Dr M ‘Flip-Flopped’ & running with tail behind his hind legs on Najib’s initiative for the rakyat

Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ‘Flip-Flopped’ on his opposition against BR1M, an initiative introduced by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak as direct subsistence for the B40 five years ago, during the launch of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia tonight.

The Malay Mail Online:

Dr M says would abolish GST, make BR1M statutory


Saturday January 14, 2017
11:05 PM GMT+8
SHAH ALAM, Jan 14 — The federal opposition will gradually repeal the controversial Goods and Services Tax (GST) if it is elected into power, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

Although previously calling the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M) “bribery”, the former prime minister and chairman of Parti Pribumi Malaysia also said a Pakatan Harapan government would convert the cash handouts into statutory aid.

“GST will be abolished gradually and replaced with a sales tax according to the people’s will,” he said in his speech at PPBM’s launch here, without elaborating further.

Even before he could finish his remark on the GST’s abolishment, the red-clad crowd erupted into loud cheers of “Hidup Tun!” (long live Tun) as soon as they heard the word “abolished”.

The cheers were more subdued, however, when he repeated his words and completed his remark.

Dr Mahathir also declared that PPBM along with other opposition parties would form a “clean” government—especially in terms of elections—with various reforms to be carried out.

He said this new government would ensure that no bribes would be given out in any form to voters to gain support during elections.

“If it is found that BR1M is important, then this money will be distributed by government servants. BR1M cannot be included in any party’s’ manifesto.

“If it is agreed by the people, BR1M will become a statutory aid that is determined by laws and ordinary budget. The prime minister cannot determine its distribution or the amount, or the way it is given,” he added.

– See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/dr-m-says-would-abolish-gst-make-br1m-statutory#sthash.6xlrxFzg.dpuf


Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M) was first introduced in 2012 as subsistence direct to the target group, which is the B40, upon Federal Government’s rationalisation and reform on subsidies and economic transformation program. It was an idea mooted by Bank Negara, during the days of ‘laboratories’ created when Prime Minister Najib’s administration was preparing on new policies and economic and government transformation in 2010.

The program, now is categorised by different group of recepients.

Dr Mahathir attacked BR1M as a form of ‘bribe’ by Prime Minister Najib, to get the B40 supporting BN.

Inadvertently, Dr Mahathir acknowledged the transformation that has been introduced by Prime Minister Najib did brought positive effect for the rakyat. And now, he wants BR1M to be tweaked into statutory.

The fact is that he is running out of issues to rubbish Prime Minister Najib, considering many of the latter’s policies and strategic initiatives have brought positive result which the rakyat has been benefitting.

How his Opposition ‘Barisan Rakyat’ would try to mitigate the grave short fall in Federal Government coffer for operating budget by RM40 billion plus per annum by abolishing the consumption tax is not clear at this time. It is doubtful that it could be supplemented even if the Opposition whipped up IRB, Royal Customs and Local Authorities to generate RM40 billion plus that is collected annually under GST.

So far consumption tax in the form of GST is the fairest system of collecting revenue from the rakyat’s consumption of goods and services, without imposing higher personal income tax or any introduction of new taxes.

Globally, consumption tax has been proven to work in most economies, be it modern and developed or the struggling under-developed ones.

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9 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Why Dr Mahathir’s party has to be launched? And a big event to do it?

    Is like Pribumi Bersatu is a product.

    Product requires promotion. There is a marketing and product plan. There is a production plan.

    So far, there is nothing substantial about Pribumi Bersatu. It is everything all about Umno and the spirit, struggle, motivation, trappings and success of Umno being packaged as if Umno is dead and irrelevant.

    Then like any product, Pribumi Bersatu must have a shelf life. More over if it is a clone copy of goods already fine as they are. Particularly, minus the DAP bit!

    That is taboo to the Malays. Its like ‘PORK’ printed as imgredient to describe the product, on the side of the packaging. Completely NON HALAL!

  2. Erdogan and Fateh Gulen were political friends.

    Here we have an old man Mahathir having his fun. Hopefully, he won’t start a raging forest fire due to his recklessness.

    Yes, I am bored with the antics of old man Mahathir and patience has its limits, too.

    Let PRU14 be next year.

  3. YAB PM will outsmart DAP as he has outdone PAS, BigDig. It is now the finishing touches with Ringgit valuation by MoF before GE14.

    Why ringgit down so much more than Baht and Rupiah, BigDog? So how would Najib go about the needy tweaking?

    Better expose Mahathir’s bluff to reevaluate Ringgit – will he peg the ringgit like he did and no offshore dealings? Bank Negara has better a better way to reevaluate. Let us hear what Mahathir or his MoF Kit Siang has in mind to prop up the ringgit.

    Lagi-lagi pegging: Mahathir out of date.

    How does Xi Jiping look at Najib?
    And Theresa May?

    • Its a trust deficit syndrome. Kleptocracy and a lot of graft. Legislative & Judiciary seems to be controlled by the Executive.
      Therefore, value of the ringgit will strengthen itself, once UMNO-Najib goes. At least at par with Baht and Rupiah.

  4. Tell me Big Dig why the Yuan is devaluated or intentionly undervalued by China or is there no advantage to that situation? Of course some of our commodities are trade in USDollar but the Yuan is a global reserve currency isn’t it?

    Seems like Mahathir is now a loyal student -albeit uninspired – of Soros it seems: a Soros running dog in monetary trade.

    Najib will hang Jho Low if the US won’t, what say you, BigDog. Saudi Arabia will like him more then.

    • Again MAAF 4 mijn astrocius orang puteh talk, BIGDOGGUM OTAK YAHUDI.

  5. Tell me BigDog why the Yuan is devaluated or kept intentionally undervalued by China; and is there no advantage of economics to this situation? Of course some of our commodities are trade in USDollar but the Yuan is a global reserve currency, isn’t it?

    Seems like Mahathir is now a loyal student -albeit uninspired – of Soros: it seems he is a Soros running dog in monetary trade.

    Najib should hang Jho Low by his tiny balls if the US won’t, what say you, BigDog. Saudi Arabia will like him more then remembering the shame Qubaishi brought to the GCC.

    It is hard for you, one must realise, Biggum Dogmannsteinberg, to be a loyal friend to Boboi and yet having to stand up to Mahathir; but it will be worth it to stand up for your beliefs and be counted.

    However, you will appreciate Najib more as the times goes by. The Arab Spring brought with it a dangerous wind of change blow the world to a new era of mass unemployment and effects of climate change.

    Najib has what it takes to understand and undertake game changers. Theresa May will see it, Xi

    • …Xi Jinping will see and so will the HRH King of Saudi Arabia.

      Bi iznillah.

  6. What about cheaper goods for the rakyat?
    Where from?

    The answer is already in the MoF head while Xi Jinping meets the Davos Man.

    HRH Sultan of Johore was most spot on: Mahathir is just an old cantankerous coot having his fun and very disappointed with all his mediocre siblings.

    Another old dog Lim Kit Siang understands him much while both of them are green the color of PAS with envy of the billionaire Chen Man Hin who was made so at the behest of Najib.

    Is Najib going to Davos, Petra?

    (from comment made in Malaysia Today which not even Petra can see 🙂 ….)

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