bottom of a tea cup, eh, bro.

    Just foolish, crazy thoughts because Mohd Najib is a pansy? They say that of a dentist Bashar Al- Assad, too.

    Never play with fire, BigDog.
    And follow the BSI case in Singapore.

    Can we change it?
    When the whole Soros and the world stand and watch why should we?

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