Maha-Mule Too

Founder of UMNO Baru Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is extending his strategy to cripple UMNO for the ultimate goal to oust Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak with manipulation and lies about DAP, by specially appearing despite earlier announced “Not invited” and making statements about he was wrong about the Chinese Chauvinist party.

Probably it is worthwhile to recap who the Democratic Action Party really are before more of Dr Mahathir sinister agenda hoodwinks are being manipulated, to justify his treacherous political move to work with the arch enemies of the Malays, just suit his obsessed ego.

DAP was described as the “Radical and racist elements” in the post 13 May 1969 incident analysis, which saw a bloody racial riot and clashes as an outcome of the post 10 May 1969 Third General Election. In the chants of demonstration, the Non Malays particularly the Chinese where instigating seditious slogans and the Malays were insulted.

DAP, as an off spring of People’ Action Party (PAP) of Singapore upon the separation in August 1965, worked with the Malayan Communist Party, which earlier than that decided to take their war no longer in the jungle by through secret societies, trade unions and political movements.

Dr Mahathir could try to be naive and hoodwink the Malays with “They have assured me that they would abide by the Federal Constitution”.

Probably the Chinese Chauvinists within DAP would not amend or even try to append Act 153 Special Malay Rights. However the implementation of policies which exist for that purposes could be violated,

We are talking about MARA, UiTM, PNB, FELDA, FELCRA, RISDA, KEMAS and other SPVs incepted which have shown tremendous success in alleviating the socio-economic status of the Malays through the four and half decade of NEP.

When DAP have establish their governments with the help of PKR and PAN, they would still be the strategic ‘puppet master’ in the back.They already shown tendencies to amend laws so that they could dip their hands into monies collected by Pusat Pungutan Zakat and BaitulMal.

Personaliti gereja dan DAP yang terlibat dalam majlis Red Rock Hotel pada 5 Mei 2011 dikenal pasti

Church leaders and DAP personalities identified at the event at Red Rock Hotel on 5 May 2011

Then again, there is vow made at Red Rock Hotel in MacAllsiter Road, Penang on 5 May 2011. DAP was sponsoring the meet of pastors post Sarawak PRN and their leaders were present at the vow, as part of the religious prayer..

The Chinese Chauvinist Leaders in DAP probably be adhering to the laws under Federal Constitution. However, their co-curriculum engagements with fellow Malaysian Chinese would continue to fan, burn and harbour anti Malay sentiments amongst he Chinese communities.

ADUN DAP blatantly stood on the bench and was yelling despite HRH Regent of PerakDYTM Pemangku Raja Perak was still present in the DUN Perak chambers

ADUN DAP blatantly stood on the bench and was yelling despite HRH Regent of PerakDYTM Pemangku Raja Perak was still present in the DUN Perak chambers

Raja Muda Perak

The instances are so clear. How how the DAP elected represented State Assemblymen and women scuffle infant of the Perak Regent on one of the State Assembly term opening session.

Let us not include erratic DAP Leaders. Just ordinary members of society, who have demonstrated their blatant disregard for the values of unity, harmony and perpaduan antara kaum.

The incident of showing the finger at Her Majesty Raja Permaisuri Agong in Penang Airport, Alvivi Ramadhan month Bah Kut Teh campaign, the recent couple bullying a parking meter girl in Bukit Rahman Putra are some of the outcome of Chinese Chauvinism.

It is really pathetic for the Negara-sawan who has down so much especially to the Malays, trying to undo the very political institution which provided such leadership and facilitation for the Malays to progress this far, is trying to be torpedoed and sink because personal sinister obsession to oust Prime Minister Najib.

Now, he has sold himself to the devil to achineve that sinister obsessed agenda even if he has to be a mule, for DAP leaders to ride onto him to battle against the Malays.

Then again anywhere in the world through time, the ride is left outside with the elements when the journey is compeletded as the rider gets to be cosy in the warmth of the abode.

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