Pakatan Harapan Dinosaur Duo Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad-Lim Kit Siang’s Anti-Kleptocracy rally in Petaling Jaya today saw their lies no longer have traction.

At the height of the usual Opposition rally which is nighttime, the attendance was abundantly very poor.

Despite it is held in a Chinese majority area in the vicinity of the original DAP HQ, it estimated that the attendance was at best 4,000 tonight and 6,000 in the evening.

It is safe to assume even Opposition party members and their hard core supporters did not turn up.

In the previous Opposition backed rallies like BERSIH, majority of those who attended were either supporters of Opposition parties like PAS and the later ones were the Chinese. The Chinese gave en-bloc support to DAP since two GEs ago.

Many factors are attributable to the present poor support towards the Opposition.

One, the absence of PAS is a key factor for the low turnout of attendees amongst the Malays. During BERSIH 1-3, PAS organised bus loads of their supporters from the Malay hinterland.

It is obvious that high turnout for BERSIH 4 and 5, was about the Chinese coming out in their support of the Opposition particularly the DAP and sending a strong message to the Government.

Two, majority amongst the Chinese grassroots who had been the traditional supporters of Chinese Chauvinist DAP have since been very uncomfortable with the cosy co-operation and partnership with Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir had never been shy attacking Lim Kit Siang and the Chinese Chauvinist DAP as “racists and ethnic extremists”, had demonstrated the ultimate hypocrisy by forging relationship and later work in tandem with his mortal nemesis of half a century.

The objective is toppling Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak, now that he cannot to do it true UMNO and getting a vote of no confidence through Parliament.

He even tried to get an audience with His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong and the bretheren of HRH Malay Rulers.

This, is amongst many other hypocrisy are irrecoverable impression despite previously they are willing to respect the stance of the two being political nemesis for the longest time.

Third, the obsessive narrative of “Kleptocracy” don’t really hit off with the majority of Malaysians. It is abundantly clear that they are no longer interested on the 1MDB issue which the Opposition particularly Dr Mahathir trying to made it contentious and scandalous.

Majority of Malaysians are not convinced that individuals at the top are ‘stealing’ from Government coffers though they do believe in various cases of corruption, especially the ones highlighted by ongoing investigations and some already facing trial.

Fourth, None of their stories or the ones that they are holding in their attempt to run down the Government particular Prime Minister Najib pertaining “The scandals and wrong doings which include theft, cheating, criminal breach of trust and money laundering about and to 1MDB” ever been substantiated.

The conveniently hold on to the two year-on-year announcement from United States Depart of Justice pertaining to 1MDB as their political capital to run down Prime Minister Najib.

The fact is that till present, no criminal charge has ever been made to anything directly pertaining to 1MDB which include its assets, deposits and/or anyone who is an 1MDB official in any court, anywhere in the world.

Even DAP MP Tony Pua suit against Prime Minister Najib failed.

The Star story:

High Court strikes out Tony Pua’s suit against Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court allowed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s application to strike out DAP’s Tony Pua’s suit over alleged misconduct in relation to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) funds.

Judicial Commissioner Faizah Jamaludin ruled that the Prime Minister is not a public officer, and thus did not hold public office.

She also found Pua lacked locus standi (the right to bring an action) as a taxpayer does not have the direct right to property belonging to a Government-linked company in the same way a stockholder owns stocks in a company, though not its properties directly.

JC Faizah struck out the suit, as per Order 18 Rule 19 (1) of the Rules of High Court, and ordered Pua pay RM5,000 in costs each, to Najib and the Government.

Najib was represented by lawyer Tan Sri Cecil Abraham, while senior federal counsel Alice Loke acted for the Government.

Najib filed the application to strike out Pua’s suit on Feb 14, on grounds that he is not a civil servant as alleged by Pua in his statement of claim, and that the suit is also an abuse of the court process.

The government also filed an application to strike out the suit on March 2 on the grounds that Pua has no locus standi to make the claim and that the suit is frivolous, vexatious and does not disclose a reasonable cause of action.

Pua sued the government and Najib on Jan 16 claiming that the PM committed misfeasance in public office involving 1MDB funds.




Fifth, Opposition leaders particularly in DAP are already in hot soup facing the music of criminal practices for graft in the likes of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the various contentious and scandalous cases involving many DAP leaders in Penang.

The latest controversy of the failure to furnish design and various reports to Ministry of Works pertaining to the proposed tunnel and later Penang State Government intention to do a third bridge instead from Bagam Ajam to Tanjung Bunga.

It is damning when RM220 in consultancy fees have been dished out.

Sixth, Dr. Mahathir was the last to speak. He talked about combatting corruption, almost completely like he is completely independent and isolated on it.

His partner Lim Guan Eng and several of the DAP linked individuals in Penang are currently on trial or in the investigations for various corruption cases.

In Selangor, there are stream of stories surfacing about the corruption practices of MB Dato’ Seri Azmin Mohamed Ali.

It ranges from short changing settlers, payment to default contractors pertaining hostel facilities for UNISEL students to the latest rumour about collection of rental from PPRT dwellers that went missing.

Currently in Sabah, MACC is holding a massive investigations about the corruption of Ministry of Rural and Territory Development (KKLW) to the amount of RM1.5 billion skimmed off when his Pakatan Harapan Sabah ally Dato’ Seri Shafie Apdal was the Minister.

Seventh, Dr Mahathir’s hypocrisy also include about “Direct negotiations for contracts and projects”. These are practiced widely during his tenure as the Fourth Prime Minister and many of his cronies which is believed also included business where his children have interests benefitted from such scheme.

The Malaysian public are very aware of these ‘open secrets’. Cronyism was actually the theme when then UMNO Deputy President Anwar Ibrahim decided to mount a challenge against him in 1997.

When Anwar was sacked on 2 September 1998 as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, he went to town the sacking was about “Dr. Mahathir protecting his cronyism and being dictatorial”.

Eighth point is about that it is obvious that when investigations against Azmin and Shafie are completed and they are charged for corruption, particularly involving funds for the facilities which meant to uplift the poor and rural dwellers, that it is the Opposition leaders who are the Kleptocrats.

Dr. Mahathir attacked MACC for their ongoing investigations pertaining to KKLW and accused that the graft busting agency is a political tool instead of deploring the act which tantamount to ‘Kleptocracy’.

Ninth, it is the Opposition leaders who are in power who are abusing and using their power to enrich themselves and cronies from projects which are meant for the poor, is the act of ‘Kleptocracy’.

Lim Guan Eng already standing in criminal court for it. Persons linked to Shafie Apdal are already being detained under remand order for the investigations. Rumour has it, soon Azmin Ali would also has to face investigations.

Tenth. Dr. Mahathir is manifesting absolute  hypocrisy for attacking all these criminal charges and investigations by the Attorney General and MACC as being political tool for the Government but in his summation, promise to combat graft if Pakatan Harapan comes to power.

The rakyat did once opted for them to be tested with power and not only no progress, the Opposition when in power are far worse against the stories that they demonise what BN Government had been doing all these years,

Soon the rakyat would begin to see this light and Dr. Mahathir and his Motley Crew are about hypocrisy with negative and destructive politics. Then, it would be Kelepeto-crashing upon the real liars and pubic enemies.

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