The Five Million Ringgit Anti-Murtad Fee


Former Information Minister and the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) recipient of National Journo Personality award for 2006 Tan Sri Zainuddin “Zam” Maidin should really reflect hard on his recent tendency of gutter politics with anointment of the former for the blasphemy (murtad) Cardinal Principles of Journalism.

If memory serves us right, he received the MPI award in 2006 when he was still serving as the Cabinet Minister in charge of information, where media and press are answerable to him.


It is irony for the statement he was quoted by Bernama then is against his gutter tweets, upon the tragedy for the teenagers cycling at Mahmoodiah, Johor Bahru a week ago.

It is also believed that the Information Ministry then provided the organisation which gave him the award, a substantial grant.

The fact that as a serving Minister, he was willing to receive an award for an industry he had power of supervision and control itself demonstrated his moral values.

If factor in what his call to bloggers in 2006, it is shocking to see what he is practicing in the cyberspace slightly more than a decade later.

Add his name calling, it is gobsmacking on how low the the seventy seven year old Tan Sri  the messages he was willing to post on his social media account.

It is utter shameful how once a Chief Editor of a respectable Malay daily had reduced himself, all for the notion of sowing hatred politics.

If that is not “Blasphemy to the Cardinal Principles of Journalism”, we don’t know what is in his mind.

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