A New Deal for the Malays

UMNO Johor delegate Dato’ Ayub Rahmat of Sekinjang Division raised a pertinent question when he had the floor, about where would UMNO take the Malays and what would the new deal for the Malays be after 70 years of the nationalist party.

Ayub was critical enough to state that UMNO’s call should no longer about making sounds in the tine of nostalgia, sentiments and rhetorics.

He called for ‘Radical Transformation’ for UMNO, as the mainstay of political power which forms the Government as the lead facilitator to plan, govern and implement policies and strategic plans for Malaysians, not only the Malays.

What we see is that UMNO would play its strategic role to provide the broad strokes  and lead the rakyat’s aspiration from the Government. There on, the Federal Government would be the master-facilitator for several different categories of the Malays.

The top band would be those who are able to complete and participate at global level, be it in commercial, professional services or academic.

The next band would be those who are competent in the regional level.

The third band is group which is able to fend for themselves with minimal assistance from the Government and shed the stigma of ‘The Malays have subsidy mentality’.

The fourth and lowest band would be the group which is still in need for Government facilitation, which include infrastructure and socio-economic development programs to alleviate themselves as probably the band being defined currently as ‘B40’.

After all, the philosophical role of a government in to provide what the people are not able to do for themselves.

Ayub pleaded that UMNO should work on this ‘New Deal for the Malays’ and call for a special assembly to present the strategic plan for the Malays.


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