Kutty-cure aa…?

Habitual liar Fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is running out of mindless lame excuses to get himself out of sticky situation for the continuously unsubstantiated allegations, manipulations and lies in the past thirty months in his strategy of demonisation to oust Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak.

Malaysiakini story:

Zahid thought he could convince Najib to step down, claims Dr M


33 comments     Published 3 Aug 2017, 1:36 pm     Updated 3 Aug 2017, 1:39 pm

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had hoped to convince Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to step down soon after he was appointed deputy prime minister, alleged Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir claimed that this was communicated to him during a meeting with Zahid.

“He (Zahid) thought he could get Najib to resign, after which he would become prime minister.

“I told him, even if Najib resigns, it is not necessary that he (Zahid) becomes the prime minister, because Umno has the right to choose who replaces Najib,” the former premier told The Malaysian Insight in an interview.

It is not known when the meeting took place. Zahid was appointed as deputy prime minister in 2015 after Muhyiddin Yassin was dropped from the cabinet due to his critical views on 1MDB.

In a video published on Facebook on Monday, Mahathir accused Zahid of wanting to replace Najib and that he had sought the former premier’s blessings.

Mahathir also accused Zahid of failing to provide a clear answer on the alleged RM230 million in his account when he declared his assets to the former premier in 1996.

Mahathir has been targeting Zahid since the latter took a swipe at the former premier’s Indian heritage during an Umno event over the weekend.

Malays used me, not the other way round

During the interview with The Malaysian Insight, Mahathir said he did not benefit personally from his 22-year reign of Umno and Malaysia.

“If I used Umno, what are the bad things that I have done? The truth is, it is the Malays who have used me,” he added.Mahathir said he was not surprised that he was being demonised by Umno leaders and the media, but he believed that the majority of Malaysians would not be convinced by the smear campaign.

“I don’t think the majority of the people accept (the smear campaign). In fact, some are angry. Angry when Najib says I have done nothing.

“He (Najib) is sitting in a home I have built. He is working in an office I have built,” he added.


Again this story is about Dr. Mahathir throwing allegations which he is unable to substantiate.

This meeting purportedly happened which the founder of UMNO Baru said newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi asked for his assistance to formalise his position as UMNO No.2.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd. Yassin was sacked from Cabinet in July 2015, four months after Dr. Mahathir openly attacked Prime Minister Najib by throwing so many issues who justify his call of the son to the former’s boss be ousted.

Hence, when then Home Minister Zahid was appointed to replace Muhyiddin, the latter was still legally UMNO Deputy President.

It is unlikely for UMNO delegates were to stay with Muhyiddin as the Deputy President in the next party elections simply because Vice President Zahid is a more popular amongst UMNO middle level leaders and grassroots.

Then there is also Muhyiddin realistically had no ally and friends he could bank on at the Supreme Council and Division Heads and Deputy Heads level. His sacking proven that less than 3% of this lot came over to see him, let alone throw support even in private.

It is glaringly clear Muhyiddin’s exit from Cabinet and later booted out of the party caused minimal ripple in the party.

The there is this another angle about Dr. Mahathir claiming “Zahid disclosure to him about the RM230 million in his accounts”. His statement against Zahid about the “RM230 juta” is really interesting. The facts are:

1. That was twenty years ago
2. Its a private disclosure and now he is making it public

So, Dr Mahathir has sterling memory of numbers, events and stories. However, it was not so when he was on the stand in the cases of:

1. RCI of VK Lingam
2. RCI ‘Projek IC’ Sabah
3. PKFZ trial.

Now, that also got us thinking. If he has first party knowledge of the “RM230 juta”, why didnt he do anything about it then?

He was the Prime Minister at the time and Anti Corruption Agency was a department under his Ministry.

Then again, even Datuk Rocky is tickling our mind that had Zahid was in possession with so much cash then and he disclosed it to his then party Boss and latter did not find it interesting enough to act on it, how much did Dr. Mahathir had his in possession?

It is vehemently clear that:

  1. Dr. Mahathir’s 22 years leadership as the UMNO President, Barisan National Chairman and Prime Minister is not Sterling and without tricks, controversies and scandals
  2. Dr. Mahathir’s ‘selective amnesia’ is a demonstration of he really had ‘Lots to hide’ and bane to everything he is throwing as excuses and justification in his quest to oust Prime Minister Najib the past thirty months
  3. Dr. Mahathir’s deeds does not warrant his right to be treacherous against UMNO and the Malays
  4. Dr. Mahathir going to and teaming up with the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is never and can never be about ‘Perjuangan’ but completely serve his ego, personal agenda and obsession
  5. Dr. Mahathir sold the nation out by teaming up with the very foreign media which he claimed was in cahoot trying “To topple him as then the Prime Minister, UMNO President and leader of the Malays”

Dr. Mahathir had been an obnoxious agent to any system the past seventy years and still is a lethal poison. Unlike botox which is poison introduced into a muscle which reaction is utilised for pro-active cosmetic non-evasive procedure or penicilliin, ‘good bacteria going after bad bacteria’, he is has been proven having long term damning effect.

All in sundry, Dr. Mahathir is not the cure to the national issues at had today, which was his doing and carried over even after almost fourteen years of retirement and still being sorted out.



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