Putting Money Where The Mouth Is

Fourth Prime Minister and former Proton Chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should put monies raised by him and his own family members to address issues not to his liking and bothering him at the national car corporation instead of making statements.

After all, it is believed that he induced DRB-Hicom to take over the controlling 42.7% of Proton from Khazanah for RM1.3 bil in cash in early 2012, which saw the national car corporation was delisted.

Dr Mahathir assumed the role of Adviser to Proton and is believed to be actively involved in the company.

Ever since the take over, Proton has never improved and continued to bled DRB-Hicom of profitability and liquidity. In May 2014, Dr Mahathir decided to play more active role in Proton by assuming the post of Chairman of the Board.

Proton market share performance

Proton market share performance

Proton’s financial and market share performance continued to slide on a downwards trend even after Dr Mahathir’s active involvement in the policies and decision making of the national car corporation.

He quit on 31 March 2016 after becoming a persona non grata with his voracious attacks against Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak and the Government.

The Thirteen MillionRinggit Plus Question is if Dr Mahathir felt very strongly about Proton, why didn’t he put his (and his family’s monies and access to fund) money where his mouth is?

The Mahathirs should have raised the funds to pay off Khazanah and now DRB-Hicom and inject the necessary investment and working capital, to take the path on what Dr Mahathir thought it should be for Proton.

It is the only fair thing to do.

Then again, Dr Mahathir has been known to deployed his foul mouth for the wrong reasons, at the wrong place, during the worst times.

HRH Sultan of Johor cided Dr Mahathir in his titah for the third time. This time in Pagoh for the 67th remembrance of Bukit Kepong blood incident, is a more comprehensive telling off for the latter’s manipulation, lies and reversal of statements, policies and principles.

It is obvious Dr Mahathir did not get anywhere with his loud mouth. Probably his money would get him somewhere.

If he is still worth what so many talk about him, especially in the international arena particularly Japan, then with monies he and his family raised to take over Proton, management skill provided by his sons and his clout to Japan automotive industry, should turn upwards for Proton.

He and his sons should tie up the international partner and ensuring the control of Proton is at where he thought it should be and manage against the fears he raised if Proton were to be hived off to foreign parties.

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  1. Where do you think hot dirty money will lead you to, Zakhir?

    The BNM Forex Scandal will send him and his pariah of a family off to purgatory here on earth. Same with Daim and MNYakcop and Mus Jeli.

    Where is Moses’ Firaun and his army now?
    Lovely is the 7 Haa Miiiim surahs.

    The same goes to royalties and what nots.

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