Compensatio More

The suit by Selangor State Government and MAIS against Redha Resources Sdn. Bhd. and Bank Muamalat Bhd.

Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (MAIS) should convene and view in totality with regards to the contract pertaining the accommodation for the purpose of Kolej Ugama Islam Selangor (KUIS), otherwise lodge a Police report of probable deception against favor contractus.

It is important as it is also only fair to protect the sancity MAIS as an institution enacted by a series of state laws passed by the Selangor State Assembly.

The Commercial Crime Division of the Police Force is compelled to investigate if any Police report was lodged.

Any abuse and/or misconduct by officials in the interpretation and execution of any contracts entered on behalf of the body, would be investigated and the road for resolution would be opened.

The investigation should include any information highlighted through media.

One important information is the publication of a document of a suit (Ref: 22NCVC-205-o4/2015) by Selangor State Government and MAIS against a private limited company and a high street bank.

This is of public interest and should be taken seriously, especially if there are any elements of fraud which include the issuance of certificates pertaining to building quaffed to be occupied, only authorised by local authorities.

The action of the officials of MAIS so far in the treatment of the contract and case is thought by certain quarters to give the perception to reflect the hubris attitude.

Otherwise, the suit should be investigated also for mora solveni. The sum involved in the case of RM125 million is material enough to warrant an independent investigation.

At the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, it is interesting that Opposition MPs are allowed to present a private members’ bill with the explicit intention of raising penalties of existing shariah criminal laws. It is to befit the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation of Malaysia, as per the Federal Constitution Article 3(1), with any exception for the authority of death penalty.

It is ashamed if MAIS does not live to the expectation of the body which is the authority and administrator for religious matters in Selangor, the most populous and industrious state in the Federation.


Compensatio more: Delay in payment or performance on the part of both the debtor and the creditor

Hubris: Excessive pride or self-confidence.

Mora solveni: Delay in payment or performance in the part of the debtor

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