Grumpy Guna goes (a)ghast?

So far, the truth prevailed against all the lies and slander brought forth against “A business problem that was twisted into a political tool and capital” and when the Opposition drummed this as their battle-cry, none between any of them ever came forth to challenge 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda in the face as lately, he’s been around all over debuting all the myth and lies.

The Third Force story:

Sarawak Report meets Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini got one of its writers to fire potshots at Arul Kanda Kandasamy, the CEO of 1MDB

Part-funded by the DAP, the news channel is reflecting the DAP’s innermost fear, fear that its support base is being swayed by Kanda and gang with facts and figures.

To contend with Kanda, Kini seems to have spent a considerable amount of money on Arulmania, a selective outrage machine that pettifogs every syllable that spills out of Kanda’s mouth.

That immediately summons the passion with which Clare blots the voter conscience with the ink of deception, an ink she knows is as indelible as the blot on her reputation is.


The smartest thing about P Gunasegaram’s article in Malaysiakini (Kini) today was that he didn’t try to compete with Arul Kanda Kandasamy. If he did, he’d probably have ended up burying his credibility as a writer, which, for all intents and purposes, seems already to be hanging by a thread. So he did the next best thing – he minced his words and split hairs without actually pinpointing what the fuss was about. It was Clare Rewcastle Brown all over again, albeit with a new hairdo and gender change.

In typical Sarawak Report fashion – which seems to be the going trend these days – Guna branded the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) a liar without actually presenting us the evidence. That immediately summoned the passion with which Clare blots the voter conscience with the ink of deception. Basically, all Guna did was string together a whole bunch of meaningless syllables only the staunchest of opposition supporters could digest.

Yes, the DAP is hitting the panic button.

Not that Guna’s article was in any way a cause for concern, no, but the fact that Kini resorted to Clare-styled clichés betrays a lack of original thought, probably because the DAP, which part-funds the news channel, is determined to prevent the erosion of Chinese support. Let’s face it, ever since the party’s de facto chief – who, we all know, is Lim Kit Siang – signed a ‘death’ pledge with Dr Mahathir Mohamad by agreeing to diffuse the rocket, the Chinese have been all about his betrayal owing to the lifetime they spent watching him brand the former premier a “Muslim fanatic.”

And they’re not budging.

Given that Kini’s wheels are being generously greased by the good ol’ chaps at the Soros owned and linked establishments – which happen also to fund the DAP these days – it’s only logical that you’d expect the very brand of rhetoric that oozes from Sarawak Report, Wall Street Journal and New York Times to appear in Guna’s narrative. It’s the usual dose of fabrication dabbed in persuasive ink that at one time, used to reek of conceit and deceit.

Today, it’s smells of fear.

That helps explain Guna’s article.

Kini seems to have spent a considerable amount of money on Arulmania, a selective outrage machine that pettifogs every syllable that spills out of Kanda’s mouth. Ever since the 1MDB CEO announced a roadshow to set records straight, team Kit Siang has been biting its nails, jittery that the DAP’s existing voter base – the one comprising die-hard fanatics who’re used to reading headlines and deriving conclusions – is being swayed by Kanda and gang with facts and figures. There is genuine fear that the truth campaign will turn DAP supporters against the party and cause them to settle the score at the ballot box.

That explains ‘gumball’ Guna, Kini’s eleventh hour ‘solution’ to everything Kanda. True to Kini’s ways, all Guna did was blow some empty bubbles over answers the 1MDB CEO was said to have furnished the news channel with, answers he even forgot to list down, let alone contend with point-for-point. And we’re supposed to believe gumball and put aside all the charts, figures and calculations – you know, the cut-and-dry stuff – that Kanda has been presenting us with?

Does Guna think we’re idiots?


The bitter man who Malaysiakini put forth in the attempt to kill the growing nationwide (not to mention, global attention too!) of Arul’s effort representing his firm to talk to ordinary people in events held by political leaders, NGOs and even communities to understand the ‘1MDB story’, is P. Gunasegaran.

He was an award winning former Star Biz editor. Before that, Guna had gone bitter over the years of criticising Federal Government policies like Proton which got him reprimanded.

It was believed that he was asked to leave.

Then Guna started KiniBiz and tried crowd sourcing to fund it but failed.

Guna also went political, throwing his support behind DAP and throwing anything he could and any opportunity available, against the Federal Government, the ruling party and particularly, the leader he hated most, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Nevermind trying to be Clare Rewcastle-Brown and throw salvos against Arul’s explanation and deliberation on 1MDB, without providing any shred of evidence nor he attended any of Arul’s sessions and challenge the LSE trained lawyer-turned-banker in the face.

He already got a prize for his business journalism.

At this point of time, he should be bitter with the DAP and Opposition coalition for putting Dr Mahathir right on the top of their throne.

Guna should train his guns against them, especially one of Dr. Mahathir’s promises if they come to power is to restart another Proton.

The Star story:

Dr Mahathir: I’ll start another Proton if Pakatan wins GE14


Seriously, if Guna is angry with his friends and hopes, then he should go after them instead of the truth being prevailed.

*Updated 2200hrs

1MDB CEO Arul Kanda calls Gunasegaran as “Coward!”

The Malaysian Digest story:

“You Don’t Have The Balls To Turn Up To Question Me…” Arul Kanda Tells Journalist Who Avoided Him Over 1MDB

Details Published on Friday, 27 April 2018 14:47

The CEO of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) had a few choice words for a particular journalist from a news portal whom he branded a ‘coward’.

An article that was just published in Malaysiakini which described Arul Kanda as at a loss for words during the interview at the news portal office had painted a picture of Arul as being cornered by the journalists and left “rooted to the spot with little room to manoeuvre”.

However, Arul Kanda revealed that the journalist who wrote the article that was openly critical of him recently was not even there.

“You don’t have the balls to turn up and question me in your own office when I am there for three hours?” Arul asked.

“I went to the office myself and four journalists interviewed me, asking questions about the 1MDB issue and I answered all of them based on facts.

“I was there for three hours but the author of the article was not even in the session. After that, he released an article that was clearly aimed at me,” he told reporters after another townhall session in Seremban last night.

Arul said he was not satisfied as the individual was not even present but later chose to write an article to discredit him.

“That is not fair, I am very disappointed with Malaysiakini,” Arul remarked.

He added that he has been all over the country where he holds open question and answer sessions and there was plenty of opportunity for anyone who want to debate him over 1MDB to turn up.

“Why did he not turn up? Why was he not brave enough to show his face?

“Why behave like a coward?” Arul described the journalist as a mere keyboard warrior.

“You want to criticise me, do it in person,” he reiterated that anyone who wants to criticise him to please “turn up at one of my events”.

He also pointed out that perhaps the individual did not turn up because he knew the answers he will get is not what he wanted to hear.

“The problem with the pro-opposition media channels is they only want answers they want to hear only.

“Everyone needs to understand, I am a spokesperson. I don’t simply give answers. I will answer based on facts and based on the documented company transactions and from the business viewpoint of the company,” Arul explained.

He also said he can only answer as the company’s spokesperson and not give answers to all the anti-goverment propaganda that has been generated.

Pic: NST

“If you dont like my answers, that is up to you because I only use facts, no misdirection, no spin,” he reminded that he has no ulterior motive beyond what he is doing in his professional capacity.

“I am not a politician, I am not staking out my territory so there is no benefit for me to make all these statements.”

The 1MDB CEO has been touring the country for the past six weeks, appearing before nearly 30,000 people to dispel allegations on the company, NST reports.

In last night’s session, a question had been asked about Jho Low whom Arul replied had nothing to do and never worked with 1MDB, unlike what the opposition has been saying.

“Jho Low was formerly an advisor to Terengganu Investment Authority Bhd (TIA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Terengganu Government, and he resigned from TIA as advisor in May 2009.

“The federal government took over TIA in July 2009, and this shows that Jho Low has nothing to do with the government,” he told reporters in Seremban last night.

– mD


The trait of a typical DAP man, in the likes of DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara Tony Pua, who was the member of the Public Accounts Committee.

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  1. Gunasegaran is a Tamil extremist. Just rebuked him today harshly. He and his LTTE chauvanist Thayaparan just wants to instigate a conflict with Malay Muslims, yet dragging all other South Asian ethnic groups under this artificial fake identity given by greeks called “Indios”.

    I asked Gunasegaram and Thayaparan to show me evidence as to where the greek word “Indios” is used in any of the historical sanskrit or Tamil texts from the subcontinent, they could not. I asked them to show where the word “Hindu” (Arab given) was ever used in any historical text of the subcontinent, they could not!

    This whole fake created identity called “Indian” given by greeks and Arabs is the shakey ground on which Tamil chauvanists like Gunasegaram and Thapayaran and Nadeswaran build their ideology on. When these Tamilian chauvanists fight Malay Muslims, all South Asians such as Punjabis, Goans, Sindhis get blamed as all are lumped under this fake “indios” identity.

    Good job Mr Jessey, I am not a Muslim, but a Christian and I am with you. Islam teaches that Christians can co-exist with Muslims under the Jizya system which is fair and lighter than normal tax system. There are some of us who don’t want a conflict with Malay Muslims and are prepared to stand up to these Tamilian chauvanists, who wrecked Sri Lanka and are out to wreck Malaysia.

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