The theatrics of Tua Kutuk

It was a day of so many dramas by Fourth Prime Minister and de facto leader of an illegal political organisation Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

He made seditious remarks to berate the professionalism of the Police and Armed Forces, as if His Majesty’s armed forces and police are presently supporting a dictatorship, likening to President Fredinand Marcos’s regime.

The Malaysiakini story:

Dr M: Tunggu saya dibunuh baru polis, tentera nak sedar?

Diterbitkan  |  Dikemaskini Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hari ini mengkritik polis dan tentera kerana masih menyokong Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Beliau mengimbas kembali bekas diktator Filipina Ferdinand Marcos yang hanya dapat dijatuhkan selepas pasukan keselamatan tidak lagi menyokongnya selepas Marcos membunuh musuh politiknya, Benigno Aquino pada 1983.

“Saya ingin mengingatkan anda tentang Marcos…Dia boleh menjadi diktator kerana mendapat sokongan polis dan tentera.

“Tetapi selepas dia membunuh Aquino, polis dan tentera memutuskan untuk tidak lagi menyokongnya dan dia pun dijatuhkan.

“Saya tertanya-tanya adalah polis dan tentera (di Malaysia) sanggup menunggu sesiapa di kalangan kita dibunuh terlebih dulu, termasuk saya, sebelum mereka sedar…,” katanya pada sidang media di Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Ketika ditanya sama ada beliau benar-benar risau nyawanya terancam, Mahathir berkata, “Dengan lelaki ini, saya bimbang tentang semua (perkara).”

Bekas perdana menteri itu mengulas kenyataan Panglima Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Jeneral Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi Raja Mohamed Noor yang menggesa anggota keselamatan setiakepada kerajaan bawah pimpinan Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Beliau menyifatkan gesaan itu bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menyatakan pasukan keselamatan perlu setia kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan negara, bukan perdana menteri dan kerajaan.

“(Dan) polis nampaknya terikat dengannya (Najib). Mereka kini mengambil arahan daripadanya sehingga melanggar undang-undang dan melakukan jenayah, misalnya menangkap (bekas pemimpin Umno) Datuk Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan,” dakwanya.

Selain polis dan tentera, Mahathir juga mendakwa Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) dan Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) sebagai “bersubahat” dengan Najib.

“Mereka semua bekerjasama dalam memusnahkan demokrasi di negara.

“Ini dakwaan saya terhadap mereka. Mereka boleh guna undang-undang terhadap saya tetapi saya tahu undang-undang yang digunakan itu bukan undang-undang sebenar, tetapi undang-undang autoritarian,” katanya lagi.


The Police and Armed Forces sworn their utmost loyalty to His Majesty Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong. By that, they have to duty to serve His Majesty’s Federal Government which is headed by the Prime Minister.

The power of the Prime Minister (by the way of the Minister of Defence) is clearly provided under the Armed Forces Act 1972. To suggest otherwise, it is unconstitutional.

It is terribly wrong and seditious to utter “It means (Prime Minister) Najib has his own armed forces”.

He also demeaned other Federal Government authorities in the likes of MACC and Inland Revenue Board, which powers were enacted by Parliament Acts  as “Accomplice of (Prime Minister) Najib”.

In Pasir Gudang, the adjacent port town to Johor Bahru tonight, de facto Opposition leader Dr. Mahathir announced that all Opposition candidates of DAP, PKR, PAN and those presumed under the illegal political movement PPBM would use the PKR logo as the common logo.

The Mole story:

Pakatan to use PKR logo in GE14


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – April 6, 2018: All component parties of Pakatan Harapan will contest in the general elections using the PKR logo.

This was confirmed by Pribumi Bersatu information chief Datuk Kamarudin Mohd. Nor today when asked how his party will campaign following its temporary de-registration by the Registar of Societies (RoS) yesterday.

Pakatan, which has yet to be registered with RoS, comprises Pribumi Bersatu, DAP, PKR and Amanah.

“We have decided to use PKR’s logo and it’s not just us (Pribumi Bersatu). DAP and Amanah have also agreed. As for our respective parties’ machinery, they will also be working under PKR’s logo.

“In a way, it was good of Najib (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak) to have us temporarily de-registered, otherwise each of us would have kept on insisting to contest under our respective logos. Najib had united us,” he quipped.

Talk of Pakatan contesting under PKR’s logo was widely talked about yesterday following the RoS decision and the DAP’s announcement that it will not contest using its  symbol.

The official announcement on the use of PKR’s logo is expected to be made at a Pakatan gathering in Pasir Gudang tonight.

Kamarudin expressed confidence that the pact has enough time to explain to the people why Pribumi Bersatu will use the PKR logo.

“The people are well aware of our issue with the RoS, so it’s not going to be difficult to explain to them,” he said.

The de-registration was due to Pribumi Bersatu’s failure to submit some documents and the its financial statement.

RoS Director-General Surayati Ibrahim said the party was given 30 days starting yesterday to re-submit the documents or risk permanent de-registration.


In his speech, Dr Mahathir admitted it was not an easy decision to make for the four different political groups to come and agree to use the PKR logo.

DAP, the party with the most MPs in the 13th Parliament and won 38 constituencies, agreed to forego their traditional ‘Rocket’ logo in the 14GE, which is very much round the corner.

The Presidential Council between the four political groups decided last year that they would use a common political platform and logo for the 14GE, to wrangle support from the voters.

However, their application for Pakatan Harapan was rejected. Dr. Mahathir’s own party was declared provisionally disbanded by the Registrar of Societies yesterday, after failure to comply its own constitution and rectify the 428 complaints by its own members.

In the final analysis, Dr. Mahathir to swallow his vomit, that naturally attached to any reminiscence shred of decency and integrity by accepting his nemesis of half a century and ‘comrades in arms’.

What is worse, he is swallowing any shred of dignity to beg for shelter under the house that was created to oppose every sense of leadership and tyranny exactly two decades ago.

Irony is when the very basis of their establishment was to get rid of him and now he uses their symbol to represent himself. The ones in that faction know how ridiculous they look now?

If they had any common sense in them they would spurn him away like a diseased dog in towards GrandChamberlain of incorrigible compounded lies very much in Mat Sabu’s direction instead

That is Tua Kutuk for you. Unimaginable how low he’d go to serve his Machiavillean obsesssion as a man-possessed.

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