Langley Limitless Looking Glass?

It was anticipated that the Faust of ‘Flip-Flop’ would wiggle his way through manipulation of obvious points, circumstances and convenience of time.

He was rationalising his innocence, to absolve his responsibility to the BMF scandal which saw losses for Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Bhd (BBMB) up to USD1 bil at the times when Bank Negara Malaysia foreign reserve stands only at USD3.8 bil.

What is interesting, what else CIA knew about Dr Mahathir and other scandals in his administration during the same period.  Naturally, it is very strategic information to the very ‘privileged’ who knew the details and it had affect on Dr Mahathir, then and now.

There are many issues or crisis which the Malaysian public could demand for explanation.

Maminco is an example. It was a RM2 company created to raise borrowings and play the tin market in London. The company failed its objective and maintain the artificial demand for tin and collapse. It accumulated RM1.5 bil in borrowings from BBMB.

The foreign exchange losses by BNM in 1993 is another interesting topic, which should draw nation-wide attention.

Probably Dr Mahathir was involved or in the know of or about some secret deals made by Langley, in some covert operation in the region. Particularly, in Cambodia and The Philippines.

The acquisition of 40 moth-balled Ex-US Navy A4 Skyhawks from a yard in Arizona in the mid 80s is another interesting point of contention.

The Perwaja Steel is another interesting ambitious project embarked not long after Dr Mahathir came into power. It continued to be financially not viable and eventually scandalous.

Twenty years later in 2002, Dr Mahathir admitted Perwaja had a total loss of RM10 bil.

Then again, it is impossible Dr Mahathir had a sin-free admimistration for him to live in a glass house and pelting pebbles around.

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  1. If DAP or the nation wants to take Najib to court of law then do it after Guan Eng’s trial and Mahathir’s. PRU14 is no obstacle.

    The problem now however for the country is not with Mahathir anymore but with AZHamidi. Let MACC begins with Mahathir and AZH.

    Yes, BigDog, the present and clear danger for BN is now is AZHamidi. Why did he belittle the hardworking BN cyber troopers?

    Is DPM saying it just in passing?

    Mahathir must go on trial. If he insists doing a Reagan so be it. Then, AZH.

  2. Let the gallant Ku Li take the fall for Mahathir and let the scape goat be Mahathir himself.

    And let Mahathir ask Guan Eng to teach him this lovely prayer:
    The Lord is My Shepard
    (Psalm 23)

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