Fake News Fide

Fake news about a Sarawak Dayak Dance Troupe at KLCC Park

The notoriety of viraling fake news especially through social media could cause serious disunity amongst the multi-ethnic and multi-faith Muhibbah Malaysians, generally understanding, tolerant and accommodating of each other which is fundamental feature of the Federation.

Case in point is about a Dayak Dance Troupe from Sarawak, which was asked to discontinue performing in the KLCC park grounds for failure to produce a permit or approval to perform in a public place.

This is as per Dewan Bandar Kuala Lumpur by-laws.

It was believed the group consisting of ten dancers arrived at KLCC Esplanade on 14 May 2017 at 1000am. As they performed their moves, KLCC security approached them to enquire about permit to perform.

Checks on the e mail were made to sought whether a request or approval was made. However, it was non avail.

The security personnel had asked the group to discontinue performing even though they claimed to be practising, for a purported show on one of the tv channels later in the evening.

As there was no approval obtained, the group was advised to seek the necessary approval should they wish to continue their activity. Relevant contact details were provided to the group leader and they proceeded to leave the area.

Conveniently, tweet messages such as featured and blog posting started to viral. No enquiries were made to verify any of these social media postings.

This is conveniently less than two weeks ahead before our fellow Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak celebrate their Hari Ka’amatan and Gawai respectively.

Malaysians should use social media to foster unity and strength instead of sensationalising fake news and proof the peril of information democracy, which could consequentially build into ill feelings.

*Updated 1900hrs 19 May 2017

Apparently the source of the fake news admitted in his Facebook account the story is fake.

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