Numbers Don’t Lie

The sparse audience at a Bunga Raya ‘Meet The People’ event in Kedah where President Muhyiddin Yassin and Deputy President Mukhriz Mahathir about to speak

People can hype things up and hoodhink other people with stories of manipulation and deception but in the final analysis the facts would be prevalent  as numbers don’t lie.

So much has been hyped about Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia making inroads and building the support amongst grassroots.

The detractors of Prime Minister Dato’ Srì Mohd. Najib Tun Razak have been busy painting the picture and creating the perception that the UMNO President generally no longer wanted by Malaysians. Particularly the Malays.

In fact they are vehement that UMNO is taking the brunt for the demonization of Prime Minister Najib, with so many scandalous stories.

Kedah BN Youth with State BN Liaison Chairman MB Kedah Dato’ Sri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanifah at party convention yesterday

However, the fact still remain UMNO as the party based on nationalism, is still the forerunner of Malaysian politics. Particularly amongst the Malays, the majority of the people.

UMNO still maintain the position of 86 MPs in Dewan Rakyat, despite the sacking of former Deputy President Tan Srì Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin, former Kedah Liaison Chairman Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir and former Vice President Dato’ Srì Mohd. Shafie Apdal resignation from the party a year ago.

Another interesting fact is that UMNO Kedah still operating actively in all 15 Divisions with 2,196 branches and 304,661 registered members.

That is compared against Kedah Bunga Raya party with 6,214 members. Some divisions are so thin that there are less than 100 members.

Jumlah ahli PPBM Kedah yang berdaftar

The photo in the mast of this posting is in Kedah, where the Bunga Raya President Muhyiddin Yassin and Deputy President Mukhriz Mahathir are about to begin their speeches.

It is even doubtful that party Chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is attracting actual voters in the areas that he toured. Especially with his specific intentions of continuous demonization of Prime Minister Najib with his manipulation and lies.

The rakyat is more interested in the agenda for them and how bread and butter issues are being addressed instead of Dr. Mahathir’s obsession to oust Prime Minister Najib and personal political agenda.

The fact that his working relationship with former nemesis of more than half a century Chinese Chauvinist DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang and the party isn’t auguring well amongst the grassroots.

Bunga Raya Chairman Dr Mahathir entertaining DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang at his office in Yayasan Al Bukhary

That is the fact about the political support a Malay hinterland like Kedah, the so called ‘Home State’ for a former UMNO President and State Liaison Chairman.

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  1. Good show, BD!
    The sort of arguments that’d leave them flower pot-heads running about like wet headless chickens trying to crow as if they are prized cockerels.

    Numbers is everything in conventional trench warfare. What ever who easy what with advancement of technology, in the Malay hinterland touchpoints are the winning elements in the last 10 days of official campaigning.

    What the devil are these flower pot-heads trying to achieve with 3,000 (most likely not the best trained and tested grassroots machinery) spread over 15 Divisions? Hardly an average of 13 men and women to man each Pusat Daerah Mengundi (PDM)!

    By fourth day official campaigning, 90% of these PDMs would be disoperational becoz operatives and agents are fatigue!

    The membership ratio is obviously 50:1.

    How and what else could one expect? Let’s not even talk about efficiency of grassroots GE machinery and most of all, distribution of monies for the campaign duration.

    The bloodlife of the campaign machinery can only work with experienced operators. And timing is everything, when all the elements are crucially working against each candidates.

    This is why UMNO has enjoyed the mainstay of right wing mainstream politics the past 60 years of democracy in this country.

    And we need not to even factor in the personalities the Flower pot-heads trying to present as their candidates, to take care the people as representatives.

    The hard facts are unlike Tengku Razaleigh in 1988 and Anwar Ibrahim in 1998, Dr Mahathir & Co. and Mahiaddin exited UMNO without streams of strategic leaders, able lieutenants and invaluable party operators.

    They left without as much as a ripple and the saddest part, they are attracting flies.

    That is why there is no “1.4m members” despite the ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ since 4 March a year ago. Instead, they can only gather a company of 6,200 poorly equipped pheasants to march against an open field of trench warfare against an experienced and battle-hardened troops.

    God have mercy on them!

  2. Dr M brought Lim Kit Siang to Al Bukhary’s High Command?

    Isn’t that like arranging a wild boar which just wallowed in the pool of mud with the foulest stench, into one’s parent’s bedroom?

    Obviously this Mamak has no shred of respect to the very Arab who has been funding him, which incl his obsession for Proton?

    BTW, that Arab committed one of his PLCs and took over Proton for cash, all for the obsession of Dr M 5 yrs ago.

    Needless to say, billions of RM bled from the coffer for that. All at the expense of the shareholders.

    • Thank you.

      BTW, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary lost his mother in law today.

      We, the administrators and contributors of this blog, would like to express our condolences and deep sorrow for the family’s loss. May Allah SWT bless her soul.

  3. Pakatuns and U-Turnettes are convinced Kedah is theirs by next pru. I think Boboi’s people hv been putting ketum in their drinks.

  4. This is good. Another post in a week.
    Working hard, aren’t you?

    Well work harder.
    If numbers don’t lie, check the hinterland of FELDA.

    Or are you just to happy with a false sense of security.

    My God, when you have finished tea with the noobs try have some with us kampong folks.

    Surely by now you would know that in the urban area and the cities, it is the internet and YouTube’s for Kit Siang’s disciples and followers; and in the FELDA area?

    A picture of Alor Setar kapcai is no good indicator, bro.

    FELDA, Zakhir or are you really a pro-BN blogger which is the whole reason I am here.

    • And hopefully, Malakof don’t crash.

  5. How low does madey had to stoop to.protect the financial interest of his family and crony including trying to float the political career of an an aloof son lacking any leadership talent and common folk personal touch?

    From a mighty dictator that held the premiership and president of the largest party in Msia, he is now a chairman of an insignificant opposition party with unpopular president and deputy that as chairman, he had to administer a division by his own.

    His futile effort will be more apparent when the existing political parties demand their seats and pribumi is left with hardly many seats to contest and merely DAP stooge like PAN to further split UMNO and PAS Malay rural votes.

    At the end of his life, the one time dictator is dancing to the music of his the puppet to his arch enemy Lee Kuan Yew.

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