Anointing Annulment, Addendum

PAS delegates unanimously passed the resolution to severe ties with PKR at their annual assembly or Muktamar at PAS Kedah Complex in Kota Sarang Semut, today.

PAS delegates also echoed President Dato’ Seri Hj Hadi Awang attacks on DAP, for what being described as “The betrayal and utter disrespect  against Islam which is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia”.

By that score, PAS also would not want to forge working relationship with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s rebel party, which a few weeks ago applied to be part of Pakatan Harapan and formalising relationship with DAP and PKR and the rebel party of PAS, PAN.

The reverence with PKR and outright disavow working with Pribumi Bersatu, which are coalition partners with PAS mortal enemy DAP and rebel PAN, paves the path of opportunity to work with UMNO instead.

UMNO has countless times demonstrated its position on Islam and Muslims, which is reflective on the constitutional definition of the Malays.

It has been quite a bit since the series if high level consultations and negotiations between senior representatives of UMNO and PAS have met and started their engagement process,

One of the success is the progress and support that President Hj Hadi gotten so far about tabling the member’s private bill RUU355, meant to empower and  increase penalties pf Syariah High Court Judges equivalent of Criminal High Court Judges, with exception of capital punishment.

President Hj Hadi also acknowledge that on UMNO side, they are taking the soft approach to work together mad high probability for the first round, it would on platforms on issues thats UMNO and PAS could work together on the basis of Islam and betterment of Muslim.


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  1. Tok-tok Lebai ni dah tak doa “Jahanam Umno!”, “Hancurkan Umno!”.


    Umno ada 3.6 juta ahli. 88 (tolak 2) kerusi dalam 220 kerusi Dewan Rakyat. Ini bermakna kepentingan utama orang Islam terletak pada Umno.

    Eloklah bekerjasama dgn orang Umno. Perkasa dan menyatukan Ummah.

    Berbuat baik sesama saudara. Itu tuntutan Al Quran dan dipraktikkan Rasulullah SAW melalui sunnah Baginda.

    Hidup Melayu! Takbir!

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