Suraya: Empower women with economic independence

Wanita UMNO candidates for the XIVGE are driven to charge down their fields and capture them with the BN Manifesto: Bersama BN Hebatkan Negaraku.

Party HQ laid a very good agenda for Malaysians and Malaysia, to give BN the mandate again to form the XIVth Federal Goverment.

Armed with this, Wanita UMNO add value to the stories of the goodies that shall come before them, as the nation progress, in their usual ‘personal touch’ mechanism with the voters and constituents.

Take State Assemblywoman for Sungai Tiang Dato’ Suraya Yaacob, who is going fot the fourth term.

She is very cordial with the rakyat around her constituency and often made time for them.

This is despite that she is very busy as Kedah Exco for Economic Development, Women, Family and Welfare Development and Agro-base Industry, Suraya is a Wanita UMNO Exco, President of Malaysian Netball and Exco of the Football Association of Malaysia.

The United Kingdom trained lawyer is also adrenalised that BN wants to put entrepreneurism as a specific economic agenda for Women.

“They should be able to earn good money for themselves and they are very good at managing monies”

Suraya is also elated that Government are taking steps to harness all the talents and professionalism amount women, even after taking a short break, to come and be productive and contributing especially in commerce.

“The concept of women having flexible working hours and spending time raising a family, is a win-win situation”.

She said she would be excited if she is to be offered the job to run the new agency or SPV created with the specific purpose to roll out and follow through all the items pertaining ‘Empowering Women’ in the BN Manifesto for XIV GE.

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