“He (Dr M) would invent crisis!”

“He (Dr Mahathir) would invent crisis!”, proclaimed political analyst and former Transparency International (Malaysia) Tunku Aziz describing how Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir in his manipulative and deceptive ways to demonise and bring down Prime Minister Najib.

Dr Mahathir has been manipulating, lying, slandering, back paddling, contradicting himself and making about 180 degree turns, to capture the moment of glory in his obsession to demonise Prime Minister Najib.

This include in manufacturing crisis.

An example is the complain that his minion made to various international authorities which include the AG office of United States of America and Switzerland about 1MDB. So far, no real progress have been made on these authorities’ side to nab these “International white collar criminals”.

It is utter shameless of disbelief proportion the hypocracy that the Statesman willing to do in his desperation trying to win an inch for a brief moments, in attempts and stunts which failed all the way in his objective to oust Prime Minister Najib coming to two years now.

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  1. Do you think that ITER will have the much needed breakthrough before PRU15, Zakhir?

    What about Najib and PRU14?

    Najib should consider stepping down 3 years after BN winning again in PRU15 when he should be satisfied that TN50 has a clear path forward, don’t you think, Zakhir?

    Would China provide the much needed breakthrough for ITER, Zakhir?

    I think the keystone for a great TN50 should be a just and fair comprehensive Islam Jurisprudence and Courts that Malaysia along with Brunei and Aceh Muslim communities manage to produce that the OIC will very much want to use; a profitable mega Islam bank totally free of riba and a modern army of Muslim peackeepers based in Madinah.

    What will the now Trump-Putin-Xi era be like and the next five years?
    Do you think Najib can answer that, BigDog or HRH Sultan Muhammad V and HRH Sultan Nazrin will beat him to it?

    Did you catch the Donald John Trump Inaugural?

  2. To me… its Najib who had been creating crisis, wastage and scandals, one after another… or both at the same time… for UMNO/BN, the government and its Rakyat… with his penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen.

    First, it was Razak Baginda of which the government have to fork out needless RM500 million komisen… resulted in a high-flying, jet-setting sexual-affair that led to the death of Altantuya. After more than 14 years its still haunting his gomen… now from Australia, yet wasting millions of tax payers money to overcome negative perception.

    Then… it was Deepak Carpet. Bank Rakyat had to give an interest-free loan of RM30 Million to him.

    And now… its 1MDB-Jho Low…. Its elected Deputy and Vice-President, being expelled. resulting in the split in UMNO into Bersatu. The country being famous, the world over for the wrong reason… Kleptocracy… or rule by thieves… a new vocabulary… unknown, if not for Najib’s 1MDB & Jho Low.

    Definitely, Najib’s penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen runs counter to KPDNKK’s Jihad to eliminate these blood-suckers whose role certainly increase the cost of doing business and Rakyat’s cost of living.
    Therefore… Rakyat di Dahulukan… is just a farce.

    • We did warn you sternly.

      Razak Baginda was never paid with RM500m commission for what ever project.

      Your failure in getting proper facts to share your thoughts in here is appalling. It has many times litter discussions.

      Please consider this your last sharing of thoughts in this blog and take your nonsense information and share and argue them in other social media account.

      Good bye.

  3. Don’t worry everyone. Nothing ever happened. There is no 1MDB, no missing billions, no multi million ringgit shopping sprees, no expensively atrocious kenduri kahwin, no jet-setting jaunts, no holidays on a yatch, no nothing.

    All lies, manipulated stories, manufactured by none other than the current bad hombre, Tun Dr. Mahathir. Believe you me, everything is fitnah and Najib and Rosmah are as clean as 3-times bleached white sheets.

    Malaysians are now enjoying high incomes, especially from blogging, and willingly pay their taxes, GST included. Everyone is happy, thanks to Najib. That is if you believe what ‘they’ (you know who) are saying. Hail them all!

    • Thank you.

      Can you please furnish your statement on bloggers are paid to blog?

      Much appreciated.

      Otherwise, it shall be treated of making false accusations.

      • Do you think Boboi Mukhriz will be a better PM and MoF cum KDN1 than his dad Mahathir ever was, Zakhir; and Mokhzani better than little old DaimZ ex MoF?

        DAP should have demanded for PM seat but Kit Siang couldn’t say much – was it because Kit Siang got too much dicks with him – Anwar’s dick in his rectum, Mahathir’s dick in his mouth and Hadi’s dick in his right hand. Could his left fingers be busy with the Fan Lady Azizah?

        Is it wrong to say that Kit Siang is just a weak minded slave and are DAP and Chen Man Hin smart enough to see that clearly? Was Kit Siang outsmarted by Mahathir and Anwar so much so he admitted he deserve to be at no.2 and not even sure of the MoF post?

        Do you think this is a crisis to DAP or the Chinese?

        What does the Malaysian Perlembagaan say about who can be PM, BigDog?

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