Ride on MRT, not take MRT for a ride

The Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) system recently opened for public use is to ease of congestion for Klang Valley dwellers, which eventually when fully completed would take 160,000 plying the roads and brought the strategic value of better quality of life, increased productivity and growth.

It is by no means for consumers to utilise any of the component of the MRT system for other purposes than to travel within the 51km line spread through 19 stations, from Sg. Buloh to Kajang.

Media Statement by MRT Corp Director of Communications Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah:


Kuala Lumpur, 21 July 2017: Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) wishes to address several issues which have arisen following the opening of Park and Ride facilities in conjunction with the commencement of full service of the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) Line.

MRT Corp has received several complains from users of the various Park and Ride facilities along the SBK Line of them not being charged the RM4.30 per entry rate and having to pay more despite using the MRT service.

MRT Corp Director of Strategic Communications and Stakeholder Relations Dato’ Najmuddin Abdullah said in order for users to enjoy the RM4.30 per entry rate, the user has to follow several steps.

Firstly, he said users must use the same Touch ‘n Go cards which they had used to enter the Park and Ride, to get on the train by tapping it at the MRT station fare gates.

“The same card used to enter the Park and Ride has also got to be used at the fare gates of the station before boarding the MRT train because this is the only way that we can differentiate who has parked and ridden on the train, and who has not,” he said.

Najmuddin said those who fail to use the same Touch ‘n Go card would unfortunately be charged the full standard hourly parking rates despite taking the train by using a different card or by buying a token.

“Cases of those who used the Park and Ride who were charged the standard hourly rate was mainly due to this,” he said.

In addition to having the use the same card at the Park and Ride and to ride the train, Najmuddin said there were also several other steps which needed to be followed.

He said on the return journey, users must also ensure that the same Touch ‘n Go card is used to exit the station, and then exit the Park and Ride.

“Please take note that tapping in during the first journey, and tapping out during the return journey, has to take place at the same station, which is the MRT station that is attached to the Park and Ride.

“We have had instances where a user took the train at a station attached to a Park and Ride, and then returned to the park and ride by bus. This will result in the standard hourly rate being charged,” he explained.

In addition to this, on the return leg, there is a time limit of two (2) hours between a user tapping out of the fare gates at the MRT station and to exit the Park and Ride.

Users should also be aware that if they use the same Touch ‘n Go card for the Park and Ride to tap in at the fare gates at a station, and then exit the fare gates at the same station without getting out at another station, they will also be charged the standard hourly rate.

“What this means is that if a person enters a station, takes the train everywhere but does not get out at any station, then returns to the station where he or she began the journey and tap out there, he or she will not get the special rate,” he explained.

Dato Najmuddin said MRT Corp will add more signage at the Park and Ride to explain what was needed to be done so that users could enjoy the RM4.30 per entry charge for those who used the MRT service.

“In view of the situation, we urge those who have used the Park and Ride and complied with the steps mentioned above except for the step about using the same card to ride on the train to seek refunds from MRT Corp,” he said.

Please email to mrtparkingfeedback@mymrt.com.my or call the MRT Corp Parking Operations Unit at 03 – 2081 5328 or 03 – 2081 5330.

Najmuddin said this only applied to the Park and Ride at Sungai Buloh, Phileo Damansara, Maluri, Taman Midah, Taman Suntex, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Bukit Dukung and Sungai Jernih.

For the other parking facilities along the SBK Line such as at Kwasa Damansara, Kwasa Sentral, Bandar Utama, Pusat Bandar Damansara, and Kajang; Najmuddin said they were owned and controlled by external parties

“Users can contact their operators of these car parks directly for any issues to be addressed,” he said.

The parking rates for the Park and Ride facilities are attached.



Someone attempted to abuse the 8,080 parking bays specially built by MRT Corp for MRT commuters but not go on the MRT system. Hence, without using the Touch N Go Card end-to-end (enter and park, ride on MRT, return ride on MRT and exit the parking), one would not enjoy the special rate of RM4.30 whole-day-parking charge.

The fact is that MRT Corp built the huge amount of parking facilities in selected stations just outskirt of the city limits is to encourage commuters to ride on the MRT system instead of drive into the city and add into the congestion.

This parking facilities is being complemented by the 300 feeder buses take would ply each station in the radius of five kilometre, to further provide comprehensiveness of the MRT system which designed as part of Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak’s economic and social transformation agenda.

Government heavily subsidies the MRT system with the fare is only RM5.50 a journey of 51 km from Sg. Buloh to Kajang, in 84 minutes of absolute comfort and precision travel, anytime of the day, any day of the week.

Even during the damnest rush hour, compounded by the worst torrential thunderstorm.

It is a lesson for Malaysians to have the right attitude, now that the Government is doing so much to uplift the quality of life if not brought forth betterment in the growth.


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