Connecting the Disconnected


The Ministry of Youth and Sports, Barisan Nasional and UMNO Youth should multiply their efforts in connecting the youths with the full picture and get them onboard on the transformation programs that already been rolled out since 2010.

The Mole carried the story about the recent Merdeka Centre survey of 604 respondents amongst youths how disconnected they are.

Youths dissatisfied with government, distrust opposition

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – September 20, 2017: A recent survey by the Merdeka Centre concluded that although a majority of Malaysian youths were highly dissatisfied with the government, they were also sceptical of the opposition’s ability to present a viable alternative.

According to the survey, 53 per cent of 604 respondents said they were too busy to register as voters, despite believing that the country was heading in the wrong direction.

It also pointed out that despite being the largest voting bloc, over 2.5 million of youths have yet to register as voters.

“If this apathy among youth voters continues, it is highly likely that turnout for the next general elections will be lower than the last one, which was 85 per cent,” said Merdeka Centre programme director Ibrahim Suffian at a forum last night.

Ibrahim added that the repercussions of having a low voter turnout among youths was that they may not regard the elected government as their representative.

On why youths were sceptical of the opposition, panellist and lawyer-cum-activist Syahredzan Johan said it was due to opposition leaders’ alleged penchant for talking politics non-stop.

“They should talk about other things as well. As the study suggests, the youths’ disappointment with the government does not translate into a vote for the opposition,” reminded Syahredzan.

He pointed out that the opposition’s silence over the recent ban imposed on online video game bazaar Steam by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission showed how disconnected they are with youths.

“They should have used the issue to tell the gamers how politics actually played a part in the ban of Steam. But they didn’t,” said Syahredzan.

The study also discovered that political issues such as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad controversy and the implementation of hudud were the least of the youths’ concern.

Instead, the majority — Malays (77 per cent), Chinese (71 per cent) and Indians (68 per cent) — said they were constantly worried with their personal finances.

The survey was conducted in 165 constituencies in 12 states in the peninsula from August 3 to 8.


The Opposition is evidently not serving the aspiration of the youths.

A month ago, at a Malaysian student summit organised by Malaysian students studying abroad on their annual summer holiday, it is abundantly clear the Opposition Youth leadership is disconnected with the students who were willing to hear them out.

Along with the progress that have been achieved the past eight years like increase of 50% of gross national income and the rise of disposable income amongst the youth and young Malaysians, BN Youth should have a lot to tell.

There are aplenty of success stories that would be compounded on the ‘Feel Good’ factor amongst the younger Malaysian populous, like more opportunities to have access to affordable homes particularly to the middle income group and growing urban dwellers.

This is on top of how Malaysians came together for the sound triumphant calls of the recently concluded XXIX Kuala Lumpur Sea Games and 60th Merdeka celebrations.

However, tone of he Minister in-charge has been seen as not quite positively compelling.

It is quit alarming if he is feeling down and subliminally sending the vibes instead of rising above the dark clouds at his corner and quickly drum up the charge.

There are a lot of opportunites to be capitalised on the persons currently in the zone of ‘disconnected service’.

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