Mahaleel’s lullaby

Former Proton CEO Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff, to is very proud in his achievements for the national car industry when laid on paper, should tell the whole story of the Proton eco-system so that the general public understand.

His FB posting:

The spreadsheet looks extremely good. Especially, when Mahaleel is trumping his chest about the 1,655,000 units of Proton motorcars sold within his nine year’s watch.

On record, it is Proton most brilliant era.

Proton sales pre-DRB HICOM take over

Then again it is interesting why with such proud numbers, Proton is in its state the past five years despite the growth in all axis of Malaysia’s motorcar market especially in the B and C segment.

Even better products are introduced in the last five years against the ones during Mahaleel’s time.

They say, ‘the devil is in the details’. One, there was a protectionism policy on the automotive sector pertaining to imports and development of competing CKD brands.

Simply, the market had no choice but to go for Proton for its segment B and C motorcars.

Two, as such Proton were peddling lemons to the consumers. Motorcars were fitted with inferior parts. Quality was not something to shout about. Infact, it is quite appalling.

Third, they also say ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’.

Hence, despite Proton under Mahaleel’s watch able to produce and sell 1.655 million motorcars in nine years, the consumers were not happy.

The customer experience on the product, after sales service and somewhat the abundant of menacing experience or negative perception with the product was the peril of brand disloyalty after Mahaleel left.

Mahaleel was brought on board by then Fourth Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He left not too long after Dr. Mahathir retired.

Forth, this was believed then the era where vendors were making good money by skimming off the quality of parts supplied for Proton motorcars. Experts point out of the bad market practices with the ‘patronage system’ for some of the vendors in the Proton eco-system.

So was for the Proton dealer and distributorship system. Not only the more than 90% only sells without after sales services offered, Proton failed to retained the existing customers as the market grew with new customers.

Fifth, till present day Proton in general is unable to shake off the bad perception about customer experience in the past.

Mahaleel as an educated man, a well exposed CEO with ideas, should come out to explain and articulate why in the past 32 years, Proton managed to produce and sell over four million motorcars and yet the brand is still number four in Malaysia.

Also, probably throw in the paramount question why Proton motorcars are very soft in demand at markets abroad. Surely, after 32 years and four million motorcars, of which 1.655 million was under his own watch, Proton as a brand would have spoken for itself.

Perhaps, Mahaleel himself never came clean about his failure for did not or unable to temper with the Proton’s ‘patronage system’ within the brand’s eco-system, which is a big part of the devil of Proton to where it went, till recently.

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  1. […] is baffling that Proton under CEO Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff had the 1.655million units sold during his tenure and had plans, that could transformed and propelled Proton forward but it did not […]

  2. Fact is, he was merely thumping his chest while missing out some details. Details like the Gen2 failure, the Savvy failure, the Campro failure, the Juara failure, the poor quality of the Waja…

    And his many grand ideas? How many are really perfect for Malaysia, their main market by a mile and then some?

    Your legacy, Mahaleel, is poor. Don’t beat around the bush.

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